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Semi-automatic door elevator

Semi-automatic door elevator

Because of the advanced technology that we experience every day, the elevators also change day after day, which led to the emergence of a semi-automatic door elevator, where there are many types of elevators, and each has its own use, in addition to that in every period a new type appears in the other sense a new model.

This diversity and difference in the market has led to meeting all the needs and desires that the consumer wants, and one of the types that the consumer is looking for most now is the automatic
and semi-automatic elevators, each of which has several advantages that make it a suitable choice.

Semi-automatic door elevator

Semi-automatic door elevator

Of course, the elevator of all kinds is one of the most important purposes in our daily life in a large way, and of course it is indispensable, because it works to save time and effort, whether it is a semi-automatic door elevator, or a full automatic, but some may ask what is automatic and what is semi-automatic?

The term “automatic” is used in many machines and electrical appliances,
and what is meant by this term is that the machine works completely without the intervention of any hand, i.e. it works automatically, and what is meant in the elevator is that the door is opened
and closed without the intervention of any hand, while the semi-automatic works technically
However, it is opened and closed using the hand.

In the past, the technology controlling elevators was semi-automatic,
as automatics were almost non-existent or almost impossible at this time,
and this was due to the lack of technological development to reach what we are in at the present time,
but now many machines, not only elevators, work fully automatically.

The difference between automatic and semi-automatic elevators

In the beginning, there was no such thing as a semi-automatic door elevator, or a full automatic one, since in the past, elevators operated entirely manually, and their purpose was to save effort in carrying goods from one floor to another, so the elevators were designed initially to carry heavy goods. the weight.

After that, of course, there were many needs and desires, and people wanted to go up in those elevators, and thus this led to the emergence of new types and new forms of elevators, such as those that operate with the power of steam propulsion, which we find now in museums or archaeological areas, and after that the elevator developed until it appeared Elevator operated by hydraulic and traction systems.

After that, the elevator developed greatly until it reached what we are in at the present time,
which is called the electric elevator, which made the elevator work in complete doubt
without human intervention except for some purposes, especially in semi-automatic elevators,
and this is the latest development in this era

What is the difference between automatic and semi-automatic elevators?

Semi-automatic door elevator

 It is expected that a lot of modern technology will appear that is comparable to the technology
that we have at the present time, because of the technological development that appears to us every day.
As for our current time, we have two types of elevators,
one called a semi-automatic door elevator and the other fully automatic.

What is meant by semi-automatic is the one that needs hand intervention in opening and closing because it cannot do so with the technology that supports its operation. As for the automatic, it is equipped with modern technology that makes it work on opening and closing without the need for human intervention. from technology.

It is possible that we will soon see smart elevators that operate with the sound system,
meaning that you do not need it

To touch even one button with it, all you have to do is request the elevator by voice,
and of course it will open automatically when it comes in front of you,
also then you can ride and request the floor you want by voice as well.

How the automatic elevator works

When we talk about the elevator with a semi-automatic door,
we must also talk about the full automatic, and when we use the word automatic, we understand that this machine is largely computer operated, and of course the electric automatic elevator is connected to a computer that improves its performance and is programmed correctly.

And it works as follows: the motor works to move a wheel that is connected to a metal arm, and this arm is connected to another arm in the elevator itself, and when the motor starts to move the wheel, this metal arm also moves, and then it pulls the other arm that is connected to the door.

As for the function of the computer, it is the most important for it to work automatically,
and it is the one that gives orders to open or close the doors when passengers use the elevator with ease or errors, and this door that works automatically may contain a sensor that works to open the door automatically When anyone comes to ride or it is forbidden to close anyone.

Features of the automatic elevator

The automatic elevator contains many features that make many hotels and companies that want to provide a service at the highest level to their customers choose it,
and the most important of these features are the following:

  • The elevator works to prevent many accidents that were caused by opening or closing the door manually, which often caused injuries.
  • Of course, one of its most important advantages is that it facilitates the elevator’s operation, because you do not need to interfere with opening or closing it.
  • One of the most important features is that it saves a lot of effort in opening the doors.
  • One of the most important features is that it provides a high level of entertainment to users, especially if this elevator is located in a shopping mall or a large shopping center.

Disadvantages of automatic elevator

There are not many defects in this elevator, as it has many advantages,
which makes the defects vanish if any, and there is only one defect in this elevator,
which is that it needs a lot of bullets to operate, unlike the semi-automatic door elevator.

Semi-automatic elevator

It does not need all these opening and closing techniques because it works manually,
and it is widely spread in residential units.

Elevator features Semi-automatic door

There are many features in this elevator, including:

  • You can get the elevator at a very reasonable price, unlike the automatic elevator.
  • One of the most amazing features is that it is very large and environmentally friendly,
    as it does not require a lot of energy to operate.

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Disadvantages of the semi-automatic elevator

Semi-automatic door elevator

There are many defects in this type of elevator other than the automatic elevator,
as these defects are as follows:

  • This elevator causes many injuries due to the hand interfering greatly in opening
    and closing the door.
  • The presence of a lot of faults, such as not opening the door in the correct place,
    which may cause a lot of damage.
  • Of course, the elevator needs more effort to be able to handle it.

Of course, there are many types of elevators, each of which varies in use according to its type,
and among the most important traps that are used to transport people are the elevator, a semi-automatic door, and the automatic elevator, as each of them has its advantages and disadvantages that make each of them a suitable choice for the person who is looking for these features and specifications.

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the elevator parts names list

The most important components of the elevator parts names list

If you have an the elevator parts names list in the building in which you reside, you must have knowledge and knowledge of the list of elevator parts names, which helps you to know the name of the part that has a malfunction when you want to obtain spare parts for it, because the elevator is used in our daily life greatly. It happens a lot of crashes.

Where these malfunctions occur for many reasons, and the most important of these reasons is the wrong use, which requires continuous maintenance work, and this makes you need to buy different spare parts, which requires you to have sufficient knowledge of the names of the parts in the elevator.

the elevator parts names list

the elevator parts names list

the elevator parts names list

You really need to get a list of the names of the elevator parts, which helps you to know the damaged parts without the need for much research and asking technicians and others, in addition to the fact that the parts that make up the elevator cannot separate any of them from the other, as each of these parts has its own function, which affects directly on the elevator.

