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Environmentally friendly elevators

Environmentally friendly elevators

Environmentally friendly elevators have spread recently. These elevators are designed to reduce the energy consumption needed to operate the elevator, which helps the surrounding environment and preserves its protection. These elevators are considered among the advanced types of modern elevators that were designed specifically to preserve the safety of the environment.

With the technological development that the world is witnessing, a very advanced type of these elevators has been developed and they are called green elevators. It is recommended that the manufacturing of this type of elevators be expanded in order to rely on them in the future, due to their great importance in terms of preserving the environment.

Environmentally friendly elevators

Environmentally friendly elevators

A large number of people want to learn about environmentally friendly elevators, due to the wide popularity that this type of elevator has gained, and for this reason we will learn all the information related to this type of elevator.

Features of environmentally friendly elevators

This type of elevator contains a large number of features that make it better than a large number of other elevators, and these features include the following:

Elevator system without machine room

A new type of elevator was invented in the 1990s that operates without a special room for the operating system, which saves a lot of space in the building. Environmentally friendly elevators are distinguished by this feature

as these elevators operate without a large control room, in addition to saving the energy necessary for operation, as they provide These elevators have up to 80% more energy than other elevators.

Double-deck elevators

Double-floor elevators save energy to a large extent by allocating one cabin for individual floors, and the other stops on even floors of the building. This is one of the suitable options for many medium-rise and high-rise buildings, as these buildings need to operate elevators at high speed, and this feature helps Reducing the number of stops needed to transport passengers.

computerized control systems

Environmentally friendly elevators control their traffic through some calculated systems, in addition to reducing interior lighting in order to save energy. These elevators also work fast enough to meet the needs of crowded buildings.

Sensors located in the cab

The cabins of environmentally friendly elevators contain many sensors, and these devices operate through the software accompanying the elevator. These devices cause the elevator to enter an idle state when it is not in use, which means that the video screens and lights stop working, in addition to… Reduce the speed of the ventilation system.

Destination transmission control programs

It is possible for elevators to stop on unnecessary floors,
which leads to passengers waiting for a long time for the elevator to reach them. Therefore,
there is a program in environmentally friendly elevators to control the transmission of the interface

and this program works to prevent the elevator from stopping on empty floors,
which helps in The elevator reaches high floors as quickly as possible to transport passengers.

Regenerative drive systems

Environmentally friendly elevators are designed with the help of renewable driving systems,
which help the elevator to return the energy that was consumed in order to use it again,
and this process is done through the electrical system of the building

Also, this feature helps to preserve the energy of the elevator during use,
in addition to maintaining The energy that is used during the peak period inside the building,
which saves a lot of money for the owners of companies and real estate.

Basic elevator components

Environmentally friendly elevators

After learning about environmentally friendly elevators and their most important features,
it is important to learn about the basic parts that make up elevators,
as elevators consist of some basic parts that work together as a single unit
in order for the elevator to work as required, and among these parts are the following:

Elevator cabin

The elevator cabin is the inner room of the elevator through which passengers or goods are transported to the different floors. These cabins are made of metal and wooden panels surrounded by a steel frame in order to protect them. Cabins are divided into several types such as regular cabin, diagonal cabin, open from Through the cab.

The size of the elevator cabin varies depending on the size of the elevator and the building,
in addition to its purpose, and its price is determined according to the capabilities it contains,
and the materials from which the cabin is made control its price.

The elevator cabin consists of the floor which is strong enough to withstand the forces that will be added to it, as well as the roof, walls, front panels and the operating panel through which the elevator is controlled.

Elevator ropes

Elevator ropes are among the most important parts of the elevator
that must be taken care of and chosen with high quality, as these ropes help the elevator during the ups and downs process, and these ropes are made of steel in order to bear the weight of the elevator.

It is important to take care of the maintenance of the elevator ropes constantly
in order to maintain their safety, because the continuous use of them leads to damage to the rope bundles, which leads to difficulty in moving the elevator and stops working.

control system 

Electric elevators contain a control room for the elevator that contains the machines through
which all things related to the elevator are controlled, in contrast to environmentally friendly elevators,
as this type of elevator does not contain a room for the mechanical components necessary for the operation of the elevator.

The control system room is considered one of the most important parts that must be constantly maintained and well sealed in order to protect the elevator from being subject to stopping when these devices are exposed to dust accumulation.

security system

All elevators and environmentally friendly elevators contain a special safety system in order to maintain the safety of all passengers while using the elevator in order to move between the floors of the building, and this system is one of the most important systems that must be taken care of.

Speed ​​regulator device

Elevators contain special devices to control the speed of the elevator.
These devices work to determine the speed necessary for the elevator to move,
and if this speed exceeds the appropriate limit, it is reduced through these devices.


Eco-friendly elevators, as well as any type of elevator, contain special rails
in order to determine the path of the elevator.

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Some of the reasons that lead to elevator breakdown

Environmentally friendly elevators

When talking about environmentally friendly elevators, it is important to know some of the reasons
that lead to the elevator stopping working, as there are some technical reasons that lead to the elevator stopping working, and these reasons include the following:

  • The occurrence of any malfunction in the electrical current of the elevator.
  • Any fuse in the elevator has been blown out.
  • The elevator door is damaged.
  • Damage to the plastic trim inside the cab.
  • Dust buildup on the elevator control unit.

In this article, information about environmentally friendly elevators was learned,
in addition to the components of elevators.      

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Safety tips for elevators

the most important safety tips for elevators and escalators

Safety tips for elevators and escalators: It is one of the things that provides comfort, time, and ease for people when moving between different floors, especially in shops, institutions, and companies.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the most important tips that help in the safety of the elevator or escalator, as there are many reasons that can cause any damage when using the elevator incorrectly, especially for the elderly and children.

If you are interested in the field of elevators and want to install them, whether in companies or home factories, here is an article that will help you know the important tips related to elevator safety. Just follow the article until the end and you will get what you want to know and learn the most important tips.

Safety tips for elevators and escalators

Safety tips for elevators

There are many elevators that must be known when purchasing and installing an elevator, whether inside institutions, residential buildings, companies, or inside homes, and the most important of these tips are:

when waiting for the elevator

  • Get to know the directions.
  • Press the elevator call button once for the direction you want to go.
  • Waiting for the signal that announces that the cabin has arrived at the floor you want to go down to.
  • Be fully aware of the safety tips for elevators and escalators that you may need in the event of a fall or any of the various accidents.
  • Take a place away from the elevator door to avoid any damage and also make it easier for passengers to enter and exit the elevator.
  • If the elevator is crowded, you must wait for the next time.
  • Do not try to stop the elevator doors closing, and it is better to keep an eye on the elevator next time.
  • In the event of a fire or any other situation that could lead to accidents or malfunctions in electrical services.

