Electronic machines are made by humans, all human production requires care and attention to protect it against any
damage as well as optimize and develop it. Electronic machines optimization is based on several factors,
such as:
• Updating the machine gears with an advanced one.
• Updating the machine’s system and its functions
• Re-testing the machine multiple times as a final check.

When it comes to the elevator industry, the maintenance Factor is mandatory to avoid any kind of damage or harm that could be done to the users or even to avoid a delay in the process work. Elevator maintenance is the inspection process of finding, diagnosing, and fixing issues that may cause elevator malfunction or breakdown . Elevator service technicians perform elevator maintenance to keep lift systems safe andoperating efficiently

Without a maintenance plan, a malfunctioning elevator part can go unnoticed until a major repair is necessary.

This major repair can be very costly and creates inconvenient usage downtime — especially in buildings where elderly or ailing residents need to travel to their homes above the first floor. The value of an elevator is related to how well it is maintained throughout its lifecycle. A comprehensive elevator maintenance

plan minimizes potential risks elevator/building owners and users face.
If an elevator isn’t maintained properly, the building owner could face financial exposure or liability issues on the other hand, risk the unpleasant experience of getting stuck in an elevator, along with additional safety hazards and having to climb on foot to higher floors.
– A comprehensive elevator maintenance plan should:
• Prevent expensive repairs and part replacements by
catching issues early on.
• Make sure elevators operate according to applicable
• Ensure elevators pass the required inspections.
• Keep elevator users safe.
– In SMOU we are working on that 24/7 to match your
predictions and dreams with our professional technician team
by taking care of every detail and providing the best gears and
equipment for your elevator.