The home spiral elevator is a type of luxury home elevator. It is very suitable for homes whose heights range from 2 to 6 floors. It is one of the latest home elevators that has received great demand.

Elevators are considered one of the most important machines in residential and commercial buildings and other buildings, especially those with high floors. Many people have come to rely solely on elevators for going down and up.

Spiral elevators facilitate movement for users, especially the elderly and people with special needs. Through this article, we will learn about the advantages of using them and their most important benefits and technical specifications.

Home spiral elevator

Home spiral elevator

Home spiral elevator

Spiral home elevators are one of the types of home elevators that can be installed in the home along the wall. It can be installed on a free-standing column on each floor or installed in the middle of the stairs.

The spiral elevator is installed directly on the ground or a small hole of no more than 50 mm is drilled for it, and it is very suitable for homes with small spaces. It can be installed in modern homes and also in old elevators without any problems.

Advantages of installing spiral elevators at home

Screw conveyors in the home work very efficiently. There are many advantages that you can notice when choosing a home spiral elevator, the most important of which are the following:

  • The spiral elevator is suitable for homes with narrow spaces and solves the problem of providing space for the elevator.
  • The purpose of this type of elevator is to move objects vertically until the height difference is filled or to act as a buffer zone.
  • The spiral conveyor rail is considered one of the most important keys to saving floor space in construction.
  • Another most important use of the spiral elevator is that it transports goods in packaging lines in factories.
  • Its scope of use is wide in packaging where it deals with individual packages or boxes, and it can also be used in transporting packaged items such as coated bottles.
  • In factories, this type of elevator helps reach the production floor easier and can transport goods vertically, which addresses the problem of height differences.
  • Saves up to 40% space than traditional elevators.
  • The design of the spiral elevator is luxurious and adds more elegance to your home.
  • It can easily blend into your home’s design.

Spiral elevator components

The home spiral elevator consists of a spiral attached to several components as follows:

  • The screw is available with a special friction top chain.
  • Flat friction upper chain.
  • Toothed chain.
  • The sliding bar has high resistance capacity with low friction ratio.
  • It comes with 6 different components inside and out.
  • also It contains components that prevent noise during landing and ascent.
  • It also features components that help it last longer.

Benefits of using spiral elevators

When you choose to install a home spiral elevator, you will get many benefits that you cannot easily find in other types of elevators. Among the most important benefits of these elevators are the following:

  • Spiral elevators are characterized by their significantly lower operating costs compared to other types of elevators, which contributes to reducing the overall cost of installing the elevator.
  • The spiral elevator has a long lifespan, which saves users from having to change it after a period of operation that leads to wear and tear.
  • One of the most distinctive features of this type of elevator is that it is easy to install and does not require a long time, as it is installed by specialized technicians and engineers who have experience in dealing with this type of elevator.
  • Compared to other elevators, it is a fast elevator that helps complete moving tasks up or down in record time.
  • It is considered one of the completely safe elevators despite the speed of moving between floors.
  • Saves space and is suitable for tight spaces.
  • The elevator is also connected to the Internet. You can order it through an application installed on your phone, which makes handling easier.

Technical specifications for spiral elevators

Home spiral elevator

There are many specifications that characterize the home spiral elevator, and we present these specifications below:

  • The outer diameter of the elevator: about 585 mm, mounted on a spiral frame.
  • The drive units of an elevator are equipped with motors at both ends on the side of the elevator.
  • Elevator Chain Options: The chain comes with ball bearings made of 85mm thick steel.
  • Fixed speed: The fixed speeds of the elevator range between 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 m per minute.
  • Weight of products: Max within 2 kg per m depending on the height at which it is installed.
  • The noise level of the spiral elevator is low, less than 73 dB at 50 m per minute.
  • The start of movement in the spiral elevator is smooth and it contains a maximum degree of motor protection to ensure safety for users and avoid frequent breakdowns.
  • Smooth movement in the elevator: ideal for moving up or down:
  • Sizes of transported products in the range up to 200 x 175 x 200 mm (L x H x W);
  • Transports packaged or unpackaged products.
  • Product holders are like pucks.
  • Box and mini-box configurations.

Environmentally friendly technologies in spiral elevators

  • The types of home spiral elevators depend on the use of modern technologies that work in harmony with the needs of the surrounding environment. One of the most prominent environmental needs related to the elevator operating system is the provision of types of elevators that save electrical energy, which helps to greatly rationalize consumption.

Spiral elevators are considered one of the successful types in achieving this goal, which works to save the costs of the elevator in the long term in relation to the prices of electricity bills.

  • One of the most important technologies used by spiral elevators is the ability to connect to the Internet. By installing this elevator, you can identify faults that occur early and therefore be able to repair them in a timely manner. You can also order the elevator through the electronic application that is installed on the phone or device. Your tablet, which means greater ease for users, especially those with special needs.
  • It is clear that there is a trend among modern elevator companies to use solar panels to provide energy used for elevators and also groundwater aquifers.

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Safety tips when using elevators

Home spiral elevator

There are many tips that must be followed when riding any type of elevator to maintain your safety. These tips are:

  • Do not tamper with any button on the keyboard while the elevator is in motion.
  • Children should not use the elevator alone.
  • Use the alarm button only when needed.
  • Do not use the elevator at all if you hear an unusual sound or vibration until the maintenance engineer arrives.
  • When the power goes out and comes back on, please do not use the elevator before 10 minutes have passed for safety.
  • Regular maintenance of the elevator must be carried out to ensure safety and fix any problem early before it worsens.

Here we have reached the conclusion of this article, through which we learned about what a home spiral elevator is, its most important advantages, and also the technical specifications for its installation.