When going up the elevator cabin

  • Allow passengers to exit and enter the elevator before the elevator moves.
  • Pay attention to the steps, as some elevators are not completely level with the roof of the building.
  • Stand clearly in front of the elevator door, being careful to keep loose clothing, strings, and bags away from opening doors.
  • Carrying children or pets with great sadness.
  • People closest to the door should get on first when the elevator arrives.
  • After entering the elevator cabin, press the required number button and move to the back of the car and make room for other passengers.

While in the elevator

  • Hold the handrail if available inside the elevator.
  • Stand next to the elevator wall if this is possible.
  • Pay attention to floor indicators or advertisements provided by the elevator service.
  • If the doors do not open when the elevator stops, you must press the door opening button, and this is one of the most important tips for the safety of elevators and escalators.

Exit the elevator

  • Exit to the floor you want, and don’t wait for other people in the back.
  • Do not push the people in front of you while exiting. Wait for your turn and ask their permission to exit.
  • Pay attention to the steps you take, as some elevator cars are not equal to the floor you are going down.

Tips to ensure children’s safety when using

There are some safety tips for elevators and escalators, especially for children. The most important of these tips are:

  • Do not leave a child in the elevator unattended.
  • Get to know the working method of the elevator that you installed inside the building, knowing all the small functions.
  • Make sure that there is an emergency phone inside the elevator so that anyone who might get stuck inside the elevator can find it.
  • Check that you can make emergency phone calls correctly before speaking in an emergency.
  • Request an addition before the fourth door of the elevator so that a child cannot open it.
  • Do not attempt to carry out any maintenance procedures of your own in the event that the elevator door is stuck, and you must contact the professionals to do the necessary.
  • Educate the children that the elevator is not for play
    and teach them how to use the emergency call button when the elevator is stopped.

Basic checks for the elevator

  • Do the basic checks of the elevator and this does not require the presence of specialized technicians to do it, as it can be achieved visually only through the work of all functions in a regular and good form.
  • Do not adjust the battery lowering systems. Some elevator users believe
    that they make the elevator safer when closed, but this can lead to real danger,
    and this is one of the most important tips for the safety of elevators and escalators.

Important points for the monthly elevator service

Leave monthly services, which must be carefully taken into account, without
which you could expose the elevator and the users to danger. The most important of these points are:

full inspection

First, the maintenance company must inspect the various parts of the elevator,
including some of the most important things, which are dusting the cabin,
lubricating the guide rails, or checking the doors, accessories, and their safety.

It is necessary to visit the shoes and umbrella, check the road ropes and their tension,
and increase the engine oil and the brake pads of the engine.

Fix minor problems

Which is one of the most important tips for the safety of elevators and escalators, as some elevator-specific and common problems can be fixed at the same time with monthly service, including it must be noted that some floor doors close tightly and loudly, and this problem occurs because the door’s dictator is not adjusted, and in this case a worker can Maintenance fix this problem by adjusting the dictator screw.

Submit a comprehensive report

Safety tips for elevators

The maintenance worker is obligated to service the elevator, mentioning all the work he performed,
in addition to the elevator’s problems and defects.

Tips to increase the life of the elevator

It is one of the expensive devices that must be taken care of constantly, which leads to imposing costs. There are some safety tips for elevators and escalators that increase their lifespan, which are:

Elevator engine room

Usually, many building residents who use elevators do not have sufficient knowledge of the elevator engine room or elevator equipment, as the engine room is a closed room that contains two dominant parts of the elevator, which are the motor and the elevator control panel.

The elevator control panel represents electronic panels and components in addition to various electrical equipment, and you know that the two biggest enemies of electrical components are dust and heat.

Monthly service and maintenance of the elevator

During the monthly service and maintenance process, important measures are taken to improve the performance of the elevator, which includes lubricating the rails, checking the performance of the doors and engine oil, and checking the emergency braking system.

Despite the cheap price, these things have a significant impact in extending the lifespan of elevators.

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Passenger behaviour

Safety tips for elevators

Some elevator users do wrong and sometimes strange things when using the elevator,
which affects the operation of the elevator, including repeatedly pressing the elevator request button,
closing the elevator door tightly, or opening the elevator door before arriving at the elevator.

There are also many behaviors resulting from passengers rushing to make many mistakes,
which result in many dangers on the elevator.

In the end, tips for the safety of elevators and escalators are among the most important tips that must be taken into account when using an elevator or escalator so that you are not exposed to any accidents.

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stuck elevator

What to do if you are in a stuck elevator

stuck elevator are considered one of the most important ways that provide comfort to people and have become widely used, whether in residential units or government and private institutions and public institutions, so a question arises what to do if you are in a stuck elevator

and this is considered one of the biggest and most common problems that occur because of elevators, and through this article We can come up with the best tactics to take when someone gets stuck in an elevator.

What to do if you are in a stuck elevator

stuck elevator

The answer to the question of what to do if you are in a stuck elevator is one of the most important answers that many are interested in getting to know, so that they can get rid of that problem when exposed to it. A stuck elevator is a scary thing, especially if the person suffers from claustrophobia

Therefore, it is always advised to know the methods that can be followed when exposed to that accident, and there are some methods that you must avoid when this happens, and they can be identified through the following:

Things to follow when the elevator gets stuck

There are a set of tips that you can follow when you are in a stuck elevator, and these tips are as follows:

Keep calm

It is considered one of the most important pieces of advice that must be followed,
and it is considered an answer to the question of what to do if you are in a stuck elevator,
is not to feel anxious when you are in a stuck elevator,
because civil defense men will be able to repair the fault quickly, and they will be able to get the passengers out within a few minutes. You can take a series of long, deep breaths to calm your nerves,
and you will be able to feel more comfortable until the rescue operation is completed.

Look for lighting

Try to search for a source of lighting, or use the searchlight through your phone,
so that you can see the elevator buttons, and also you will be able to know the number of people who are with you inside the elevator so that you can calm down everyone who feels fear or anxiety,

and press the button to open the bumper and wait Some time until you discover if it works or not, then press the door close button and wait a few minutes as well. If the buttons do not respond, stop pressing them so as not to cause an increase in the malfunction.

Press the call button

In all elevators there is a call button or a special phone for emergencies, you can try it in order to be able to make a call so that you can draw the attention of maintenance supervisors in the place that is stuck in the elevator, and in the event that no one responds to the calls or if the phone is broken, you can knock on the door until Attract the attention of anyone who passes in front of the door so that they ask for help for you.

Contact civil defense

In order to be able to know what to do if you are in a stuck elevator,
you can contact the Civil Defense or contact the emergency police so
that they can help you quickly, because these calls are free.

Waiting for help

After making these attempts, you should wait for help to come and sit at the end of the elevator cabin, and make simple breathing movements that help you calm your nerves, and also calm those with you in the elevator because their tension will reflect on you in a negative way.

Things to avoid when in a stuck elevator

There are some tips that should be avoided when you are in a stuck elevator,
so that you can know what to do if you are in a stuck elevator, and these tips are as follows:

Avoid opening the door forcefully

 If the door is slightly open, you should move away from it and do not try to open it by force,
because this will endanger you, especially in the case where the elevator may move suddenly.

