Steel wire ropes for all types of elevators, no elevator works without steel wires that are used in the process of lifting and descending, as steel wires are among the basic tools found in any elevator.

Therefore, you must choose the types of wires that suit your elevator in terms of load bearing
and pressure on the elevator, in addition to the continuous maintenance
that must be maintained continuously in order to avoid major failures in the steel wires.

Elevators are among the basic means that are used in all high-rise buildings, in order to facilitate the process of transporting residents from the bottom of the property to their homes with ease.

Steel wire ropes for all types of elevators

Steel wire ropes

It is important to know the steel wire ropes for all types of elevators,
to choose the appropriate steel rope for your elevator, and this is what we will learn about.

Various steel wire ropes

Specialized steel wire ropes are used in elevators to carry the elevator during the ascent and descent. Among the types of steel wires for elevators are:

6x19S (9-9-1

This rope is considered one of the best steel wire ropes for all types of elevators,
and it is the most used for elevator ropes, because its outer wires are thick,
and they are resistant to external corrosion that occurs over traction beams and deviant points.

6 x 19W (6 plus 6-6-1)

This type is much thinner in the outer wire than the Seale strand, resulting in lower flexural stresses. Tested on rounded grooves, Warrington ropes give 20 to 40% longer life than Seale ropes,
where they are used The first in twin-sleep motor lifts, as well as for use in hydraulic tension lifts.


This type of rope is made from filler yarns, as it provides many good properties, on top of which are good bending properties, so the ropes for elevators with a diameter of more than 16 mm must be designed using the filler method due to its flexibility. Suitable for ropes consisting of 6 ropes, so this type is considered one of the most important types of steel wire ropes for all types of elevators.

Causes of elevator malfunctions

It is important when talking about the types of steel wire ropes for all types of elevators
that we know the reasons that lead to the disruption of elevators,
and among these reasons are the following:

Damaged or frayed rope bundles

Steel wire ropes

Worn bundles of ropes are among the most important reasons that cause elevator malfunctions,
as with continued use of the elevator it leads to erosion of the edges of the side ropes, which leads to a lack of efficiency in performing the ups and downs process, and this is the result of the lack of continuous periodic maintenance that must be followed by those responsible for the elevator .

Therefore, it is important to do a good follow-up of the condition of the elevator ropes,
and to continue doing regular maintenance for it in order to avoid malfunctions, and spending a lot of money on repairing them, and you must also know the steel wire ropes for all types of elevators,
in order to choose the best suitable types for your elevator.

power supply sources

Elevators need a large amount of energy, as energy is the main factor in operating the elevator,
so the elevator must be supplied with a sufficient amount of energy to make it operate normally
and continuously, and the process of identifying the energy problem was completed through thermal imaging using infrared rays in order to identify the quality Energy,

in addition to identifying the weaknesses in it, because of this, a thermal scan must be carried out continuously to determine the quality of the energy that supplies the elevator and work to repair any weak point in it firsthand, in order to avoid major energy failures that require large expenditures to repair them.

Poor process lubrication and oil

One of the important things that should not be overlooked is the regular analysis of the oils that are used in the process of lubricating the elevators in order to notice whether there is contamination or wear in the engine or not, as there are some mineral deposits resulting from the wear process.

This analysis is done by analyzing the oil in the elevator gearbox, and corrosion of the elevator crown can be identified through the presence of an unusual or high percentage of bronze in the oil, in addition to identifying the corrosion of the pump cover in the hydraulic elevator, by observing High percentage of aluminium.

Engine alignment

The escalator works in conjunction with other pieces of equipment, so care must be taken to align the shaft to avoid wear on the motor bearing, which in turn causes serious failures on the escalator. You can identify problems with alignment by using advanced laser equipment, or you can Avoid this process by purchasing machines and equipment that need to be aligned.

Other reasons lead to elevator breakdowns

There are some other reasons to be aware of when talking about steel wire ropes for all types of elevators, as these reasons include the following:

  • Burning or damage to any of the elevator fuses, as the elevator operates on fuses that you operate,
    and if any malfunction occurs in any of them, it causes the elevator to stop working.
  • Power outages in the elevator cause the elevator to stop working.
  • When the elevator door is damaged or improper, it is considered one of the reasons
    that lead to the elevator’s breakdown.
  • Continuous pressure on the buttons on the elevator while it is moving, this leads to overload separation as a result of the sudden change in speed due to repeated pressing of the buttons.
  • Damage to the plastic trim of the cab, this damage causes the cab to become unbalanced.
  • Continuous accumulation of dust on the elevator control unit, and this happens as a result of the lack of good sealing of the elevator control room.

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How to deal with elevator malfunctions

Steel wire ropes

After getting acquainted with the steel wire ropes for all types of elevators, and knowing all the reasons that cause elevator failures, it is important to know how to deal with elevator malfunctions,
as there are some instructions that you must follow in order to avoid risks related to elevator malfunctions, including:

  • Elevators should not be used in emergency situations or when a fire occurs in the place,
    in order to avoid your elevator malfunctioning,
    causing you some health damage such as suffocation.
  • Children under 14 years old should not use the elevator without an accompanying person,
    to avoid any danger to them if the elevator breaks down while they are inside it.
  • Before riding the elevator, it is important to see its instruction board,
    to know the number of people allowed at one time,
    in order to avoid overloading the elevator,
    which causes the elevator to malfunction.

In this article, steel wire ropes for all types of elevators are explained,
in addition to identifying the causes that lead to elevator failures, with the necessary instructions for how to deal with any malfunction that may occur in the elevator, so you must follow these instructions to preserve your safety and the safety of others, and it is important to follow Elevator regular maintenance operations in order to avoid major breakdowns.