What are the components of the elevator?

In addition to getting acquainted with the list of the names of the elevator parts,
we must get acquainted with its components, as the elevator contains many components
that work with each other in a complete system to perform the elevator’s work properly,
and the most important of these components are the following:


The list of names of elevator parts includes many parts, and the cabin or elevator car is like the car that transports passengers or goods from one station to another, and usually that cabin is a steel frame surrounding another cage made of wooden or metal panels, and there are some types of it.

Types of cabins

We can classify the cabins according to the number of entrances into the following types:

  • Standard cab.
  • or the opening system through the cab.
  • Country cabin.

Cab dimensions

Cab width: The horizontal dimensions are measured between the inner surface of the cab wall parallel to the front entrance at a height of one meter from the cab floor.

Cabin height: The height expresses the internal distance between the booth threshold and the ceiling, which is the space in which the lights and suspended ceilings are made based on these dimensions.

Cabin depth: The horizontal dimensions between the interior surfaces of the cab are measured at a horizontal angle, and are at a height of one meter from the cab floor.

steering machine

It is a machine that works as a motor that is converted by means of gears,
as it can switch from fast to slow rotation, and it can also work in the event of an electrical failure,
it works to reduce the speed of the elevator by means of the brake.

Primary speed converter

 The speed converter is one of the names of the elevator parts, as the types of elevators are many
and different, and none of them can not consist of a converter that controls the speed commensurate with the function it performs. The important parts in the formation of elevators of all kinds.

payload device

The load device is one of the things that provide the greatest amount of protection for individuals,
and it is one of the safety elements that works when the load exceeds the permissible limit,
as it works to stop the electric current, so it is a very important and indispensable part,
whatever the type of elevator that is being installed. Install this device.

traction ropes

the elevator parts names list

the elevator parts names list

One of the most important parts of the elevator that helps to facilitate movement and an indispensable part in the components of all “types of elevators”, which works to pass the drive for the counterweight, and is usually made according to the number of floors.

Elevator machine

The machine is one of the most important things that the elevator depends on in its work,
as it is like the heart that pumps blood for the body. Elevator worked fine.

monitoring device

It is a device that controls the entire elevator, either manually or electronically, and it works to monitor the movement of the elevator and to know whether it is operating normally or not, in addition to that it works when a danger or emergency occurs.

speed regulator

Most elevators contain a separate system that regulates the speed, as the elevator contains 2 contactors, each with a different speed, some of them work quickly and some of them slow, as the fast contactor works when the elevator is going up or down, while the slow one works when it is The elevator stops.

command unit

The drive unit is one of the most important parts in the configuration of the elevator as it is connected
to all the parts that operate with electricity. To turn off the electric current so that it can be controlled.

control room

If you have an elevator, you will know, of course, the importance of the control room,
as that room is where all communications with the elevator are, whether contact with electricity or people in case an emergency occurs, where the elevator has a telephone or intercom that is directly connected to that control room so that the person can Who’s inside from asking for help.

Elevator control panel components

In addition to getting acquainted with the list of names of elevator, we learn about the components of the elevator control panel. The elevator control panel contains some indicators whose location varies according to the type of elevator, in addition to some visual numbers. There are also several types of elevator control panels, namely:

  • A traditional control panel that uses electromagnetic energy relays and timers.
  • Control systems through the use of a central electronic card that is used on a microprocessor.
  • Control panel using general programming control devices.

Elevator control panel price

In light of talking about the list of elevator parts names, we learn about the price of the elevator control panel. There are many factors on which the price of the elevator control panel depends, with many types of elevators and different operating systems. Here are the most important factors on which the price depends:

  • The form and nature of the elevator control panel manufacturer.
  • Features and capabilities available in the control panel and its operating system.
  • Requirements that the customer wants to be available in the control panel.

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The importance of installing elevators in a business

the elevator parts names list

the elevator parts names list

The installation of elevators in commercial projects helps to make a significant difference in the level of business success. Among the most prominent benefits of installing an elevator are the following:

  • Ease of movement: This is the main purpose of the elevator, as it acts as a means of communication in the workplace between visitors and employees.
  •  It saves time and thus provides a safe and comfortable work environment.
  • Provides you with the ability to adapt as needed.
  • The elevator machine is a very complex technology that is difficult to understand,
    as it has many operating systems.
  • Installing an elevator in the workplace helps to enhance the safety and ease of your work.

the elevator parts names list contains many important and indispensable parts in the construction of any elevator, with the need to take into account safety and security standards.

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Types of elevator spare parts

Types of elevator spare parts

Types of elevator spare parts have become indispensable today, as elevators are an indispensable part of life for many people.

Elevators operate through an integrated system of rates and tools that are used to complete the process of ascending and descending the elevator with ease and safety, and the finest types of tools necessary for the elevator must be chosen in order to obtain the best service, in addition to avoiding frequent breakdowns.

It is important for you, if you are the owner of a property or a building that contains an elevator, to carry out periodic maintenance of all elevator spare parts on an ongoing basis, in order to avoid frequent breakdowns.

Types of elevator spare parts

Types of elevator spare parts

The types of elevator spare parts are divided into the electrical components of the elevator, and the safety systems that must be developed and implemented with care and diligence, in addition to the components of the main cabin, the rails on which the elevator operates, and the accessories of the elevator, so it is important not to underestimate any component of the elevator, because it works All of them are united in order to operate the elevator, and if a malfunction occurs in any component of them, this will of course affect the efficiency of the elevator’s work.

Elevator spare parts division

Elevator spare parts include many different and important components
that are needed to operate the elevator properly.

electrical components

The electrical components are among the most important spare parts for elevators,
as they control the process of ascending and descending the elevator,
in addition to controlling the light and sound signals of the elevator,
and the elevator is controlled electrically through the elevator control panel, which includes the cables and motors necessary to operate the elevator, in addition to Elevator control panels and power.

main compartment

The main cabin is the part that includes the elevator door and contains many accessories.
These accessories include the door for protection, the floor of the cabin, in addition to the brakes,
the false ceiling, the lamps used in the lighting process, and the interior walls of the elevator.