Do not jump down or up in the elevator

You should avoid moving or jumping in a sudden way inside the stuck elevator. In that case,
it is preferable for everyone in the elevator to be fixed until help comes,
because jumping may lead to the elevator falling in a sudden way,
which results in an accident that results in a group of serious injuries. to the occurrence of death.

Do not try to quickly get out of the elevator

stuck elevator

 Do not try to exit quickly when help comes and opens the door, because there is a possibility
that the elevator will move suddenly, and avoid crowding on the door during the exit process, because this may endanger everyone who is in the stuck elevator in the event that the elevator suddenly falls. 

How to minimize being in a stuck elevator

What to do if you are in a stuck elevator One of the important things that can help you to identify the answer to that question is to reduce the chances of being in an elevator that might get stuck,
knowing that it is difficult to predict the occurrence of a malfunction in the elevator,
but there are some tips that reduce your exposure to that Those tips are as follows:

  • Do not use the elevator in emergency situations, such as an earthquake in the place,
    the outbreak of war, or a flood, because the chance of elevators malfunctioning in these cases is very large, as it is a source of danger in those cases and not a means of escape.
  • Avoid cases of crowding that occur in elevators and exceeding the specified weight
    for the elevator load, as this increases the possibility of a malfunction in the elevator.

How to stay safe in a falling elevator

It is one of the things that everyone who is looking for what to do if you are in a stuck elevator should know, so that they can avoid injuries when the elevator falls, although this is one of the rare things that happen when the bumper is damaged

because the elevator is designed in a way that prevents it It can easily fall, and protect it from explosion when the fall occurs, unless the elevator is dilapidated or periodic maintenance is not carried out, in which case you should follow some tips so as not to suffer damage when it falls.

Important tips to follow when the elevator falls

  • Lie on your back on the floor of the elevator.
  • Protect your head as best you can by protecting it with your hands.
  • Do not try to stand with your knees bent, because this puts a lot of pressure on them
    and also puts a lot of pressure on your back when the elevator falls
  • Don’t try to jump off before the elevator reaches the bottom.

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Tips when there are people inside the stuck elevator

stuck elevator

When a sudden breakdown occurs in the elevator and there is a group of people in it,
the maintenance company is contacted and prompt assistance is requested from them immediately,
and until they arrive, you can do the following:

  • When the elevator stops in front of a floor of the building, you can disconnect the main power knife, and use the emergency key to open the door, and it is often present with the building guard.
  • Remove the detainees inside the bumper very quietly so that no one is in danger.
  • Close the bumper again with the emergency switch to avoid accidents caused
    by someone falling into the elevator shaft.
  • Do not restore electricity to the elevator until the maintenance company comes
    and does the necessary work.

When exposed to any problem related to the question of what to do if you are in a stuck elevator,
you can follow the advice that must be followed in that case
and stay away from things that may expose and expose those with you to danger.

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Elevator control

Your guide to learn how to control the elevator

Some people wonder how to Elevator control because it is known that elevators have become nowadays the soul of any place you are in, and the reason for this is the spread of many buildings. Also,
high-rise towers that can only be accessed with an elevator of a distinctive brand,

and it has the best systems for elevators, and there is a main system for controlling the elevator,
which we will talk about through our article, which contains some details about it.

Elevator control

Elevator control

The elevator control circuit is one of the most dangerous circuits, as any error, even if simple, can lead to danger to people’s lives. You should stay away from the control circuit, especially if you are a person who has no experience in the field of elevator maintenance, and if a malfunction occurs in the elevator, all you have to do is Communicate with people for elevator maintenance.

The operation of the special elevator control circuit has many characteristics for good performance in order to work on regulating the speed on a large scale, so it has been used in elevators for a long time through the motor generator set, as it controls the elevator speed up to 4 m / s.

 However, the structure of the unit itself is of a large size, as well as energy consumption, and maintenance work constitutes a great burden on the personnel that provide maintenance services, and the cost is also high, so it is mostly used in buildings that need high speed and comfort requirements.


The electric elevator is one of the most important elements that exist in modern homes at the present time, and the electric elevator is designed in order to carry many people, according to each elevator, because there are instructions on most elevators that show how many people the elevator can accommodate, so it must be adhered to in order to avoid Any risks to the lives of elevator users or breakdowns that result from overloading the elevator.

Types of elevator drives

Elevator control is distinguished by the fact that it has various motors,
which we will talk about through the following lines:

Hydraulic drive

The hydraulic motor is considered one of the best engines
that are used in controlling the elevator because the high-pressure oil is run in the cylinder that is driven by a motor, and work is done to move the movable plug in order to drive the elevator cabin in the appropriate manner for the buildings in which the elevator is located and is mostly used in buildings that are less than 20 metres.

 gear drive reducer drive

Low current and DC motors are used to drive the elevator cabin through gears called deceleration gears, as well as pulling cables that belong to tractors,
so they are mostly used in medium-sized and low-speed elevators.

How does the elevator work? 

It is known that the elevator is a room attached to many ropes that some engines operate
in order to raise and lower it in the corridor designated for it, in addition to being on the sides
as well as dark or even transparent glass walls through which the outside can be seen.

 It is worth noting that in many huge buildings that carry elevators,
there are many alarm devices, as well as remote control centers, in addition to the presence of small computers, through which work is done to record their movements and what is in them, and there are many of them, as phones work to help in Communication between everyone inside the elevator

 Also, the control centers are the ones that monitor the elevators,
in addition to that they work to ensure the quality and the absence of any faults,
while working on their presence and not being late in important buildings.

Instructions for using the elevator

Elevator control

There are some instructions that you must take into consideration,
and they are among the things that must be done when using the elevator.
They are as follows:

  • It is not possible to pressure all the systems of the elevator, in order not to cause any malfunction in the elevator, you have to instruct your children not to do so.
  • And in the event that a sudden malfunction occurs in the elevator while going up or down,
    an attempt must be made to contact any person outside,
    whether it is the building guard or a member of your family.
  • Avoid children going up or down in the elevator alone so that they do not jump inside the elevator because this is common among many children and this leads to serious damage and accidents

Advantages of having elevators in buildings

After we got to know the elevator control, we talk about the importance of having the elevator in buildings that have many advantages, which are represented by the following points:

  • You can rely on it to move between high-rise floors quickly
    without the need to use the ladder, which constitutes fatigue for individuals.
  • Among the advantages of elevators in buildings is that it is modern
    and suitable for all individuals to go up and down from high floors.
  • Including the elevator helps to save time and effort very much.
  • One of the importance of having elevators in the buildings is that it is within the comfort of the guests coming to you so that they do not feel trouble when they come to you every time.
  • Elevators provide security and safety in moving between floors.

