Safety tips for elevators and escalators: It is one of the things that provides comfort, time, and ease for people when moving between different floors, especially in shops, institutions, and companies.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the most important tips that help in the safety of the elevator or escalator, as there are many reasons that can cause any damage when using the elevator incorrectly, especially for the elderly and children.

If you are interested in the field of elevators and want to install them, whether in companies or home factories, here is an article that will help you know the important tips related to elevator safety. Just follow the article until the end and you will get what you want to know and learn the most important tips.

Safety tips for elevators and escalators

Safety tips for elevators

There are many elevators that must be known when purchasing and installing an elevator, whether inside institutions, residential buildings, companies, or inside homes, and the most important of these tips are:

when waiting for the elevator

  • Get to know the directions.
  • Press the elevator call button once for the direction you want to go.
  • Waiting for the signal that announces that the cabin has arrived at the floor you want to go down to.
  • Be fully aware of the safety tips for elevators and escalators that you may need in the event of a fall or any of the various accidents.
  • Take a place away from the elevator door to avoid any damage and also make it easier for passengers to enter and exit the elevator.
  • If the elevator is crowded, you must wait for the next time.
  • Do not try to stop the elevator doors closing, and it is better to keep an eye on the elevator next time.
  • In the event of a fire or any other situation that could lead to accidents or malfunctions in electrical services.

When going up the elevator cabin

  • Allow passengers to exit and enter the elevator before the elevator moves.
  • Pay attention to the steps, as some elevators are not completely level with the roof of the building.
  • Stand clearly in front of the elevator door, being careful to keep loose clothing, strings, and bags away from opening doors.
  • Carrying children or pets with great sadness.
  • People closest to the door should get on first when the elevator arrives.
  • After entering the elevator cabin, press the required number button and move to the back of the car and make room for other passengers.

While in the elevator

  • Hold the handrail if available inside the elevator.
  • Stand next to the elevator wall if this is possible.
  • Pay attention to floor indicators or advertisements provided by the elevator service.
  • If the doors do not open when the elevator stops, you must press the door opening button, and this is one of the most important tips for the safety of elevators and escalators.

Exit the elevator

  • Exit to the floor you want, and don’t wait for other people in the back.
  • Do not push the people in front of you while exiting. Wait for your turn and ask their permission to exit.
  • Pay attention to the steps you take, as some elevator cars are not equal to the floor you are going down.

Tips to ensure children’s safety when using

There are some safety tips for elevators and escalators, especially for children. The most important of these tips are:

  • Do not leave a child in the elevator unattended.
  • Get to know the working method of the elevator that you installed inside the building, knowing all the small functions.
  • Make sure that there is an emergency phone inside the elevator so that anyone who might get stuck inside the elevator can find it.
  • Check that you can make emergency phone calls correctly before speaking in an emergency.
  • Request an addition before the fourth door of the elevator so that a child cannot open it.
  • Do not attempt to carry out any maintenance procedures of your own in the event that the elevator door is stuck, and you must contact the professionals to do the necessary.
  • Educate the children that the elevator is not for play
    and teach them how to use the emergency call button when the elevator is stopped.

Basic checks for the elevator

  • Do the basic checks of the elevator and this does not require the presence of specialized technicians to do it, as it can be achieved visually only through the work of all functions in a regular and good form.
  • Do not adjust the battery lowering systems. Some elevator users believe
    that they make the elevator safer when closed, but this can lead to real danger,
    and this is one of the most important tips for the safety of elevators and escalators.

Important points for the monthly elevator service

Leave monthly services, which must be carefully taken into account, without
which you could expose the elevator and the users to danger. The most important of these points are:

full inspection

First, the maintenance company must inspect the various parts of the elevator,
including some of the most important things, which are dusting the cabin,
lubricating the guide rails, or checking the doors, accessories, and their safety.

It is necessary to visit the shoes and umbrella, check the road ropes and their tension,
and increase the engine oil and the brake pads of the engine.

Fix minor problems

Which is one of the most important tips for the safety of elevators and escalators, as some elevator-specific and common problems can be fixed at the same time with monthly service, including it must be noted that some floor doors close tightly and loudly, and this problem occurs because the door’s dictator is not adjusted, and in this case a worker can Maintenance fix this problem by adjusting the dictator screw.

Submit a comprehensive report

Safety tips for elevators

The maintenance worker is obligated to service the elevator, mentioning all the work he performed,
in addition to the elevator’s problems and defects.

Tips to increase the life of the elevator

It is one of the expensive devices that must be taken care of constantly, which leads to imposing costs. There are some safety tips for elevators and escalators that increase their lifespan, which are:

Elevator engine room

Usually, many building residents who use elevators do not have sufficient knowledge of the elevator engine room or elevator equipment, as the engine room is a closed room that contains two dominant parts of the elevator, which are the motor and the elevator control panel.

The elevator control panel represents electronic panels and components in addition to various electrical equipment, and you know that the two biggest enemies of electrical components are dust and heat.

Monthly service and maintenance of the elevator

During the monthly service and maintenance process, important measures are taken to improve the performance of the elevator, which includes lubricating the rails, checking the performance of the doors and engine oil, and checking the emergency braking system.

Despite the cheap price, these things have a significant impact in extending the lifespan of elevators.

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Passenger behaviour

Safety tips for elevators

Some elevator users do wrong and sometimes strange things when using the elevator,
which affects the operation of the elevator, including repeatedly pressing the elevator request button,
closing the elevator door tightly, or opening the elevator door before arriving at the elevator.

There are also many behaviors resulting from passengers rushing to make many mistakes,
which result in many dangers on the elevator.

In the end, tips for the safety of elevators and escalators are among the most important tips that must be taken into account when using an elevator or escalator so that you are not exposed to any accidents.