Elevator security systems

Among the most important types of elevator spare parts are spare parts for elevator safety systems,
as they contain many important accessories that work together in order to provide complete protection and safety for passengers, and security systems include sensors and switches that control the elevator in terms of turning it on or off in emergency situations .

Elevator rails

Among the basic tools needed in the process of moving the elevator are the rails on which the elevator operates, and these rails contain the cylinders and bolts for fastening, in addition to the basic equipment related to the elevator, and the rails are the track that delivers the elevator for ascent or descent.

Elevator accessories

Among the different types of elevator spare parts, which are considered among the important accessories necessary for the operation of the elevator, are the electrical boxes, and the side control units for the elevator, in addition to the switches and door parts, as well as the motors and cables necessary to supply the elevator with electricity, in addition to many other parts necessary to complete the operation of the elevator. 

Elevator components

Electric elevators include many basic components, which must be chosen very carefully,
and these components include the following:

  • the engine.
  • servo device.
  • Born.
  • cables.
  • electronic devices.
  • Railways.
  • Traction rollers.
  • pipe.
  • Material.

How elevator components work

The rails are initially fixed perpendicularly for the cabin to move on, and the cables containing the electrically operated fasteners run on the rails, in addition to supporting the full weight of the lift.

The servo device works to adjust the rotation of the motor in addition to adjusting the movement of the elevator in order to work better, while other components such as sensors and emergency devices, it is possible that when any malfunction occurs in them, the elevator manufacturer replaces them or checks and repairs them, without the need to replace the elevator.

The function of components for electric elevators

Types of elevator spare parts

Electric elevators include many different components
that operate the elevator and control its ascent and descent.

electric motors

The electric motors control the process of moving the elevator in different directions,
whether up or down, and operate the elevator in a smooth and simple way.


The radio system directs elevator users to the floors, as it introduces passengers to the floor they are in.

cabling system

The process of lifting and moving the elevator depends on the use of a tight system of iron cables,
which in turn move the elevator between the different floors in the building.

control Board

The control panel is one of the most important types of elevator spare parts,
as the control panel includes all the controls related to the operation of the elevator in a smooth manner,
and it also includes the user interface.

the outer door

The elevator maker designs the external doors
so that you can hear entering and exiting the elevator in easy and simple ways.

Security control system

The security control system is one of the most important systems that must be taken into account
when installing the elevator, as the security system is used to avoid possible damages or malfunctions that may occur during the movement of the elevator.

All of these components must be taken care of with continuous maintenance
in order to keep the elevator working in the correct and smooth manner.

Elevator spare parts prices

Elevator spare parts prices vary based on many different factors, namely:

  • Device type and brand.
  • Device model.
  • Spare parts manufacturer.
  • Spare parts quality.
  • Warranty on spare parts.

It is important, when wanting to buy spare parts for elevators, to search for the best companies
that manufacture spare parts from the best materials and at the lowest prices,
in order to obtain good results and avoid continuous breakdowns.

Tips for dealing with different spare parts in elevators

If you own an elevator in the company or building, it is important to follow the periodic maintenance process for your elevators, in order to avoid possible malfunctions that may occur continuously, so it is important to contract with companies specialized in the field of elevator maintenance in order to follow up your elevator continuously to reduce the occurrence of Breakdowns, in addition to preventing the disbursement of many funds when a major failure occurs.

The reasons that lead to elevator malfunctions

When talking about the types of elevator spare parts,
it is important to know the causes that lead to elevator malfunctions, as follows:

  • Some damage or damage to the elevator door.
  • There is a power outage connected to the elevator.
  • Damage to any of the elevator fuses.
  • Pressing the elevator buttons while it is going up or down,
    which causes the elevator to disconnect due to the sudden speed changes it is exposed to.
  • Lack of attention to the elevator control room, which leads to the accumulation of dust on the elevator control panel, which leads to some malfunctions in the elevator.
  • Damage to the internal plastic cladding of the elevator cabin, which leads to an imbalance.

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How to deal with elevator malfunctions

Types of elevator spare parts

There are some tips that must be followed if you deal with the elevator continuously, which are:

  • Do not ride the elevator in emergency situations or in the event of a fire.
  • Do not overload the elevator.
  • See the elevator’s sign board.
  • Children under 14 years old are not allowed to ride the elevator without an escort.

After explaining the types of spare parts for elevators, it is important to continue doing regular maintenance for them, in addition to choosing the best types of spare parts in order to obtain the best results for elevator work.

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Smart elevator spare parts

Smart elevator spare parts and their 8 most important advantages

Smart elevator spare parts are among the important things that must be recognized, especially since smart elevators have become a part of our daily lives, as there are many people in different countries of the world who deal with elevators on a daily and permanent basis.

In view of this, attention must be paid to all aspects of elevators, from spare parts to the causes of malfunctions and how to deal with them.

Elevators are among the modern inventions that are being developed day after day, and they are one of the most important tools or means used by residents of tall or high buildings in order to move between floors with ease.

 the Smart elevator spare parts

Smart elevator spare parts

Smart elevator spare parts are among the important tools that work as a single unit in order to operate the elevator and complete its movement between floors with ease.

Smart elevators exist in many different places, as they are used in:

  • tall buildings or businesses.
  • Commercial malls.
  • Marketing stores.

Where it can be part of the decor of these places, especially shops for marketing and commercial malls.

Advantages of smart elevators

Smart elevators provide many advantages that make them provide a unique and wonderful service, and these features:

  • Complete safety, as the smart elevator industry is based on providing complete safety for elevator users.
  • Quick access to the roles you want.
  • Save time in the process of ascending or descending.
  • It works with a comfortable and smooth movement, which makes it easy and unique to use.
  • The elevator can be controlled through smart phones or advanced devices.
  • Some applications are used to detect any malfunction in the elevator in a short time.
  • Monthly or annual maintenance can be done with ease.
  • Smart elevators provide ground safety.

Technological developments in smart elevators

There are many technological developments contained in the smart elevator spare parts, which provide luxury and pleasure in the use of elevators, and these technologies include the following:

Internet connection technology

All smart elevators that are located in smart buildings are connected to the Internet, which allows companies to identify any malfunction that may occur in the elevator and to work quickly to solve this malfunction, and in view of this, time and money are saved for the owner of the company.

