Orona Elevators The Orona company is the leading company in this field in Spain,
and it is also considered the winner of many international awards in all European countries in the field of manufacturing all elevators and escalators.

Also, and then also working on the manufacture of all spare parts for many elevators for various companies, and it is considered the first European company to have won the award for preserving the environment and the ISO award as well. It is also distinguished by many products of Aurona in the field of its unique and modern design process,

and then this is considered in addition to the technology of the process of reducing all noise and noise Also, and then commitment to all levels of safety and security as well,
in addition to all international standards of comfort,
as the new an
d modern generation is characterized by all its modern designs.

Orona elevators 

Orona elevators 

As the United Orona Company is considered one of the largest companies
that is considered highly specialized in the field of elevators and escalators as well, as it is considered the exclusive agent for all Spanish elevators of Orona in Kuwait and Dubai as well as the Northern Emirates.

Which works to provide solutions in an integrated manner in the process of importing, installing
and maintaining, in addition to guaranteeing those elevators and escalators of various types in Orona elevators.

Where the United Orona Company was founded, which was in the early nineties, and then it specialized in the field related to elevators through hard work, and then the ability to develop and innovate as well, and then the long experience. It has been able and was able to acquire a very large share of the market for these elevators in Kuwait City, in terms of supply and work on maintenance.

This company has gained the confidence of the largest share of customers
and all building contractors and consulting offices, as well as all major contracting companies in addition to All ministries, government agencies and owners of commercial complexes.

The most important services provided by the company Orona 

Where the United Delmon Company operates, which is considered the exclusive agent for all Spanish Arona elevators in Kuwait City, and then this means an integrated solution process in all operations of supplying and installing elevators in addition to escalators with all various loads as well as speeds.

Hence, it works to provide many models suitable for this engineering design of all modern or existing buildings, and then also all buildings that do not include an elevator from the Orona elevators, the most important of which are the following:

Maintenance of elevators and escalators

Where our united company considers it one of the best companies affiliated to the after-sales service
and then works to communicate continuously with customers to work to provide the best service for the periodic maintenance process

and then it is considered the fastest in the process of meeting all faults 24 hours a day,
seven days a week, And then this is part of the team for the maintenance process
that includes the most skilled engineers along with trained technicians to work to provide the best
and fastest service in the Orona elevators.

Other services provided by Orona

There are many services provided by Delmon to these elevators,
most notably the following:

Replacement of elevators and escalators

And then this is with working on the diversity of all our products
in addition to all our many experiences, as we offer various solutions in the process of replacing elevators in addition to the old escalators, as we have many different products to suit all buildings.

And then all the old elevator rooms, and then work to replace them
with what is commensurate with them with ease and ease without causing any damage to the old building process at the lowest possible cost.

Providing consultations and development solutions

Then this is done with more than thirty years of experience in the process of supplying
and then working on installation in addition to working on maintaining elevators and then escalators, and then this is with the availability of all engineering and technical cadres with long-term experiences

as we provide specialized solutions and consultations for all different buildings before
And after the process of establishing it, and then working on solutions
that keep pace with the development in Orona elevators.

The most prominent and important features of the elevators are the company Orona 

Orona elevators 

As Orona elevators include many features that make it one of the most important and most prominent elevator manufacturing companies in the world, where we can learn about the most important features of elevators belonging to Orona International, the most important of which are the following:

  • As all elevators are considered among all smart and developed elevators as well,
    with all designs that are considered suitable for the modern era.
  • In addition, all elevators are suitable for all different building heights,
    whether they are low or medium, and therefore they are considered very high.
  • In addition, all these elevators are available with security factors,
    as well as all comfort and safety factors for all passengers.
  • Therefore, all elevators are available in many different sizes, sizes,
  • and load capacities suitable for all uses.
  • In addition, all Orona elevators are available with different energy systems that are environmentally friendly.

The most important models of Arona elevators 

Where the Orona Elevators Company produces many different models of elevators suitable for all the activities of these buildings from the elevators of the Orona Company, as they are known as the following:

Orona Residential Elevators

As it works to provide Orona residential elevators without any gears with or without the machine room,
and it is available in many designs that are considered quiet to provide comfort,
and then it is considered equipped with the latest technology, and it includes LED lighting, and it also works Efficient and therefore environmentally friendly energy.

Orona commercial elevators

Where the Orona company designs and manufactures as well as working on modernizing
and maintaining all elevators with the maximum of those functions for all types of commercial buildings,
such as working in all shopping centers as well as all hotels.

And then buildings, offices and all companies, in addition to all spaces in general that are considered to have high traffic requirements, in addition to the elevators that Orona worked for shopping centers to design, and that was for the purpose of facilitating access and then carrying out transportation.

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 Other models featured by Orona elevators

There are many models of elevators, including the following:

Orona freight elevators

Orona elevators 

Where Arona is working on the design, manufacture and installation of all elevators for goods
and then all elevators for cars to facilitate the transportation of any type of all loads with the utmost ease in addition to all types of comfort.
Then all elevators for goods can be electric or hydraulic

and then they can work to transport any type of all loads, regardless of their size or weight,
in addition to many car elevators that are equipped with all devices that facilitate the centering of the car and thus Let her in and out.

At the end of the article, we talked about Orona elevators
and the most important models of these elevators