Tips for maintaining elevators 

After getting to know how to control the elevator, there are some tips
that you must follow in order to maintain the elevator in the buildings in which you are located,
and these features are as follows:

  • You must do not load heavy weights inside the elevator so that no malfunctions occur.
  • When you or your children enter the elevator, all you have to do is not stick to the elevator door,
    in order to maintain personal safety.
  • You must not click on the buttons of the elevator control panel.
  • If the elevator door is opened, you must keep away from the door.

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Safety in the elevator

Elevator control

There are some means of safety in elevators, as well as elevator control,
and they are through the following points:

  •  There is a regulator for the elevator speed, which works to stop the operation of the elevator,
    in the event of an increase in the speed in the elevator cabin from the traditional speed,
    and also programmed for the elevator, which is called the emergency brake.
  • In addition to the cabin that can move in the case of closing all the doors of the elevator only. 
  • Elevators are characterized by the presence of many safety systems that make you and your family members use the elevator without worrying about any malfunction.
  • Among the safety measures in the elevator is an electrical device
    to prevent the door from opening when the elevator is operating. 

At the end of our article, we have talked in detail about how to control the elevator,
as well as the best safety measures that are present in the elevator, along with some tips
and instructions that must be followed to avoid any damage, and we also got to know some of the advantages of the presence of elevators in buildings. 

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Elevator without upper room

Elevator without upper room and top tips

Elevator without upper room is one of the types of elevators that were invented long ago,
and they are elevators without a control room. This type of elevator has gained great popularity during the twenty-first century, as it is considered one of the hydraulic elevators that do not need a special control room. with it.

Elevators are considered one of the distinguished inventions that help facilitate movement between floors in tall buildings. Elevators have been used in many different places such as buildings, shopping malls, large shopping stores, companies, in addition to some factories.

The type of elevator varies according to the purpose. From it,
where the type and specifications of the elevator are determined by identifying the place where the elevator is to be installed, in addition to its purpose.

Elevator without upper room

Elevator without upper room

The elevator without upper room uses a gear-free traction machine located in the elevator shaft,
in addition to the use of weighted weight in the heart of the crane,
as it works to move the cab through the hoisting, and the elevator allows access to 25 stations,
and it can bear large capacities, as it is designed from In order to withstand extreme handling.

Advantages of MRL elevators 

Roomless elevators have many advantages that can be used
when you want to install an elevator in your building, and these features include the following:

The big space

The elevator without an upper room is distinguished by providing the elevator without a large room in the building in which it is installed, where all the elevator parts are placed inside the crane instead of being placed in a special room, and this is what makes this type of elevator preferred by a large number of buildings and hotels And apartments that need some empty space.

the cost

Many real estate owners find that using roomless elevators is cost-saving,
in addition to the space it provides,
as elevators that contain a control room need more time to complete the installation process,
in addition to the many mechanical parts that are required to be present in order to make the elevator work. In the right form, so the cost of regular elevators is higher in price than elevators without room.

Electricity saving

MRL elevators are characterized by the fact that they provide a high percentage of electricity,
up to 70%, so they are considered one of the best options when wanting to use energy-saving elevators, unlike regular elevators.

No oils or liquids are used

This type of elevator does not contain a machine room, so you do not need to use the necessary oils
and fluids in order to improve the engine’s work, and thus reduce the chances of exposure to fires, in addition to preventing the severe damage caused by oil leakage.

Elevator malfunctions and their causes

After getting acquainted with an elevator without an upper room,
it is important to get acquainted with the most common elevator malfunctions and the causes
that lead to them, as elevators are exposed to many problems that must be addressed quickly in order
to protect passengers, and among these problems are the following:

Consumable cord bundles

The problem of corrosion of rope bundles is one of the most common causes of elevator failure,
as using these ropes for a long time without paying attention to their maintenance leads to difficulty in the elevator during the ascent and descent process, so when the ropes are damaged,
it leads to the elevator to stop working.

Therefore, care must be taken to carry out continuous periodic maintenance of the elevator ropes
to ensure their safety and suitability for work.

power supply sources

The problems caused by the power supply sources are among the most serious problems of elevator malfunctions, as elevators need a large supply of energy in order to operate properly, so the quality of the energy required for the elevator must be checked at frequent intervals in order to maintain it.

This process is carried out through infrared thermal imaging devices that identify weaknesses in which the energy required for the elevator to operate.

Poor lubrication

Elevator without upper room

The lubrication process is one of the important things that should not be overlooked,
in addition to the process of changing the oil that is used in order to facilitate the work of the internal parts of the elevator engine such as gears and prevent their wear,

so the oil used in elevator lubrication must be checked constantly,
and when there is contamination or traces of corrosion from It is important that the oil be renewed and changed as soon as possible to maintain the performance of the elevator.

Tips for handling elevators

It is important to talk about an elevator without an upper room to know some tips for using the elevator, as there are some tips through which you can identify the correct methods that must be recognized in order to deal with the elevator in order to preserve your safety and the safety of others, and among these tips:

  • Children under the age of 14 should not use the elevator without an accompanying person,
    in order to maintain their safety when the elevator encounters any problem.
  • It is important to look at the instructions board on the elevator in order to get acquainted with the instructions for riding the elevator, in addition to knowing the load that the elevator can bear,
    as many people should not ride in the elevator while it is working to avoid the elevator falling.
  • No elevator should be used in emergency situations or if the place is exposed to a fire,
    in order to avoid being trapped in the elevator.

Some reasons lead to elevator breakdowns

It is important to identify some of the reasons that cause elevators to malfunction
when talking about an elevator without an upper room, as there are some technical malfunctions
that require continuous maintenance, and among these reasons are the following:

  • The problem of power outages that cause the elevator to stop working, so it is important to ensure the safety of the elevator’s electrical source in order to avoid this problem.
  • One of the fuses was hacked, as the elevator operates through a group of fuses that control the elevator control panel, and when any of these fuses are damaged, it leads to a malfunction in the elevator.
  • Damage to the elevator door, so the elevator door must be constantly maintained
    and any problem found there must be addressed.
  • Repeating the process of pressing the buttons of the elevator,
    as this process leads to exposure of the overload to the credit as a result of sudden speed changes.
  • Damage or breakage of the plastic cladding inside the elevator cabin, as this cladding leads to the elevator’s balance, and when exposed to fracture, the elevator’s balance is affected.
  • A lot of dust has accumulated on the elevator control unit,
    and this happens as a result of not paying attention to closing the control room well.

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Disadvantages of MRL elevators 

Elevator without upper room

The disadvantages of an elevator without an upper room are limited to the noise it causes during its work, in addition to the load capacity that it lacks, unlike regular elevators, but the elevator provides the spaces that regular elevators need for the control room.

In this article, an elevator without an upper room was identified and its advantages, in addition to identifying some of the malfunctions that elevators are exposed to and how to deal with them. 

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Elevator offers

the best elevator offers of all different types

Many owners of tall buildings are looking for elevator offers that are used in purchasing the best types of elevators, as it is known that they are designed and installed in the building according to the capacity of the building residents and the duties to be performed. 