Cloud predictive maintenance technology

This technology performs many works related to smart elevators, including:

  • This technology sends all collected data to the cloud for analysis.
  • A comparison is made between the old data of the elevator and the new data when any abnormal condition is detected inside the elevator, which leads to discovering the fault and working to fix it.
  • Messages about which components need to be replaced are sent to the service engineers’ machines.
  • After sending the messages, the engineers work to fix the problem before any major failure occurs in the elevator.

Entertainment systems in smart elevators

Many entertainment systems are added to the smart elevator spare parts, in order to increase the comfort of passengers, and these systems include:

  • system control technology.
  • An interactive touch panel.
  • Elevator cabin indicator system.
  • Developing emergency call technology.

Cable-free smart elevator technology

The smart elevator spare parts do not have the cables that are used in traditional elevators, as the smart elevators operate with a smart system that is free of cables, as the elevators can move vertically and horizontally with ease, and these elevators are made of reinforced plastic, as they are operated with the help of motors Linear moving the cabin on magnetic rods, and one of the important things that are benefited from these elevators is energy saving, and reducing carbon emissions that result from the use of traditional elevators.

Intuitive elevator technology

This technology was developed in order to add more comfort to passengers, as this technology relies on collecting passengers heading to the same floor or place served by these types of elevators, and this technology saves energy consumption by 27%, which makes it an important advanced technology in Smart elevators.

Other advantages of smart elevator technology

  • The smart elevator collects passengers according to the floor that a certain number of passengers want to reach, thus saving time and the speed of the elevator’s arrival to transporting another number of passengers.
  • Smart elevators can be used very practically in buildings of more than 10 floors.
  • Smart elevators rely on keyboards that operate through touch instead of relying on buttons found in traditional elevators.
  • Elevators perform their work quickly by reaching the floors quickly, and they transport a large number of passengers in a short time.

Types of smart elevators

Smart elevator spare parts

It is important when talking about spare parts for smart elevators
that we know the different types of smart elevators, which are as follows:

  • Automatic elevators.
  • Elevators do not have an engine room.
  • Hydraulic elevators.
  • Human elevators.
  • Cargo elevators.
  • Conveyor elevators.
  • Elevators for people with special needs.
  • Elevators for food transportation.

Why were smart elevators invented?

One of the important things that attracted the attention of many inventors and innovators specialized in the elevator industry is how to create elevators that transport a large number of people in the fastest time using the least amount of energy required for transportation,

so smart elevators were invented whose system works on the speed of passenger transport,
in addition to the existence of applications Which works to detect any abnormal movement
that could cause the elevator to malfunction, and to work quickly to solve it, and due to that,
the time and effort necessary to repair elevator malfunctions were saved.

The different types of elevators

It is important to know the different types of elevators when wanting to know spare parts for smart elevators, as there are some types of elevators, including:

Personnel elevators

They are the elevators that are used more frequently than any other type of elevators,
as they are used in residential facilities to facilitate the process of transporting individuals while providing them with safety and security.

Home elevators

These elevators are built to transport the elderly and people with special needs,
in addition to moving small items inside the house.

Goods elevators

Freight elevators are widely used in companies and factories in order to move heavy objects between floors with ease, which makes the transportation process not requiring a large number of workers to carry it out.

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Smart elevator spare parts prices

Smart elevator spare parts

 Spare parts for smart elevators differ due to some factors, including:

  • Elevator model and brand.
  • The company that manufactured the spare parts.
  • Quality of spare parts used.
  • Raw materials that were used in the manufacture of spare parts.
  • The country of origin of the spare parts.
  • Therefore, when you want to buy spare parts for smart elevators, it is important that you do a good search for companies that specialize in selling original spare parts at an affordable price.

After getting acquainted with the smart elevator spare parts, it is important to know that the smart elevators were manufactured through very advanced technology with the aim of adding various entertainment means, and increasing the protection systems for the elevator, in order to maintain the safety of passengers

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Elevator spare parts

Elevator spare parts prices

If you have an elevator in your home or the building in which you live, it is very necessary to know the prices of elevator spare parts, because the elevator is used daily, as it works to save the effort that users make, and it also works to save the largest possible amount of time, and therefore the The elevator is constantly exposed to many malfunctions.

Therefore, the most common thing that you may be exposed to because of these malfunctions is maintenance, especially the periodic maintenance that aims to avoid malfunctions that may cause a lot of damage that may endanger the lives of many.

Elevator spare parts prices

Elevator spare parts

You must be aware of the prices of elevator spare parts, because you will actually need them at any time because your elevator is constantly exposed to many malfunctions, which require you to change some parts in the elevator, which are called spare parts, and which help the elevator to work properly. Right without any glitches.

What are elevator spare parts?

In order for us to know the prices of elevator spare parts, you must first know what these spare parts are.

As elevator spare parts are parts that are changed with other similar parts when any elevator malfunctions occur, and there are many of these spare parts, including:

Electrical cables, motors, a belt connecting the motor to the steering wheel, and many other spare parts, the price of each of which varies according to the type of elevator or the brand, in addition to that you can obtain these parts through the spare parts stores.

What are the prices of elevator spare parts?

Of course, elevator spare parts differ according to several factors, including the type of elevator itself and the brand to which it belongs in addition to the model, as spare parts are widely available in the market at varying prices. There will not be many international companies that manufacture these spare parts.

Of course, this does not mean that you will get spare parts of low quality for the appropriate price that you are looking for, because as we mentioned, there are many companies that produce these parts,
and this in turn works on the difference in prices and quality as well.

Knowing that it is not right for Tom to sacrifice quality because you want a low price, because the use of low-quality spare parts leads to damage to those parts faster than the original parts, in addition to the damage that he may cause to other parts, which leads to an increase in maintenance costs,
Therefore, you must search for a reliable company that provides after-sales service to its customers,
such as maintenance on these spare parts.

What is the importance of elevator spare parts?

If you want to know a lot about the prices of elevator spare parts, you must know the importance of these parts, as these parts are what improve the work of elevators, because elevators are used on a daily basis in our daily lives, which may expose them at some point to a lot of malfunctions.

