Elevator without upper room is one of the types of elevators that were invented long ago,
and they are elevators without a control room. This type of elevator has gained great popularity during the twenty-first century, as it is considered one of the hydraulic elevators that do not need a special control room. with it.

Elevators are considered one of the distinguished inventions that help facilitate movement between floors in tall buildings. Elevators have been used in many different places such as buildings, shopping malls, large shopping stores, companies, in addition to some factories.

The type of elevator varies according to the purpose. From it,
where the type and specifications of the elevator are determined by identifying the place where the elevator is to be installed, in addition to its purpose.

Elevator without upper room

Elevator without upper room

The elevator without upper room uses a gear-free traction machine located in the elevator shaft,
in addition to the use of weighted weight in the heart of the crane,
as it works to move the cab through the hoisting, and the elevator allows access to 25 stations,
and it can bear large capacities, as it is designed from In order to withstand extreme handling.

Advantages of MRL elevators 

Roomless elevators have many advantages that can be used
when you want to install an elevator in your building, and these features include the following:

The big space

The elevator without an upper room is distinguished by providing the elevator without a large room in the building in which it is installed, where all the elevator parts are placed inside the crane instead of being placed in a special room, and this is what makes this type of elevator preferred by a large number of buildings and hotels And apartments that need some empty space.

the cost

Many real estate owners find that using roomless elevators is cost-saving,
in addition to the space it provides,
as elevators that contain a control room need more time to complete the installation process,
in addition to the many mechanical parts that are required to be present in order to make the elevator work. In the right form, so the cost of regular elevators is higher in price than elevators without room.

Electricity saving

MRL elevators are characterized by the fact that they provide a high percentage of electricity,
up to 70%, so they are considered one of the best options when wanting to use energy-saving elevators, unlike regular elevators.

No oils or liquids are used

This type of elevator does not contain a machine room, so you do not need to use the necessary oils
and fluids in order to improve the engine’s work, and thus reduce the chances of exposure to fires, in addition to preventing the severe damage caused by oil leakage.

Elevator malfunctions and their causes

After getting acquainted with an elevator without an upper room,
it is important to get acquainted with the most common elevator malfunctions and the causes
that lead to them, as elevators are exposed to many problems that must be addressed quickly in order
to protect passengers, and among these problems are the following:

Consumable cord bundles

The problem of corrosion of rope bundles is one of the most common causes of elevator failure,
as using these ropes for a long time without paying attention to their maintenance leads to difficulty in the elevator during the ascent and descent process, so when the ropes are damaged,
it leads to the elevator to stop working.

Therefore, care must be taken to carry out continuous periodic maintenance of the elevator ropes
to ensure their safety and suitability for work.

power supply sources

The problems caused by the power supply sources are among the most serious problems of elevator malfunctions, as elevators need a large supply of energy in order to operate properly, so the quality of the energy required for the elevator must be checked at frequent intervals in order to maintain it.

This process is carried out through infrared thermal imaging devices that identify weaknesses in which the energy required for the elevator to operate.

Poor lubrication

Elevator without upper room

The lubrication process is one of the important things that should not be overlooked,
in addition to the process of changing the oil that is used in order to facilitate the work of the internal parts of the elevator engine such as gears and prevent their wear,

so the oil used in elevator lubrication must be checked constantly,
and when there is contamination or traces of corrosion from It is important that the oil be renewed and changed as soon as possible to maintain the performance of the elevator.

Tips for handling elevators

It is important to talk about an elevator without an upper room to know some tips for using the elevator, as there are some tips through which you can identify the correct methods that must be recognized in order to deal with the elevator in order to preserve your safety and the safety of others, and among these tips:

  • Children under the age of 14 should not use the elevator without an accompanying person,
    in order to maintain their safety when the elevator encounters any problem.
  • It is important to look at the instructions board on the elevator in order to get acquainted with the instructions for riding the elevator, in addition to knowing the load that the elevator can bear,
    as many people should not ride in the elevator while it is working to avoid the elevator falling.
  • No elevator should be used in emergency situations or if the place is exposed to a fire,
    in order to avoid being trapped in the elevator.

Some reasons lead to elevator breakdowns

It is important to identify some of the reasons that cause elevators to malfunction
when talking about an elevator without an upper room, as there are some technical malfunctions
that require continuous maintenance, and among these reasons are the following:

  • The problem of power outages that cause the elevator to stop working, so it is important to ensure the safety of the elevator’s electrical source in order to avoid this problem.
  • One of the fuses was hacked, as the elevator operates through a group of fuses that control the elevator control panel, and when any of these fuses are damaged, it leads to a malfunction in the elevator.
  • Damage to the elevator door, so the elevator door must be constantly maintained
    and any problem found there must be addressed.
  • Repeating the process of pressing the buttons of the elevator,
    as this process leads to exposure of the overload to the credit as a result of sudden speed changes.
  • Damage or breakage of the plastic cladding inside the elevator cabin, as this cladding leads to the elevator’s balance, and when exposed to fracture, the elevator’s balance is affected.
  • A lot of dust has accumulated on the elevator control unit,
    and this happens as a result of not paying attention to closing the control room well.

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Disadvantages of MRL elevators 

Elevator without upper room

The disadvantages of an elevator without an upper room are limited to the noise it causes during its work, in addition to the load capacity that it lacks, unlike regular elevators, but the elevator provides the spaces that regular elevators need for the control room.

In this article, an elevator without an upper room was identified and its advantages, in addition to identifying some of the malfunctions that elevators are exposed to and how to deal with them.