Are you looking for Prices of hydraulic elevators in Egypt? Where hydraulic elevators are among the best types of elevators, and hydraulic elevators are suitable for many places such as shopping centers, factories, and hospitals, as they are highly relied upon in the places where the engine room is located.

In addition, hydraulic elevators work through a hydraulic device through which the process of lifting and pressing the piston is carried out, and it has many wonderful advantages in addition to some disadvantages that we will mention to you through this article.

Prices of hydraulic elevators in Egypt

Prices of hydraulic elevators

The prices of hydraulic elevators vary in Egypt, through some factors through which you can determine the price of the elevator:

  • the number of floors.
  • Also, Cab capacity.
  • elevator industry.

In addition, the implementation and maintenance of hydraulic elevators differ from one company to another, and thus we have talked about the prices of hydraulic elevators in Egypt.

Hydraulic elevator components

There are many components of hydraulic elevators,
and through this article we will mention all the components of hydraulic elevators:

  • There is a tank containing liquid.
  • A tube between the cylinder and the tank.
  • Also, There is also a pump that operates through the electric motor,
    in addition to that we have mentioned to you the prices of hydraulic elevators in Egypt.

Hydraulic elevators working mechanism

And now we will mention to you the working mechanism of the hydraulic elevator:

  • The pump drives the oils through the tubes into the cylinder.
  • Also, The liquid returns to the tank again through the opening of the valve
  • The fluid flow begins after the valve inside the cylinder is closed.
  • In addition, it starts piston thrust for the lifting process after the flushing process.

When the cabin reaches the required floor, the engine system gradually shuts down the pump so that too much fluid does not descend into the cylinder, and during the descent phase, the control system sends some signals to the valve until it is operated through the use of a small switch, after which the oil flows Once again to the tank to push the weight down, and after the end of this process the valve is closed in addition to that we have mentioned to you the prices of hydraulic elevators in Egypt.

What are the types of hydraulic elevators?

Hydraulic elevators are divided into 3 types, namely:

 Hydraulic lift with less hole

This type of hydraulic elevator is:

  • It has a small hole.
  • In addition, it depends on the piston that works to lower and raise the elevator.
  • It is also suitable for many buildings that increase the flow of groundwater inside.

Hydraulic tension lift

  • This type is characterized by its great ability to climb without the need for a cylinder,
    which may reach 18 meters.
  • Also, The piston is suspended on the belt.
  • The piston overlaps with the rope, with the first end at the top of the cart and the other end at the bottom of the elevator.

Hydraulic fortified elevator

  • In the underground, the lift trolley extends as deep as the height of the lift.
  • Also, Through the hydraulic piston a lifting trolley is installed which travels through the cylinder.
  • Inside the cylinder, oil flows at an elevator height.
  • Then, the oil returns to the tank in order for the descent process to begin, in addition to that we have mentioned to you the prices of hydraulic elevators in Egypt

Features of the hydraulic elevator

There are many advantages of the hydraulic elevator, including:

  • One of the advantages of the hydraulic elevator is that it is suitable for low-rise buildings.
  • You will not need to have a control room.
  • That the loads are distributed on the walls that surround the elevator.
  • It is also suitable for factories in which a lot of heavy things need to be lifted, in addition to the prices of hydraulic elevators in Egypt.

Disadvantages of a hydraulic lift

Prices of hydraulic elevators

We talked about the advantages of the hydraulic elevator,
now we will mention some of its disadvantages to you as follows:

  • Slow elevator speed.
  • The high heat that is produced.
  • Also, The hydraulic lift cannot climb more than 150 feet.
  • The oil from the machine may cause major pollution in the elevator.

What is the difference between traditional traction elevators and hydraulic elevators?

Hydraulic elevators Traction elevators The face of comparison
Hydraulic elevators need higher power. Traction elevator needs little power energy
It has a high speed of up to 1 meter per second Its speed is lower the speed
Its area is less Its area is larger space
greater cost The cost is lower the price

Some information to look at before installing a hydraulic lift

We will now provide you through this article with some important information
that you must read before you install a hydraulic elevator in your building, including:

  • The prices of installing hydraulic elevators depend on the type of elevator
    and the issues based on its installation.
  • In addition, the hydraulic elevator depends on a strong chamber whose depth is commensurate with the height of the elevator.
  • Also, hydraulic elevators have some design features,
    including some glass roof elevators that are distinguished by their price.
  • We have to choose a company that has great and extensive experience in the field of hydraulic elevators, and that these companies have many services
    and maintenance services as an essential part provided by the company.
  • Also, Hydraulic lifts and their installation are ideal in some cases.

Tips when installing hydraulic elevators

crushing work

Hydraulic elevators will not need crushing and drilling work,
as the installation process is very simple and fast.

Elevator cost

The hydraulic elevator depends on the way it is installed on many factors,
including the installation location.

Hydraulic elevator piston

Inside the piston, the elevator car is installed, which travels inside the cylinder,
and this reaches the depth of the elevator itself.

the speed

The speed of hydraulic elevators is up to 1 meter per second.

Installation and maintenance costs

Care must be taken in the maintenance of elevators, as the costs may be somewhat high.

Price difference

The prices of hydraulic elevators differ, and now the price of the external elevator is different from the price of the internal elevator, in terms of additions and accessories.

The benefits of the elevator

Hydraulic elevators provide safety and peace for passengers,
as many, people can reach the place they want quickly and safely.
Therefore, we highly recommend using hydraulic elevators, due to their many advantages.

Therefore, if you want to install a hydraulic elevator, it may be the right choice for you.
All you have to do is choose the company that suits your capabilities and has a good reputation to carry out the installation work.

Also, Hydraulic elevators also provide smell, a sense of safety and protection,
and they are used in many different jobs, such as hospitals, where hospitals rely on them mainly,
while in factories, hydraulic elevators are used because they work to lift heavy loads greatly, which saves workers time, money and effort.

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Oils used in hydraulic lifts

Prices of hydraulic elevators

The types of oils in hydraulic elevators differ with different companies,
and it is better to use the required oil through the company that manufactured the elevator,
in addition to that the oil must be changed regularly in order to avoid breakdowns and unwanted damage.

In conclusion, we have talked extensively about the prices of hydraulic elevators in Egypt.
We hope that we have added to your information a lot of different information about hydraulic elevators.