 And here comes the role of these spare parts because they work to secure and improve the work of the elevator, and many statistics indicate that most of the accidents that occur in elevators are due to the failure of the person responsible for them to provide the necessary spare parts, and the lack of regular maintenance, which increases the importance of spare parts.

In addition, there are many companies that provide many elevator spare parts that anyone may need at reasonable prices, which are compatible with the type of elevator they own, so it is good to take care of elevator spare parts to keep elevators working properly, and avoid any sudden breakdowns.

Types of elevator spare parts

Elevator spare parts

The elevator contains many parts that make up the elevator and operate the elevator properly,
and in the event that one of these parts is missing, it will affect the operation of the elevator, and among those parts are the following:

electrical parts

Which works to fully control the elevator, such as ascent and descent, and signals that make sound
and light, and operate alarms and phones that facilitate communication with users in emergency situations, and those parts include cables, electric motors, and control panels.


The cabin is the elevator itself, as it includes elevator doors, floors, ceiling, lighting control buttons,
and many other things, and the function of that cabin is to carry people up and down.

security systems

It includes a lot of basic things such as sensors, control calculations,
and various switches that work to fully control the elevator such as emergency stop.

Elevator rails

It is the one on which the elevator moves up and down, and it contains many components as well,
such as cylinders, anchor bolts, and others.

You should also know that there are many other spare parts, the price of each of which varies according to its function, importance, and the role it plays, and you must know that these parts are not just additions to the elevator, because they are the ones that operate the elevator and improve its performance.

How do I choose the right spare parts?

After knowing the prices of the different elevator spare parts and how each piece is evaluated,
you must know how to choose those parts correctly, because choosing these parts correctly improves the elevator’s work efficiency and the safety of its users, and anyone can choose the spare parts You just need to follow some tips.

Tips for buying the right spare parts

  • One of the first and most important of these tips is to know the technical specifications of a piece such as its diamond.
  • You must make sure that it matches the type of elevator.
  • In addition to taking into account the brand of the parts.
  • Buying new parts and not underestimating that and buying used parts.
  • Buy from well-known and trusted stores to ensure the best level of service and security in dealing.
  • Of course, you must make sure that these parts are widely available in the market,
    because providing these parts is what helps in continuous maintenance.

In any case, taking care of these parts in accordance with the requirements of the elevator helps greatly in enhancing its work, and in avoiding various malfunctions in order to preserve the safety of individuals.

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Types of elevators

Elevator spare parts

In addition to the prices of elevator spare parts,
the types of elevators are what mainly determine those prices,
and of course many people want to get an elevator,
whether for the house in which they live or the company they own,
as there are many types of elevators that each have their own role.

Among the most important of these types:

  • Passenger, Freight, AC, Continuous Elevators.
  •  And each of those types has its own work.
  • Where the first type of it works to carry people to the different floors with ease and ease.
  • And so on in the rest of the elevators that work to carry out their mission smoothly.

It is good to have an elevator, as it saves a lot of effort and time,
but at the same time it may be exposed to many breakdowns that require you to buy spare parts,
so it is good to have all the information about the prices of elevator parts so that you can buy what you want at the price appropriate.

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Common elevator problems

Common elevator problems and how to deal with them

Common elevator problems can be dealt with after obtaining the various main instructions from the elevator installation team

that carried out the elevator installation work, environmental pollution that leads to decomposition or change of the properties of the oils used in the lubrication process, and accordingly it is necessary to ensure that the oil levels are analyzed properly regular.

Common elevator problems

Common elevator problems

Common elevator can occur due to environmental factors or weather conditions that change dramatically during this period, as there are some common problems that can greatly affect elevators,
as these problems and malfunctions include the following:

  • The problems of power outages, which can occur due to overloading,
    and this problem can be dealt with by itself by restoring the current, while the recurrence of this problem requires the assistance of experts and professionals in elevator maintenance work.
  • Worn beams whose presence is detected through periodic investigation of the various parts of the elevator, where work is being done to reinforce these worn beams or they can be completely replaced in case of need.
  • Hearing strange sounds while the elevator is moving, as this may indicate severe friction between the elevator mechanical parts, in which case maintenance can be done by lubricating the parts.

The importance of maintenance operations for common elevator problems

Elevator systems are fairly advanced systems, as they contain a group of other parts that need periodic maintenance on a routine basis, as this allows to maintain the security of residents, by ensuring that the machines are lubricated and the wires are intact.

There are a group of factors that affect the parts and components of the elevator, such as: misuse, humidity, and various electrical current problems, as comprehensive and regular inspection of elevators is an important factor in extending the life of elevators.

In the event of a sudden stop of the elevator, it is important to obtain an emergency response to complete the work of the elevator and the passengers stuck in it.

Types of elevator maintenance

There are different types of maintenance that can be taken care of for elevators in order to control,
even in a small way, the common elevator problems, and among these types we mention the following:

Regular maintenance of elevators

The periodic maintenance of the elevator depends on carrying out a periodic inspection of the elevator, without any major malfunctions appearing, and that is through the use of expert staff on a regular basis, as these frequent visits allow many malfunctions to be detected before they occur.

 With the possibility of maintaining the efficiency of the elevator,
as periodic contracts for the maintenance of elevators are submitted by skilled authorities.

Emergency maintenance of elevators

Emergency situations that occur such as the sudden stop of the elevator are considered one of the common elevator problems, in addition to hearing a strange sound in the cabin, or the possibility of one of the systems stopping taking off, as in these cases professional maintenance personnel must be sought.