For example, there are some buildings that have large elevators to transport goods to different floors, and hospitals also have elevators that open from both sides to allow the entry and movement of emergency patients easily.

Therefore, elevators are very important to all individuals, so now I get the best possible offers for elevators at the cheapest prices that you could only get through our company.

We are a leading company in the field of offers for elevators in terms of sale, installation and maintenance, and through our article we will learn about the best types of elevators that we have, and how they work inside buildings in detail.

Elevator offers

Elevator offers

It is known that the presence of elevators is important for all high-rise buildings without exception, so building owners resort to identifying elevator offers to choose the best offer that suits them, and here we offer you a large number of different types of elevators with the best offers that can only be found with our company, We are the best of all, without exception.

He knows that construction projects require a great deal of detail and can take months or years to complete, and the elevator is an important part of the construction process. Disability and movement restrictions.

What is an elevator?

An elevator is a platform of which there are a number of types, whether open or closed,
as it is used to lift or lower both people and goods to the upper and lower floors.

It was known in the past that it was not necessary for buildings to contain elevators,
and this is because they were expensive in installation and maintenance,
but nowadays elevator offers have made it easy for everyone in general.

Elevator mechanism

It is known that elevators have not changed much since the nineteenth century.
Elevators still maintain their original purpose, which is to transport people across floors,
by using the Otis safety system that has been available in most types of elevators since the fifties of the nineteenth century.

However, the control systems for elevators in modern industry have been modified by working to improve speed and safety. It is known that we use elevators to carry counterweights in most cases, so we work to improve lifting by the engine, as well as maintaining full control of the elevator with the integrity of the cables.

This is to ensure durability and strength.

As for the working mechanism of elevators in general, it is based on fixing the pulley used by the crane cable in place through an elevator shaft that extends on all sides of the elevator,
as this spinning is controlled by a group of steel beams placed above the elevator car.

Modern elevator cars also have additional technology installed in them,
and some of them have phones that make it easier for passengers to call for help in an emergency,
while some other elevators are equipped with a trap door located in the ceiling,
which makes escape easy in all emergencies.

Therefore, you can take advantage of the elevator offers
that we offer you in order to obtain the best types of elevators at any time possible.

Types of elevators

It is known that in the past, elevators had to be controlled by a central machine room,
but today there are some elevators that do not need that machine room,
because they have an internal safety mechanism, and elevators are divided into four main types
and can be obtained through elevator offers , Which:

  • Hydraulic elevators
  • Traction elevators.
  • Elevators without machine room.
  • Vacuum elevators.

Gearless traction elevator

Geared and unguided traction elevators are divided into three different types:

  • Traction elevator

These elevators contain ropes that pass over a wheel where they are connected to an electric motor located on the shaft. As for the main function that is related to the ropes, it is represented in raising
and lowering the elevator car, as it is easy to be used for both medium and tall buildings, and it reaches up to floor much faster than hydraulic lifts.

  • Geared traction elevator

The guided elevator consists of a motor inside which there is a gearbox connected to it.
The main function of the gears is to operate the wheel that moves the ropes. This type of elevator can operate at speeds of up to 500 feet per minute, and the maximum distance it can travel is 250 feet.

  • Gearless traction elevator

Elevator offers

As for the gearless elevators, they do not contain the equipment dedicated to regulating the speed,
which helps to move at a speed that can reach 2000 feet per minute, which makes it the best option for skyscrapers.

Hydraulic elevator

As for the hydraulic elevators, they are supported by a piston at the bottom,
and its purpose is to push the elevator car up when the electric motor pushes the hydraulic fluid to the bottom of the piston, and works to release the hydraulic fluid from the piston through the valve,
and here the elevator is lowered, and it is also distinguished that it is available to everyone from Through our available elevator offers, which we provide to many customers.

Machine roomless elevator (MRL)

This type of elevator has a machine installed in the weathering space,
and it can only be accessed through the upper part of the elevator car.
It is only accessible when maintenance is required.

The most important characteristic of this elevator is that it ascends a distance of up to 250 feet at speeds of up to 500 feet per minute, and it is one of the elevators that are used in medium-rise buildings, and it is one of the elevators that conserves energy and requires less space During construction work, it is also easy to obtain through our available elevator offers.

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Home elevator working with vacuum

Elevator offers

These vacuum elevators were designed in 2005, and do not use any cables or pulley system,
as it works with air according to the natural laws of physics,
where the lifting system in this elevator consists of polycarbonate and aluminum,
and it is a closed vacuum tube, and the air is It is located below and above the elevator car,
which facilitates its movement, and it is also available in our company through elevator offers.

Hence, we have mentioned to you the most important elevator offers
that can be obtained through our company, and the most important types of elevators that can be used during our current era and their most important advantages in detail.

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Your guide to finding a suitable elevator space

Suitable elevator space When choosing an elevator, you must pay attention to some basics
and important specifications that you must know well before making a purchase,
the most important of which is knowing the space inside the building in which you install the elevator.

With knowing the suitable space for the elevator,
which is commensurate with the area of ​​the building and the passengers using the building,
as the space varies for several basic factors and must be well known,
and there are many of these factors that determine the appropriate space for you.

If you are looking to know the details that help you in installing the elevator
and you need to know the factors that help in knowing the area of ​​​​the elevator,
you can follow this article until the end and you will get what you want.

suitable elevator space

suitable elevator space

Elevator types, sizes, and usage differ, and to know how to choose the right elevator for you,
there are some important things that you must know and think about before buying,
which are commensurate with meeting all customer needs at the lowest cost,
and the most important of these things are:

Pre-establishment of the elevator

Which is meant by the presence of the elevator pit, the well, and the cabin room,
and whether the foundation was established in the place designated for the elevator during construction.

In the event that this was done, the process of selecting a suitable elevator space is appropriate,
and the appropriate elevator is the traction elevator.

This type of elevator is the least expensive in the event that the elevator foundation is suitable for you, and it remains for you to choose the load and the design form of the cabin from the inside. The components of the traction elevator can vary, including Italian made, Turkish made and Chinese made.

All of these details do not directly affect the work of the elevator,
but rather have an impact on the cost and life span of the elevator,
and the choice is up to the customer and the use of the building, whether it is commercial or residential, but in the case of no prior establishment, there are some points that must be taken care of, namely:

How many floors are there in the building?

It is important to determine the number of floors to be served by the elevator,
as there are some types of elevators that are limited in speed
and therefore were not practical if they were installed to serve more than 4 floors.

And in the event that it is intended to serve more than 4 floors, the best solution is the foundation for the elevator, and it is through digging a hole that is 1.5 meters deep, with the construction of a tower for the elevator, and the installation of an elevator with a traction machine, whether it has a room or without a room.

