There are many types of Italian elevator machines that are used when installing an elevator in the building, and one of the most important elements when choosing an elevator is to choose the machine that suits the building in all respects, as it is the most important component of the elevator.

It is known that elevators have become one of the most important machines that cannot be dispensed with, especially in recent years. With the staggering increase in the height of residential and commercial buildings, the use of the elevator has become something that cannot be dispensed with in any way.

Types of Italian elevator machines

Italian elevator machines

There are two types of elevator machines that are installed in the elevator, which are chosen on the basis of many factors, the most important of which are the space of the well and the size of the cabin and other factors. Below we discuss in detail the two most important types of Italian elevator machines:

First gear-driven elevator machines (gearbox elevators)

The types of Italian elevator machines that operate using the operating system with lessons are called gearbox elevators, which, when operating, need what is called a gear box, which is in the form of a spiral.

It also needs a special room for the engine cabin or the elevator cabin,
and its operating system depends on the method of tensioning the steel ropes.

This awareness of machines is characterized by its high ability to carry weights
and large loads for long periods, but it is also characterized by its high costs, as it needs maintenance at higher rates than other types of machines that do not depend on gears in their operation.

Secondly, elevators that operate without gears (Gearless)

This type of machine operates without the need for a special gear box,
and therefore it also does not need a special room for the elevator machine, but this type of machine depends in its operating system on what is called the electric file operating system.

One of the most important features of this type of machine is that its operating system is based on highly advanced technologies, and it is one of the types of environmentally friendly machines that do not require high electrical energy in its operation, so it helps to rationalize energy consumption.

In addition, it does not require periodic maintenance costs,
so many users prefer this type of machine when installing elevators compared to others.

The most popular elevator motor models

Italian elevator machines

There is a great development in the field of manufacturing elevators in the world, so this industry has spread greatly in recent years because of its great demand in the market for different types of elevators, especially with the expansion of buildings and the spread of high towers everywhere.

Therefore, many types of elevators have spread, especially the types of Italian elevator machines, which we present as follows:

  • Spanish Alberto Sassi engines

It is considered one of the best types of machines that contain many models
and comes with two speeds and does not have a special room for the machine.
These machines carry different capacities ranging from 500 to 1000 kg.

  • Italian IC engines

This distinguished type of machines is available in several models,
also with models of 8, 9, 916,
and 18 hp, and it is considered one of the best elevator machines
because of its excellent technical specifications that put it at the forefront of elevator machines.

  • Italian Secor engines

This type of Italian elevator machines is available with two different speeds,
and it comes in its design without a special room for the machine. It comes in various makes and models, and what distinguishes it most is that it can bear weights of up to the equivalent of 1000 kg.

Thus, it is one of the best types of machines in the market
and you can rely on it to operate elevators, and it is very suitable for residential elevators.

  • Italian Montanari engines

Montenary machines or engines are provided with two speeds, and they are also available in variable speed models that come in more than seven different models, each with strong technical features and specifications.

  • Schindler Spin Engines

The Spanish Schindler engines are among the best elevator machines, which come with two speeds and variable speed machines in several different models, all of which meet high quality specifications.

  • German Thyssen engines

Thyssen models come without a control room and there are many different models available.
The machine comes with a load capacity of 400 kg to 1000 kg, depending on the model of each of them. It comes in 7 models.

  • Turkish akis engines

As for Akiss engines, they are of Turkish production and come without a special control room.
They have six different models, each with a different load capacity,
and are characterized by high quality technical specifications.

  • Turkish Iker engines

This type of motor is considered one of the best types of machines used in elevators.
It also comes in a large number of different models,
each of which has different technical specifications and load capacity.

The most important criteria for determining the prices of the types of Italian elevator machines

There are many types of Italian machines for elevators in the market, and each is available at a different price than the other. There are many criteria on the basis of which the price of each machine is determined. Among the most important of these criteria are the following:

Elevator operating system

The operating system of the machine plays a major role in determining the price of each of them,
as the operating system of gear-operated machines, which are gearboxes,
is completely different from the prices of gearless operating machines called gears.

Gearbox motors need periodic maintenance, and they also need a control room, so the cost of installing and maintaining them is higher than the types of gearless machines that operate with the inverter device, and this in turn is characterized by its very high price because it works with advanced technologies based on the use of magnetic energy.

In the end, each type of Italian elevator machine differs in operating and control requirements,
and therefore the price of each varies according to its cost.

The country of origin of the machine

The prices of the types of Italian elevator machines also differ according to the country of production or the country of origin in which the machine was manufactured.

The machine works with its price to determine the price of the entire elevator,
so the price of the elevator varies according to it.

Elevator cabin space

If the elevator cabin is large and accommodates high loads, then it needs a machine with technical specifications and higher quality than the one that is characterized by its small size,
and therefore the cabin load and weight capacity require different types of machines at different prices.

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The purpose of using the elevator

Italian elevator machines

The purpose of installing the elevator is essential in determining the type of the machine and thus determining its price. The elevator that is installed in residential buildings requires less powerful machines than those required in the uses of elevators in commercial establishments,
hospitals and other places where elevators are used more frequently and with higher loads.

Thus, the type of the machine and its load capacity greatly control its price

In the end, we talked about the types of Italian elevator machines
and their most important features, as well as the criteria that determine the price of each.