Where this professional maintenance team works to provide an immediate response, in order to provide emergency maintenance services as quickly as possible, where calm must be maintained, in addition to being careful not to try to tamper with the elevators, until the maintenance team members arrive, so that major breakdowns do not occur 

Inspection stages used to solve common elevator problems

The process of detecting common elevator problems goes through several stages,
to include elevator parts and components. Among these stages, we mention the following:

stage inside the cabin

At this stage of the inspection inside the cabin, the following is done:

  • Examine the interior of the elevator cabin for any damage to the walls, handrails, and ceiling.
  • Check the lights and replace all burnt out lights.
  • Examine the button board, with the need to verify the operation of the emergency button.
  • Operate the elevators in terms of ascents and descents, then verify the accuracy of leveling, deceleration and acceleration.
  • Checking the smooth movement of the door, without sliding or bouncing.
  • Ensure that the door stopper is working properly.
  • Doing a check of several existing electrical systems, with a check of the amplifiers.

stage outside the cabin

Common elevator problems

At this stage of the inspection outside the cabin, the following is done:

  • Examine lights and stations and replace any burnt out lights.
  • Detection of the integrity of the floor panel, in addition to the external button panel.
  • Fire service inspection and testing.

machine room stage

At this stage of inspection in the machine room, the following is done:

  • Ensure that the engine room does not contain materials not related to elevators.
  • Test these components for leaks, abnormal vibrations, or wear on parts.
  • Examine the electrical components of the machine room, in order
    to detect any malfunctions or overheating.
  • Lubricate components if needed.
  • Existing oil levels must be checked.
  • Make the necessary adjustments, or schedule a follow-up service on a regular basis.

Cabin top stage

At this stage of the cabin inspection, the following is done:

  • Ensure that the test station and stop switch are working properly.
  • Remove debris from the highest part of the vehicle.
  • Test visible components, such as guide rails, rollers, and levelers.
  • Inspect connections and check cables for corrosion.
  • Check the door operator components thoroughly.
  • Test the elevator in order to search for evidence of the presence of rodents
    and pay attention to safety procedures from vandalism and fire.

The most important signs of common elevator problems

There are a set of signs that indicate the need to communicate with elevator maintenance companies immediately, and among these signs we mention the following:

Significantly frequent breakdowns

If the elevator has been operating for more than fifteen years, the chance of multiple malfunctions is great, and the most common of these malfunctions is the problem of closing the door on its own, or the existence of long waiting times for the elevator.

The elevator stopped in the middle of the settlement

Where the elevator stops at a place higher than the lower floor of this specific floor,
or even it is stopped below the floor, and therefore this problem is considered one of the most serious problems or malfunctions of the widespread elevators, as passengers can be exposed to damage from falling or stumbling in the event of lack of caution at this critical moment, And here maintenance must intervene to solve this problem immediately.

Change speed permanently

It happens that elevators are exposed on a daily basis to the possibility of transferring different weights in the stages of ascent and descent, as this leads to malfunctions and problems such as sudden speed changes, which require maintenance of elevators on a regular basis.

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High energy consumption

Common elevator problems

In the event that the elevator needs more energy than usual so that it can operate normally,
here we must go to saving the elevator energy consumption, and in this case we must also quickly resort to elevator maintenance companies until the company sends an expert team specialized in dealing with Such critical immediate situations.

There has always been a need to take care of common elevator problems periodically and regularly,
in order to preserve lives and residents, as periodic maintenance helps to detect many elevator problems before they occur, and thus we avoid damage and save time, effort and maintenance cost.

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Steel wire ropes

Steel wire ropes for all types of elevators

Steel wire ropes for all types of elevators, no elevator works without steel wires that are used in the process of lifting and descending, as steel wires are among the basic tools found in any elevator.

Therefore, you must choose the types of wires that suit your elevator in terms of load bearing
and pressure on the elevator, in addition to the continuous maintenance
that must be maintained continuously in order to avoid major failures in the steel wires.

Elevators are among the basic means that are used in all high-rise buildings, in order to facilitate the process of transporting residents from the bottom of the property to their homes with ease.

Steel wire ropes for all types of elevators

Steel wire ropes

It is important to know the steel wire ropes for all types of elevators,
to choose the appropriate steel rope for your elevator, and this is what we will learn about.

Various steel wire ropes

Specialized steel wire ropes are used in elevators to carry the elevator during the ascent and descent. Among the types of steel wires for elevators are:

6x19S (9-9-1

This rope is considered one of the best steel wire ropes for all types of elevators,
and it is the most used for elevator ropes, because its outer wires are thick,
and they are resistant to external corrosion that occurs over traction beams and deviant points.

6 x 19W (6 plus 6-6-1)

This type is much thinner in the outer wire than the Seale strand, resulting in lower flexural stresses. Tested on rounded grooves, Warrington ropes give 20 to 40% longer life than Seale ropes,
where they are used The first in twin-sleep motor lifts, as well as for use in hydraulic tension lifts.


This type of rope is made from filler yarns, as it provides many good properties, on top of which are good bending properties, so the ropes for elevators with a diameter of more than 16 mm must be designed using the filler method due to its flexibility. Suitable for ropes consisting of 6 ropes, so this type is considered one of the most important types of steel wire ropes for all types of elevators.

Causes of elevator malfunctions

It is important when talking about the types of steel wire ropes for all types of elevators
that we know the reasons that lead to the disruption of elevators,
and among these reasons are the following:

Damaged or frayed rope bundles

Steel wire ropes

Worn bundles of ropes are among the most important reasons that cause elevator malfunctions,
as with continued use of the elevator it leads to erosion of the edges of the side ropes, which leads to a lack of efficiency in performing the ups and downs process, and this is the result of the lack of continuous periodic maintenance that must be followed by those responsible for the elevator .

Therefore, it is important to do a good follow-up of the condition of the elevator ropes,
and to continue doing regular maintenance for it in order to avoid malfunctions, and spending a lot of money on repairing them, and you must also know the steel wire ropes for all types of elevators,
in order to choose the best suitable types for your elevator.

power supply sources

Elevators need a large amount of energy, as energy is the main factor in operating the elevator,
so the elevator must be supplied with a sufficient amount of energy to make it operate normally
and continuously, and the process of identifying the energy problem was completed through thermal imaging using infrared rays in order to identify the quality Energy,

in addition to identifying the weaknesses in it, because of this, a thermal scan must be carried out continuously to determine the quality of the energy that supplies the elevator and work to repair any weak point in it firsthand, in order to avoid major energy failures that require large expenditures to repair them.

Poor process lubrication and oil

One of the important things that should not be overlooked is the regular analysis of the oils that are used in the process of lubricating the elevators in order to notice whether there is contamination or wear in the engine or not, as there are some mineral deposits resulting from the wear process.

This analysis is done by analyzing the oil in the elevator gearbox, and corrosion of the elevator crown can be identified through the presence of an unusual or high percentage of bronze in the oil, in addition to identifying the corrosion of the pump cover in the hydraulic elevator, by observing High percentage of aluminium.