In the event that it is intended to serve 4 floors or less, it is better to install a home elevator without any foundation, and this is faster in implementation and lower in cost.

required payload

It is considered one of the most essential in determining a suitable elevator space, which is intended to determine the number of passengers used in general, and the load is calculated as 80 kg per person. In the case of a required elevator load of 6 people, the capacity of the machine must be not less than 480 kg.

As for the case of high loads for elevators without a foundation, which usually have a load of 4 to 5 people, this does not mean after providing elevators with a high load, but it increases the cost and is not the traditional choice for the elevator.

In the event that the elevator load ranges from 150 to 400 kg, it depends on the type of elevator and the space available for it, and this load is the most suitable for you.

Need a lift to accommodate a buggy

In the event that you want to install an elevator in order to provide a service for people with special needs, which is one of the most important factors when choosing a suitable elevator space, you must take into account that the space for the elevator accommodates a wheelchair.

And the minimum area that can accommodate a wheelchair is 800 * 1100 mm, and it is necessary to pay attention to the space of the elevator from the inside when purchasing it, and make sure that it accommodates the wheelchair in case it is a goal or your need for an elevator.

A suitable place to install the elevator

After you take a reading with the required load and know the appropriate internal space, it is important to consider the external space of the elevator, and to look at the appropriate place that accommodates the elevator. The appropriate place is between the stairs or in an unused corner of the building, and the appropriate solution is the external installation.

Elevator design and layout

Where elevators are available in many different shapes and designs, including square or rectangular, and there is a circular or hexagonal shape, and the colors and types of external coatings differ, so it is necessary to compare the design options for elevators while providing the design and decoration of the building and choose the elevator that suits you.

available budget

It is one of the most important points for knowing a suitable elevator space, and it is also one of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing an elevator, as there are many points that must determine your budget in order to make the right choice for you.

Types of elevators

suitable elevator space

There are many elevators, and the design principles of the elevator differ according to the purpose of use and a suitable elevator space. These types are:

  • Residential elevators, which are special to move the many residential units
    in order to facilitate movement between floors.
  • Commercial and residential elevators, which are elevators for commercial facilities,
    especially for transporting workers and visitors inside the facility.
  • Hospital elevators, which are elevators with special specifications that enable patients and visitors to be transported. One of the design principles for hospital elevators is that the load should not be less than 640 kg, and that it should accommodate the dimensions of a patient trolley, which is characterized by slow and smooth standing movement, and it must be good for ventilation.
  • Panoramic elevators, which are especially for commercial buildings or hotels, which are characterized by a distinctive glass vision, which adds an aesthetic appearance to the facility.
  • Goods elevators, which are for transporting goods of different sizes and weights through the different floors, which save effort and time spent on transportation and goods through individuals.

Special elevators for people with special needs

And it consists of a floor and sides only, while facilitating the movement of the disabled between floors.

Interior elevators

It is the type that is built inside the villas for the purpose of facilitating movement for the residents of the villa, especially for the elderly and people with special needs. Of course, the sizes of the internal and external elevators differ, which do not need to dig a machine, so it can be installed after the construction of the buildings.

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Fundamentals of elevator design

suitable elevator space

Elevator sizes differ from one building to another.
Elevator designers determine the special sizes
for the elevator shaft and the appropriate design for the building, based on several bases, namely:

  • platform site.
  • The total height of the building.
  • The number of floors to which the elevator is used.
  • physical distance between floors.
  • purpose of use.
  • The number of visitors to the building, which determines the intensity of use,
    knowing the sizes of the elevator shaft and a suitable elevator space.
  • Places of entry and exit from the building,
    which is preferably for the elevator in front of the main entrance to the building.
  • Required loads, which are the primary factor in determining an elevator’s stiffness.
  • The required elevator speed varies according to the type of elevator and the height of the building.
  • Drive technology which includes electro-hydraulic drive with or without gear.

In the end, a suitable elevator space is one of the most important things to know before purchasing
and installing an elevator, as it determines the price and many other details.

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Elevator door problem 

Learn about the common elevator door problem

Some people wonder about the problem of the elevator door, which is a nuisance to many residents of the property, given that it is known that the elevator door is one of the most important main parts of the elevator, and without it the elevator can never move.

Where there are some types of elevator doors that are represented in the manual
as well as the automatic, and this type is the safest, in addition to that the elevator doors work
through the use of a machine known as the door operator. One of these malfunctions.

Elevator door problem 

Elevator door problem 

It is known that elevators are the soul of the property, because without them,
the individual cannot climb to the high floors, and they are used a lot,
and this requires frequent maintenance work, because the frequent use of the elevator
without doing periodic maintenance for it may lead to serious problems in the elevator cabin itself,

as well as the problem of the elevator door that It is very frequent, and one of the most common problems in the elevator door is that we will get to know it through the following lines:

The elevator door is not opened

This happens frequently when you use the elevator and press the button with the number of the floor
to which you ascend. When you reach the floor, you will notice that the door does not open,
and this has several reasons, which are as follows:

  • Faulty wiring for the headboard.
  • Besides there are also defects in the latches.
  • In addition to the failure of the front panel cab drive.

There are some tips that you must follow when closing the elevator while you are inside it,
as follows:

  • In the beginning, you have to press the chassis alarm button, which is very loud,
    and this makes others notice that you are inside the elevator.
  • You can also use your own phone, by contacting the property guard or any limit in the house,
    and sometimes each of the companies that installed the elevator puts the maintenance number inside the elevator cabin.

The elevator door closed loudly

The problem of closing the door with a loud sound is among the problem of the elevator door,
and you can notice that at some times the floor doors may close with a very loud sound without pushing you to close the elevator door while exiting it, and this problem occurs most of the time due to the lack of control of the dictator of the elevator door, more precisely This dictator is the small piece that is installed above the door in order to prevent it from closing suddenly and loudly.

 In order to solve this problem easily, you must communicate with the service
and maintenance of the elevator to solve this problem quickly without leaving it, and one of the elevator service personnel works to adjust the dictator screw, this is in the event that the dictator is not damaged, and if the dictator is completely damaged, it must be replaced immediately.

Breaking the lock and opening the elevator door without the presence of the cabin 

It is known that breaking the lock and opening the elevator door without the presence of the cabin is part of the elevator door problem because when the elevator cabin is not on the floor you are on, then you cannot completely open the elevator door because the door lock is the first responsible for doing it correctly.

It is known that the door lock is a piece that is usually about 30 cm long and is fixed to the frame on all floors, which serves as the lock of the house. Strictly speaking, when the cab is not on your floor.

 At that time, the lock is closed and the floor door is completely locked, and when the elevator cabin is located on the floor where you are located, the lock is opened and you can open the elevator door with ease. This is among the elevator safety systems to avoid any occurrence resulting from opening the elevator door without a cabin.

