Elevator failure code Since in the recent period I have found many and many problems in those elevators, and then this is due to poor and irregular maintenance or a large number of passengers jostling in the elevator along with overloads and others.

There are also many technical problems and then the increase in the movement of urbanization,
and there are many increases in the process of demand for those elevators,
which are being installed using modern methods.

This is in addition to working to solve all the problems that are in those elevators, and a lot of subscriptions have been made for that monthly maintenance for many elevators of all shapes
and sizes as well as their types.

We also have to work on knowing the most prominent
and important problems that many elevators face,
which must be solved.

Elevator failure code

Elevator failure code

As the elevator consists of a room and that room is tied with many ropes that are powered by motors to raise it and also lower it in the channel or corridor designated for it, and then it is the one that is in all sides and the walls are also dark or transparent that are glass.

It is possible to see the outside through them,
and in many huge and famous buildings also these elevators carry many alarms and centers.

 Also, which is considered for remote control and all small computers, and it is through which all its movements and what is in it are recorded, as there are in many of them phones that help in the process of communication between those inside the elevator and all the control centers, which work on monitoring for elevators.

And then make sure of its quality and that it does not have any problems or malfunctions,
and then care is taken for its presence and then its availability and not being late in all important buildings as well as vital places.

Major problems with elevators

Where there are many, many elevators, in addition to that, elevators have a large number of problems, including the elevator failure code, and among those reasons are the following:

  • Not activating the code for those elevators, which is also issued in application to the law on unified construction and then its executive regulations,
    which stipulate that the elevator be like any other product where it has a specific manufacturer.
  • Whereas, the elevator must be issued a test certificate of its own, along with the quality of that validity for all important components, which belong to all devices and all safety means.
  • In addition to the case of the existence of the local elevator, as here the company for those elevators will be transferred, and it is the one who plays the role of this factory, and then it is not qualified for this.
  • It does not have any capabilities or sufficient know-how and technical knowledge as well,
    and then this is in accordance with all the foundations and standards of design.
  • In addition to the fundamental and fundamental difference between the factory and local elevators.

The most important reasons for elevator breakdowns and stops

Elevator failure code

There are many reasons for elevator failure and stopping, and they include the elevator failure code,
and among these reasons are the following:

  • The fuse burns.
  • The power goes out frequently.
  • The presence of a salon for the door is improper.
  • Playing with the elevator buttons while it is preparing to stop in order for the elevator to move from the speed that is slow to the fast speed directly and suddenly, and this is what causes the overload separation.
  • In addition to the presence of the plastic cladding, which is damaged or broken in the cab,
    this is what causes the imbalance of that cab in the elevator failure code.
  • In addition to the presence of a lot of dust that is accumulated on the control,
    this is because the machine room is not closed well, especially in the event of this bad weather.

How to deal with a stuck elevator

Where there are many, many methods for the elevator suspension process
or for the elevator failure code, and among these methods are the following:

  1.  Since that cabin must be stopped, and then this is by making this ceiling in the cabin equal to the ground, and then the tiles in the floor, and then the emergency key is used in the process of opening the outer door.
  2. In addition, the roof of the cabin is stopped, and then work is done to open the emergency hatch
    to the top, and then start the process of removing all detainees through this hatch to the outside.
  3. In addition to the case of increasing the speed or cutting one of the ropes,
    the device for the parachute in the elevator works very automatically.
  4. And then it works to completely stop the ascender in its place, and in this case it is difficult to move the elevator in many of the previous ways to the bottom, and it must be moved to the top until work is done to stop it on the role in the elevator failure code.

Elevator malfunctions and their most important causes

Where there are many, many faults for elevators in addition to the elevator failure code,
and among these faults are the following:

Doing used rope bundles

As you put the sheaves on those ropes, this in turn causes an increase in the level of wear on the elevator shaft, and then this creates a cycle of destruction of the two main components, where the sheaves can be re-bundled or replaced to prevent premature hoist rope failure

Power supply problems

Where these elevators require a large number of energy from all the systems of the facilities of those commercial buildings, so these updates can be affected on the system along with all the operations of the motors or even damage to the elevator system, and those elevators that have any history of malfunctions must also be subject to Motor or operation issues lead to a power quality scan in the elevator failure code.

Other elevator malfunctions and their most important causes

There are many reasons for these malfunctions, including the following:

Poor lubrication and oil

This is done by doing an analysis of the oil when this corrosion occurs,
and then the small metal particles that are present in the oil are released
and then these can interfere with the proper functioning of the system of this elevator.

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Bearing malfunction

Elevator failure code

Elevator failure code

Whereas, the presence of a ball bearing malfunction causes more than half of all motor malfunctions in the motor, and most of the time these noisy bearings are attributed to all the vibrations inside the motor in the elevator failure code, although the motors help in the change process as they
also help in The process of reducing your power usage however works to advance the overall current.

At the end of the article, we talked about the elevator failure code, the most important problems
that cause this malfunction, and how to deal with them, along with the most important causes.