Engine alignment

The escalator works in conjunction with other pieces of equipment, so care must be taken to align the shaft to avoid wear on the motor bearing, which in turn causes serious failures on the escalator. You can identify problems with alignment by using advanced laser equipment, or you can Avoid this process by purchasing machines and equipment that need to be aligned.

Other reasons lead to elevator breakdowns

There are some other reasons to be aware of when talking about steel wire ropes for all types of elevators, as these reasons include the following:

  • Burning or damage to any of the elevator fuses, as the elevator operates on fuses that you operate,
    and if any malfunction occurs in any of them, it causes the elevator to stop working.
  • Power outages in the elevator cause the elevator to stop working.
  • When the elevator door is damaged or improper, it is considered one of the reasons
    that lead to the elevator’s breakdown.
  • Continuous pressure on the buttons on the elevator while it is moving, this leads to overload separation as a result of the sudden change in speed due to repeated pressing of the buttons.
  • Damage to the plastic trim of the cab, this damage causes the cab to become unbalanced.
  • Continuous accumulation of dust on the elevator control unit, and this happens as a result of the lack of good sealing of the elevator control room.

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How to deal with elevator malfunctions

Steel wire ropes

After getting acquainted with the steel wire ropes for all types of elevators, and knowing all the reasons that cause elevator failures, it is important to know how to deal with elevator malfunctions,
as there are some instructions that you must follow in order to avoid risks related to elevator malfunctions, including:

  • Elevators should not be used in emergency situations or when a fire occurs in the place,
    in order to avoid your elevator malfunctioning,
    causing you some health damage such as suffocation.
  • Children under 14 years old should not use the elevator without an accompanying person,
    to avoid any danger to them if the elevator breaks down while they are inside it.
  • Before riding the elevator, it is important to see its instruction board,
    to know the number of people allowed at one time,
    in order to avoid overloading the elevator,
    which causes the elevator to malfunction.

In this article, steel wire ropes for all types of elevators are explained,
in addition to identifying the causes that lead to elevator failures, with the necessary instructions for how to deal with any malfunction that may occur in the elevator, so you must follow these instructions to preserve your safety and the safety of others, and it is important to follow Elevator regular maintenance operations in order to avoid major breakdowns.

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Reasons to get a home elevator

11 Reasons to get a home elevator

What are the reasons to get a home elevator? The late 1800s saw the introduction of residential elevators. In her Massachusetts home, author Edith Wharton had an elevator that could transport visitors’ bags to the third story. The interiors of many of the luxurious, regal palaces in New York and Chicago included elevators, some of which could take guests directly to the upper floors’ ballrooms.

Residential elevators are becoming more and more commonplace today for more practical reasons of comfort, mobility, and style. For individuals who are elderly or have mobility challenges, they are especially helpful in offering a safer alternative to stairs. According to National Safety Council statistics, falls are to blame for one-third of all non-fatal injuries in the country.

What are Reasons to get a home elevator? The addition of a domestic elevator to your home can improve safety, ease mobility, and provide a decorative element. Reasons to get a home elevator are the following:

Reasons to get a home elevator

What are Reasons to get a home elevator? A domestic elevator can help you age in place by offering the following:

Reasons to get a home elevator

Reasons to get a home elevator


The best reason to get a home elevator is Convenience, Convenience is one of the main justifications for installing a residential elevator.

You might find that as you become older, especially if you’re hauling around large boxes, groceries, laundry, or luggage, you no longer relish climbing stairs. The ease of a home elevator makes regular household tasks more simple and more enjoyable.

A home elevator’s streamlined, covert design ensures that it won’t take up much space within your home.


Even if you enjoy using the stairs, repetitive excursions might put stress on your muscles, ligaments, and cardiovascular system. Using a nicely built house elevator, however, is a very different experience. Being able to stand and softly float upwards or downhill is a comfortable, relaxing sensation. Even worse, you can find yourself going further to the upper and lower floors merely to take your nice elevator again.


The reason to get a home elevator is Independence, Independence Is another motivation to install a domestic elevator. You might feel a gradual loss of independence if you have medical issues that restrict your mobility.

Even a minor slip or fall might cause injuries that make it impossible for you to reach the upper floor of your home, either temporarily or permanently. By utilizing a home elevator, which enables you to roam around your home as you like, you may reclaim your independence and feel like yourself once more.

With a home elevator, you may simply ascend and descend the levels of your house.

Maintaining your schedule

Regaining your independence goes hand in hand with this benefit. Your schedule is usually out of your control if you need help ascending stairs. You have to wait for him to finish or run the risk of falling and getting hurt. With a home elevator, you can move around your home whenever you choose, regardless of other people’s schedules.


From Reasons to get a home elevator, Accessibility is the main justification for installing a residential elevator. To make moving between floors easy, elevators are frequently constructed in houses with two or more stories.

People who have trouble climbing numerous flights of stairs or who have restricted mobility would particularly benefit from this. If so, utilizing stairs can also pose a safety risk, and a house elevator can shield you from slips, trips, and falls.

Enhances the Value of Your Home

Reasons to get a home elevator

Reasons to get a home elevator

If you need a house elevator for mobility or health concerns, you’re not the only one. Many people in comparable circumstances wish they, too, could enjoy the comfort and pleasure of a home elevator. If you decide to sell your house, a home elevator will be seen as a desirable asset by many potential buyers. Buyers of homes would probably be willing to pay a lot more for this luxury.

Even if prospective homeowners don’t require an elevator right away, they might appreciate having one if they ever need accessible features. Like a skillfully designed deck or opulent pool, a quality house elevator that is tastefully integrated into your home’s architecture and decor is an appealing, useful amenity. Many customers would be happy to pay more for it.

Improved utilization of available space

An elevator makes better use of the available space than a stairwell does. This extra room will be yours to utilize whatever you like, increasing the utility of your home as a whole.


Reasons to get a home elevator Unfortunately falls from stairs are a common source of accidents at home, especially for the more elderly parts of the population. Simply said, operating a house elevator, more specifically, a pneumatic vacuum elevator, the ground-breaking home elevator that anyone of any age may safely use and operate carries almost no risk.