The most common faults in the elevator door 

There are many common faults in elevator doors that are harmful to the life of the user,
and many damages occurred as a result of leaving the elevator door problem unresolved.
In order to solve it, you must contact the elevator service to carry out the necessary maintenance for the elevator door. Among the most important of these common errors are as follows:

Defective elevator door or motor

A defect in the elevator door and taking a long time to open the elevator door is one of the problems with the elevator door because it is known that the door motor is the one that regulates the work of the door operator and it controls the movement of the electronic board of the elevator door. All types of new and modern elevators operate with a system called the circuit. Integrated, which contains two main components, which are as follows:

  • Power sources as well as control inputs, and they work in order to regulate the supply of voltage,
    as well as taking all orders and executing them by the user of the elevator.
  •  The message is decoded by the digital image into the mechanical, and accordingly the door movement is also operated based on the elevator user’s commands.

Wrong installation of the elevator door movement actuator 

Elevator door problem 

The wrong installation of the operator of the elevator door movement is the problem of the elevator door because of which the elevator maintenance engineer must take into account when installing the elevator, installing all its parts, and adhering to the instructions that are written by the manufacturer of this elevator.

 Because it is known that the incorrect installation of the elevator may lead to disharmony between the components of the operator, which include the discs as well as the driving pulley and the crank, because all these components have a major and essential role in the process of opening and closing the door.

 And if you notice that the elevator door opens and closes slowly, this could be caused by the wrong installation of any type of components that were mentioned, as this error can be fixed by making some modifications, which are as follows:

  • First, the door must be moved to the fully closed position.
  • And then work on reconnecting the connection and also turning the drive in addition to moving the doors to the fully open position manually.
  • As for if the door is old or short, then the door must be fully open,
    and here work must be done to shorten or lengthen the crank arm to adjust the movement.

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Some tips when using the elevator

Elevator door problem 

Mostly, some passengers try to open the door quickly before the elevator cabin reaches the floor where the passengers are, to do so repeatedly, and this is a major reason for damaging the lock tongue, and this is one of the things that lead to the problem of the elevator door, so we recommend the following:

  • By letting the elevator reach your location and then open the elevator door and use it normally.
  • After entering the elevator cabin, you must be sure to move away from the elevator door. 
  • Because it is known that the elevator door is one of the most important parts of the elevator 
  • Therefore, any problem in it may become a great danger to the lives of passengers. Therefore, it is not necessary to constantly communicate with the elevator service and maintenance in order to carry out maintenance periodically to avoid any damage to the elevator.

At the end of our article, we have talked in detail about the elevator door problem,
which is common in many real estate elevators.

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Orona elevators 

Orona elevators and the most prominent services and features they provide

Orona Elevators The Orona company is the leading company in this field in Spain,
and it is also considered the winner of many international awards in all European countries in the field of manufacturing all elevators and escalators.

Also, and then also working on the manufacture of all spare parts for many elevators for various companies, and it is considered the first European company to have won the award for preserving the environment and the ISO award as well. It is also distinguished by many products of Aurona in the field of its unique and modern design process,

and then this is considered in addition to the technology of the process of reducing all noise and noise Also, and then commitment to all levels of safety and security as well,
in addition to all international standards of comfort,
as the new an
d modern generation is characterized by all its modern designs.

Orona elevators 

Orona elevators 

As the United Orona Company is considered one of the largest companies
that is considered highly specialized in the field of elevators and escalators as well, as it is considered the exclusive agent for all Spanish elevators of Orona in Kuwait and Dubai as well as the Northern Emirates.

Which works to provide solutions in an integrated manner in the process of importing, installing
and maintaining, in addition to guaranteeing those elevators and escalators of various types in Orona elevators.

Where the United Orona Company was founded, which was in the early nineties, and then it specialized in the field related to elevators through hard work, and then the ability to develop and innovate as well, and then the long experience. It has been able and was able to acquire a very large share of the market for these elevators in Kuwait City, in terms of supply and work on maintenance.

This company has gained the confidence of the largest share of customers
and all building contractors and consulting offices, as well as all major contracting companies in addition to All ministries, government agencies and owners of commercial complexes.

The most important services provided by the company Orona 

Where the United Delmon Company operates, which is considered the exclusive agent for all Spanish Arona elevators in Kuwait City, and then this means an integrated solution process in all operations of supplying and installing elevators in addition to escalators with all various loads as well as speeds.

Hence, it works to provide many models suitable for this engineering design of all modern or existing buildings, and then also all buildings that do not include an elevator from the Orona elevators, the most important of which are the following:

Maintenance of elevators and escalators

Where our united company considers it one of the best companies affiliated to the after-sales service
and then works to communicate continuously with customers to work to provide the best service for the periodic maintenance process

and then it is considered the fastest in the process of meeting all faults 24 hours a day,
seven days a week, And then this is part of the team for the maintenance process
that includes the most skilled engineers along with trained technicians to work to provide the best
and fastest service in the Orona elevators.

Other services provided by Orona

There are many services provided by Delmon to these elevators,
most notably the following:

Replacement of elevators and escalators

And then this is with working on the diversity of all our products
in addition to all our many experiences, as we offer various solutions in the process of replacing elevators in addition to the old escalators, as we have many different products to suit all buildings.

And then all the old elevator rooms, and then work to replace them
with what is commensurate with them with ease and ease without causing any damage to the old building process at the lowest possible cost.

Providing consultations and development solutions

Then this is done with more than thirty years of experience in the process of supplying
and then working on installation in addition to working on maintaining elevators and then escalators, and then this is with the availability of all engineering and technical cadres with long-term experiences

as we provide specialized solutions and consultations for all different buildings before
And after the process of establishing it, and then working on solutions
that keep pace with the development in Orona elevators.

The most prominent and important features of the elevators are the company Orona 

Orona elevators 

As Orona elevators include many features that make it one of the most important and most prominent elevator manufacturing companies in the world, where we can learn about the most important features of elevators belonging to Orona International, the most important of which are the following:

  • As all elevators are considered among all smart and developed elevators as well,
    with all designs that are considered suitable for the modern era.
  • In addition, all elevators are suitable for all different building heights,
    whether they are low or medium, and therefore they are considered very high.
  • In addition, all these elevators are available with security factors,
    as well as all comfort and safety factors for all passengers.
  • Therefore, all elevators are available in many different sizes, sizes,
  • and load capacities suitable for all uses.
  • In addition, all Orona elevators are available with different energy systems that are environmentally friendly.

The most important models of Arona elevators 

Where the Orona Elevators Company produces many different models of elevators suitable for all the activities of these buildings from the elevators of the Orona Company, as they are known as the following:

Orona Residential Elevators

As it works to provide Orona residential elevators without any gears with or without the machine room,
and it is available in many designs that are considered quiet to provide comfort,
and then it is considered equipped with the latest technology, and it includes LED lighting, and it also works Efficient and therefore environmentally friendly energy.

Orona commercial elevators

Where the Orona company designs and manufactures as well as working on modernizing
and maintaining all elevators with the maximum of those functions for all types of commercial buildings,
such as working in all shopping centers as well as all hotels.

