Many customers ask about the magnetic elevator key, as it is one of the products that many need in the types of elevators available to them, as it is used to control it from each other without the need to approach it at all times, and these types of keys have a large number of advantages that Always the best in terms of use.

Therefore, our company works hard to provide its different types with the best offers that everyone benefits from, and through our article we explain to you the most important types of keys that we are working to provide, their most important features and what they are used in some applications in detail.

magnetic elevator key

magnetic elevator key

Through technology, it is now easier for people to access their elevators without putting the key in the lock, thanks to the electronic key readers, as it is one of the keys that works on the use of access control systems that work with the readers, as it is located near the key rings.

Access cards that open elevators with a simple touch, called the magnetic elevator key,
are more secure than a traditional lock and key,
and more reliable than using a numeric keypad to enter the code.

Since the codes can be easily forgotten, it is difficult for the key management to perform its role in the absence of this code, and therefore these panels stop working properly with the passage of time.

In fact, many companies as well as homeowners own elevators
that operate based on traditional locking systems, but with these magnetic keys, it is undoubtedly easy.

Types of elevator switches 

The most important feature of the elevator is that its key is exposed to many different developments,
which made the magnetic elevator key have many important technological types,
including the following:

Reading systems 

These systems are considered one of the well-known types,
and their mechanism of action depends on the use of programmed authentication proximity data
that contains one factor. When the key chain is in the immediate vicinity of the access device reader,
the system at this time opens the door or gate of the elevator in order to allow the authorized persons They can only enter.

It is worth noting that each device contains a personal identification number in which the access system can be programmed to authorize or deny access at any time, and that these devices can only work if the user is granted the appropriate permissions assigned to access via the programmed security application.

Contactless cards and access badges

With magnetic elevator key recognition, contactless access cards and badges contain a magnetic stripe on the card that holds a unique code for each user. When someone approaches the card to the proximity reader or approaches the reader, the system unlocks the elevator, and these cards can work even when they are inside a pocket, purse or wallet without having to take them out.

A key holder

 The magnetic elevator key series is a device that can be used without resorting to the use of a remote key, as it helps in allowing the elevator to be activated and accessed to all floors that are inside the building, meaning that the idea of ​​this chain works like the keyless car devices that are used On such days. Keychains are security tokens about the size of a small coin to be kept in a pocket.

Industrial applications of elevator magnetic switch

Our company is considered the best in manufacturing and distributing magnetic switches related to elevators, which are of high quality, and contain a large number of other advantages, including:

  • These devices depend on the idea of ​​magnetic motion, as they generate magnetic fields that are detectable until they activate them, in order to open and close the electrical circuit, and this matter we depend on the formation of the switch.
  •  They offer greater reliability compared to conventional switches,
    as they are largely unaffected by normal environmental conditions
    such as exposure to water or oil as well as dust, dirt and other factors.
  •  In addition, they have fast response times, low maintenance costs,
    and the longest service life ever. 

All of the above features make the elevator magnetic switch ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications.

Types of industrial applications of magnetic switches

magnetic elevator key

The magnetic elevator switch can be used in different types of different types of industrial applications, including as follows:

Applications in factory automation and robotic technologies

These switches are used because they have great strength and durability which makes them provide consistently low contact resistance and helps to establish their long service life.

It is worth noting that all the features provided by these switches in applications can affect the ratio of time allocated to operation in addition to the time allocated to downtime, as well as the ratio of operating costs to operating profits.

Transportation systems applications

The most important feature of these switches is that they are used to control where,
when and how materials are transported throughout the facility, as they work to identify conveyor speed sensors and work to change them in order to prevent damage to the transported materials.

These devices can also determine the object’s velocity or position,
and can be used to make various changes to system operating parameters
in order to prevent overloading, blockages, and a wide variety of other system problems.

Why should you use magnetic keys?

The magnetic elevator key is characterized by a very large number of types of features
that make it the best permanently in use in general,
and among the most important of these characteristics are as follows:

  • Less contact resistance
  • Ease of use for a longer period
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Easier controls
  • more difficult to bypass

All of these features are available in the switches that we offer through our company,
and we use a large number of the best controls in the market, in addition to our ability to customize,
which helps you get the best magnetic switch for the types of elevators that you have available.

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Our elevator keys 

magnetic elevator key

The magnetic switches that we provide to customers come in a large number of different shapes
and sizes, and they have many unique properties that can be used in certain applications.

Therefore, when designing or selecting a magnetic switch, consider quality specifications,
such as application-specific circuit type, power requirements, magnetic sensitivity,
and operating environment.

Hence, we got acquainted with the magnetic elevator key available to our company,
the most important types that relate to it, and other details of interest to our customers in detail.