Enhanced mobility

The most reason to get a home elevator is increased mobility. Families with elderly or disabled members will live much more comfortably, and guests will value the convenience.

Reasons to get a home elevator: Quick and convenient

Reasons to get a home elevator

Reasons to get a home elevator

It is the most sensible choice you can make if you’re thinking about installing a home lift since you need it for mobility.

A house lift is quick and convenient, and it greatly simplifies the task at hand, whether it is moving large objects or facilitating accessibility.

Easy to use and maintain

Reasons to get a home elevator, you could be put off by the idea of having a domestic elevator because you believe it would be expensive to maintain. A house elevator will simply require cleaning to maintain its optimum condition. It has a low failure rate and a long service life.

Consider installing a lift in your home even if you are not a very wealthy homeowner. It is a great asset to have around the house for convenience, mobility, and accessibility in addition to the comforts. Home elevators are a frequent element in most homes because of how useful they are and because they have gotten more affordable over the years.

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دليلك للتعرف على أفضل أسعار المصاعد الايطالية

تعتبر أسعار المصاعد الايطالية من أفضل المصاعد التي يتم العمل على استخدامها في أغلب البنايات الحديثة نظرا لأنها تقوم بنقل الأشخاص في كل الطوابق الموجودة في البناية، وذلك مناسب جدا لكل الأشخاص كبار السن وأيضا ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة.

بدلا من استخدام السلالم الذين لا يستطيعون الصعود عليها من الأساس، حيث تعتبر الأسعار الخاصة بالمصاعد الإيطالية هي التي تكون من في المتناول لذلك كل ما عليك متابعة مقالنا لكي تعرف على العديد من التفاصيل والمعلومات حول أسعار المصاعد.

أسعار المصاعد الايطالية

أسعار المصاعد الايطالية

أسعار المصاعد الايطالية

تعتبر المصعد هي وسيلة  من أجل الانتقال للأفراد من طابق لآخر في نفس المبنى، واحد من الأمور الهامة
هو التعرف على  أسعار المصاعد الايطالية، حيث تتوقف جودة المصعد على مدى جودة الماكينة لها، لابد أن الموتور الإيطالي يعتبر أحد أفضل أنواع المحركات بالأسواق التجارية. 

حيث يفضل الكثير من الأشخاص حول الأسعار المتاحة حاليا في الأسواق للمصاعد الإيطالية التي تساعد كثيرا في الصعود للطوابق الخاصة بالبناية، حيث يتم تحديد أسعار المصاعد الايطالية وفقاً لعدة مجموعات من العوامل المهمة وهي كما يلي:

أولا: نظام الحركة 

يوجد نظامان أساسيان لحركة الماكينات الخاصة بالمصاعد وهما:

  • نظام AC : هو الذي النظام الذي يعتمد عليه العديد من المصاعد وأيضا مكون من سرعتين أحدهما سريعة وأخرى بطيئة
  • نظام vvvf: يعتمد هذا النظام على محرك مانع للاهتزاز ومحرك انفرتر يتحرك بشكل تدريجي ولا يشعر الراكب في المصعد بهزة مفاجئة مثل حركة النظام.

تروس الموتور 

يوجد هناك نوعين من المحركات الخاصة بالمصاعد الإيطالية وتكون كما يلي:

  • محركات الجيربوكس: حيث تعتمد في الحركة على وجود التروس ولكن تحتاج إلى صيانة بشكل مستمر وهي تعمل بسرعة أقل من السرعة التي تسمي الجيرلس، وتستهلك طاقة أعلى من الماكينات بدون تروس.
  • محركات الجيرليس: تعتبر محركات الجيرليس هي التي تعمل على تشغيل المصاعد بدون تروس، وتكون ذات سرعة عالية بنظام حركة، وأيضا تعتمد على الطاقة المغناطيسية لكي تتحرك، ولها عمر افتراضي قد يصل إلى 100 عام.

صناعة المحرك 

تعتبر صناعة المحرك هي التي يختلف عليها أسعار المصاعد الإيطالية طبقاً لاختلاف بلد المنشأ لمصاعد للموتور
وهناك الكثير من الأنواع للماكينات وأيضا حالة الموتور وهي تلك العوامل التي تقوم بتحديد أسعار مواتير المصاعد،
وأيضا المصاعد التي من بينها أفضل الأنواع التالية:

  • في المقدمة المصاعد الإيطالية الكهربائية التي تمتاز بكفاءة عالية.
  • مصاعد شندلر، الماكينات الألمانية.
  • الماكينات التركية، ماكينة سيكور. 
  • ماكينات ومحركات الجيرلس.

أهم مزايا المصاعد الإيطالية

أسعار المصاعد الايطالية

أسعار المصاعد الايطالية

يوجد عدة مميزات لـ ماكينات المصاعد الإيطالية التي تعتبر من أفضل المصاعد التي تتمتع بجودة فائقة،
وتكون هذه المميزات كما يلي: 

  • السلامة هناك العديد من ميزات السلامة التي تكون مصممة في المصاعد من أجل حماية الركاب ومنع الحوادث.
  • تعتبر الأسعار الخاصة بـ المصاعد الإيطالية في متناول الجميع ومتوسطة التكلفة.
  • تتميز هذه المصاعد الإيطالية  بجودة وعمر افتراضي طويل الامد.
  • قطع الغيار الخاصة بهذا المصعد متوفرة في الأسواق.

تابع المزيد: المصاعد الهيدروليكية وأنواعها المختلفة بأسعار مميزة

مراحل تركيب المصعد الكهربائي

حيث يتم تحديد سعر المصاعد الإيطالية على حسب جودة المصعد وبعد تحديد أسعار المصاعد الإيطالي وشراءها يوجد عدة مراحل من أجل تركيب المصاعد الإيطالية عدة مراحل وهي كما يلي:

  • كابينة المصعد، موتور المصعد.
  • تمديد كهرباء للمصعد واختبارات المصعد.

وفي ختام مقالنا نكون تعرفنا على العديد من التفاصيل والمعلومات حول أسعار المصاعد الايطالية التي تعتبر من أفضل المصاعد التي تتواجد في الأسواق الخاصة بالمصاعد وتناولنا أهم المزايا التي يمكنك الحصول عليها عند شراء هذا النوع المميز.

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