Mitsubishi Elevators, a Japanese company engaged in the manufacture of elevators
and escalators or helical ones. This company was established in 1931 and is one of the largest companies in the manufacture of elevators on the level of Japan and on an international level.

Also, The company also owns many branches around the world,
and its elevators have been included in the Guinness Book of Records, as it achieved the highest record in the speed of its own elevators. The company also produces different and unlimited types of elevators.

If you are interested in this field and want to know all the details about these elevators,
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Mitsubishi elevators

Mitsubishi elevators

Mitsubishi Corporation began manufacturing elevators in 1931, and its first elevator was delivered in 1935. Between the 1930s and the 1980s, the company produced elevators in cooperation with the American Westinghouse Electric Corp., after signing a technical license agreement in 1923.

Also, The Mitsubishi elevator was manufactured and is the first elevator of its kind around the world,
as it was equipped with the VVVF feature, which is the feature that controls the inverter.
In 1985, the company began distributing Mitsubishi elevators in North America. Also started manufacturing the first spiral staircase, and then installed it in the city of Japanese Osaka.

in 1993

The company started manufacturing the fastest elevators around the world and installed it in Denmark in the city of Yokohama inside the Yokohama Tower, which reached a speed of 12.5 meters per second, and these elevators remained the fastest elevators around the world until 2004.

At the end of the nineties, the company marketed the Mitsubishi GPQ machine room,
which is lower than the elevator, and in 2001 it met with success through the Elenesse model.

ALSO in early 2000, the company stormed the Dutch market
by not acquiring Wolter and Dros by 51% of the shares, and its name became Mitsubishi MEE.

in 2011

Also, The company received requests to install high-speed elevators in Shanghai,
and it is considered the tallest building in China. The elevators were installed in 2016,
which operate at a speed of 73.8 km per hour or 20.5 per second,
also entered the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest Mitsubishi elevator in the world.

Types of Mitsubishi elevators

Mitsubishi has produced many different types of elevators,
and the most prominent of these types are:


It was produced in 2002 and is considered one of the elevators carrying passengers,
also, it consists of a built-in machine room.


This type was produced in 2001 and is a passenger elevator but also has less machine room.


This type of Mitsubishi Elevator was launched in 2010, it is compact room,
and it is for passenger.


This type of elevator was launched in 2011 and it is a special passenger elevator
but it has less machine room.


This type of elevator was produced in 2012 and sold only in Latin America.


It is a model of elevator produced in 2014 with machine room and sold in India.


This elevator was produced in 2016 and is a small machine room and can be used in small commercial places or residential areas.


It is a Mitsubishi passenger elevator series which was sold only in China.

Maxiez M/H

It is a high-speed specialized elevator.

Max CZ

It is a compact machine room elevator.

Max LZ

of a model that has a lower machine.

Max B

This type of elevator was designed to be suitable especially for hospitals.


Also, It is a type of elevator that has less machine room and is sold in South Korea.


Sourced from a lower machine room model, it was sold only within the United States.

Diamond HS

Also, It is an elevated elevator type and was sold in the United States only.


It is a machine room less elevator, and this type of elevator was made especially
so that it is only sold in the Netherlands.


It is a traction elevator type and is only manufactured and sold in the Netherlands.


It is a type of hydraulic elevator produced and manufactured in the Netherlands
and sold only there.


Also, This type of Mitsubishi elevator is a machine room less elevator and is only manufactured
also sold in the Netherlands.


This type of elevator is a machine room less elevator and is used in low-rise residential buildings.
Also, It was launched in 2019 and was made in the Netherlands.

Tips when choosing elevators

Mitsubishi elevators

Before buying elevators, you must pay attention to these tips in order to make the right choice
that suits you. Also, The most important of these tips are:

  • Determine the appropriate place inside the building
    and select a decoration commensurate with the design of the building.
  • Also choose an elevator suitable for the existing space and the shape of the building.
  • Looking for an experienced and easy-to-handle elevator repair company.

Types of elevators 

There are 5 types of basic elevators, which differ in their type, composition,
and characteristics.
These types are:

Stair chair lifts

The chair stair lift is considered one of the best elevators
that are suitable for the elderly or those who live in villas or commercial buildings,
as it is characterized by its low cost and does not require continuous maintenance
and works with a battery even when the electricity is cut off,
also, it does not require prior planning for it and is installed on the stairs.

Electric lifts

Electric elevators are divided into two types: elevators with a room, a pit,
and a column for the elevator, and elevators without this, and leave the most used elevators in institutions and residential buildings, and are also considered one of the cheapest types of elevators.

Hydraulic elevators

These elevators are among the best elevators among other types,
because they do not need foundations or excavations, also can be installed inside
or outside buildings,
but most of the time they are made of glass or paint.

Also, It is characterized by its distinctive and attractive appearance,
and it is less disturbing elevators compared to electric elevators.

spiral elevators

Spiral elevators are used inside confine spaces because they do not require large spaces or pre-construction, and are characterizing by a low noise level, also there are many options, including glass, stainless steel, or paint.

Goods and food elevators

These types of elevators are used to transport foodstuffs and goods inside restaurants
and hotels as well as exhibitions and hospitals, and they support weights ranging from 50 to 300 kg.

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Mitsubishi elevator prices

Mitsubishi elevators

Elevator prices differ from others based on the type of elevator that you need, the area of ​​the elevator,
its speed, the place where the elevators are installed, and many other factors that affect the price of the elevator, so you must first determine your budget and then determine the appropriate type for you.

In the end, Mitsubishi elevators are distinguished elevators, which are among the most used elevators around the world, and they are characterized by their high speed, which is unparalleled in other elevators.