And then buildings, offices and all companies, in addition to all spaces in general that are considered to have high traffic requirements, in addition to the elevators that Orona worked for shopping centers to design, and that was for the purpose of facilitating access and then carrying out transportation.

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 Other models featured by Orona elevators

There are many models of elevators, including the following:

Orona freight elevators

Orona elevators 

Where Arona is working on the design, manufacture and installation of all elevators for goods
and then all elevators for cars to facilitate the transportation of any type of all loads with the utmost ease in addition to all types of comfort.
Then all elevators for goods can be electric or hydraulic

and then they can work to transport any type of all loads, regardless of their size or weight,
in addition to many car elevators that are equipped with all devices that facilitate the centering of the car and thus Let her in and out.

At the end of the article, we talked about Orona elevators
and the most important models of these elevators

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semi-automatic elevator door

Your guide to getting to know the semi-automatic elevator door

Semi-automatic elevator door The technology of elevators has changed a lot from the past period, which results in many types of elevators and different models, which allow all budgets to have their own elevator.

This type of elevator is useful in meeting the needs of a different consumer, and it also has many advantages besides its own cost, and each type differs from the other in several different things that distinguish you from one type and each type has a specific use for it.

Through this article, we will learn about the most important points that distinguish between these types and learn all the details about this type. If you are interested in the field of elevators, you can follow this article until the end and you will get what you are looking for.

Semi-automatic elevator door

semi-automatic elevator door

It is a technically functional elevator with the full need for manual use. As for the automatic, it is used in the commercial markets, which means that it works completely automatically. It also depends on the automatic opening and closing technology without the use of hands.

The difference between automatic and semi-automatic elevators

It is considered the first elevator in history. The elevator was completely manual and was specially made for lifting heavy goods materials. The elevator was developed in the way of operation and became powered by water vapor defense. Then, it developed to operate with hydraulic and traction operating systems, and the electric elevator became the feature of the new era.

With these developments, technology enters the development of the elevator body, and the operation requires human hands, and the elevator has become fully automatic, and it means that the doors of the elevator operate completely automatically without using the hand, or the elevator doors that need to be pulled and closed when in use.

Features of automatic and semi-automatic doors

For each of the elevators, there is a time autocad that operates with an electric motor and is connected to a computer for the elevator, and the motor moves the wheel that connects to a metal arm, and this arm connects to another arm of the elevator door, then the motor starts moving the wheel until the metal arm moves, then this arm pulls another arm that connects to the door the elevator.

The computer also works to give the command to the engine by opening and closing the doors automatically and when using passengers smoothly, and the automatic elevator door can also contain a sensor system that makes a door open as soon as a person approaches it or refrains from closing in the case of a person standing next to it.

Features of the automatic elevator

  • Prevent any serious injuries and accidents related to opening and closing the door.
  • Facilitate the use of the elevator.
  • Save a lot of effort and time.
  • Also, providing more luxury for passengers, especially if the building is commercial or recreational, including shopping centers and other places.

The most disadvantage of this type is that it needs more energy to operate against the semi-automatic elevator door.

Semi-automatic doors

The semi-automatic elevator door needs to be used manually, and it does not need energy and technology to open and close, and these types are common in residential buildings.

Semi-automatic elevator features

  • The elevator door is semi-automatic at an affordable price.
  • It is environmentally friendly and does not require energy to use, unlike the automatic elevator door.

Disadvantages of the semi-automatic elevator door

semi-automatic elevator door

  • It increases the incidence of injuries when using it due to its weight and the hand is fully involved in opening and closing.
  • The elevator door malfunctions and opens when there is no cabin on the floor, which causes serious accidents.
  • It is not easy to use and requires a lot of effort.

Semi-automatic elevator door components

The semi-automatic door requires the presence of the human element in the operating system, which consists of:

  • Door frame and is provided with points from the edge of the door installation.
  • Door leaf is installed through hinges.
  • Door handle made of steel.
  • Door lock sensor automatically and safety.
  • glass window.
  • joystick.
  • Hydromechanical device that reduces the speed of the door when closing.

Places to fit semi-automatic elevator door

There are several places that are suitable for the semi-automatic elevator door, and most of the places are residential buildings, commercial places, and industrial centers, and it is equipped with a special gear and stopper to prevent the movement of the door while moving the elevator cabin, and it uses the mechanism of automatic closing and manual opening.

The elevator door is semi-automatic

It is often used in investment and residential buildings. also It is characterized by ease of maintenance and installation. It opens and closes automatically. The semi-automatic elevator door is produced as a single or double leaf at the request of the customer.

And it is according to the structure of the elevators, and it is preferable to use double-wing doors in the elevator, freight elevators, or hospital elevators, which technological developments in recent years have led to an increase in the use of semi-automatic doors instead of the manual door.

And when the elevator cabin reaches the ground, passengers can open the door or open the door automatically, which are called semi-automatic doors because of the locking system in the middle.
There are glass frames so that the elevator coming to the ground can be seen.

Semi-automatic elevator door technical characteristics

It has some of its own characteristics that distinguish it from other species,
and the most important of these characteristics are:

  • Electrostatic powder coating using automated techniques.
  • Door wings made of 1.2 mm DKP sheet and frames made of 1.5 mm DKP sheet.
  • High resistance and easy to install.
  • Easy opening and closing with special hinges.
  • Production with different inlet sizes ranging from 600 to 3000 mm.
  • An automatic door that complies with international standards in the door industry and is ½-81 wide or ASME A17.1-2000 or UL 10B and is more widespread and meets all needs and requirements.
  • 220 volt electric current extension.
  • Mechanical or WVF types options.
  • The closing and opening signals can be one or two signals.
  • The signal input voltage is 12V or 230V.
  • Nominal speed of the motor can be equivalent to 900 revolutions per minute.
  • Also, the maximum opening speed is up to 1.00mm/sec.
  • The maximum closing speed is 0.60 mm/sec.

How to install semi-automatic elevator door

The installation methods for elevator doors vary by fabricating the type,
and there are some conditions that must be observed before starting the installation of doors, namely:

  • Choose the opening side of the elevator door in the event that it is a semi-automatic door, specifying if it is preferred, and it will be placed left and right according to the space left for the door to open.
  • It is required to leave a suitable space for opening the door, usually 70 cm,
    and sometimes more than 80 and up to 100 cm, depending on the elevator.

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Important precautions when installing elevator doors

semi-automatic elevator door

There are some important precautions that must be taken into account when installing elevator doors,
and the most important of these precautions are:

  • Maintain the appropriate distance between the door
  • and the elevator cabin to prevent friction between them.
  • Bearing in mind that the door is vertically and horizontally balanced.
  • Leave a distance of up to 3 cm between the ground level and the elevator door in order to prevent friction between the floor and the door while facilitating movement, in addition to installing a door sill to prevent water leakage during elevator washing with damage to its components.

In the end, the semi-automatic elevator door is one of the old doors, which are found especially in residential buildings, and there are some of them in commercial establishments.

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