Throughout the ages, we have witnessed the development of the industrial field in a tremendous and noticeable way since the 19th century, which witnessed the industrial revolution in Europe and the development of all the tools of industry, starting from the manufacture of machines to the smallest details in machines, where machines are the heart of the machine that can not be dispensed with, so industry has become an essential factor of life and its goal is production and continuity in the development of life in general to keep pace with the changes that are happening

Stand-alone devices that convert electrical, chemical or nuclear energy into mechanical energy are called engines / machines, as in many regions around the world they have replaced human and animal power by providing energy to power all types of machines. Therefore, there are many machines that differ in design and the power capacity that they produce there.

Thermal engines

The term thermal engine includes all engines that convert energy by operating between high and low temperatures, and often between high and low pressures as well, and therefore it is considered the most widely used such as gasoline engines, where there are many types including

Gasoline engines (gasoline)
Diesel engines
Gas turbine engines
Rocket engines
Steam engines
Ion engines
Electric motors

Electric motors consist of two basic parts: the stator and the rotor part and two sets of electric windings-field and rotation where the electromagnetic fields created through the air gap between the stator and the rotor interact with each other and produce a torque that rotates the motor and the power output is the product of torque or rotational speed where the motor is classified as dependent on


Induction motors
Synchronous motors
DC motors DC motor

Due to the fact that there are many types of engines, it is inevitable that there will be competition between companies in manufacturing them, but the quality factor remains the difference and the main factor to judge the final product, so Italian engines are always distinguished by superior quality, especially elevator engines, which are characterized by high precision and flexibility specifications that contribute to the production of a high-quality elevator with a long service life, and this is what SMO is working on in providing its products in order to satisfy all tastes and meet market requirements . When choosing your elevator, care must be taken to choose a high-quality product that meets your needs appropriately, so your highness always has what you need