stuck elevator are considered one of the most important ways that provide comfort to people and have become widely used, whether in residential units or government and private institutions and public institutions, so a question arises what to do if you are in a stuck elevator

and this is considered one of the biggest and most common problems that occur because of elevators, and through this article We can come up with the best tactics to take when someone gets stuck in an elevator.

What to do if you are in a stuck elevator

stuck elevator

The answer to the question of what to do if you are in a stuck elevator is one of the most important answers that many are interested in getting to know, so that they can get rid of that problem when exposed to it. A stuck elevator is a scary thing, especially if the person suffers from claustrophobia

Therefore, it is always advised to know the methods that can be followed when exposed to that accident, and there are some methods that you must avoid when this happens, and they can be identified through the following:

Things to follow when the elevator gets stuck

There are a set of tips that you can follow when you are in a stuck elevator, and these tips are as follows:

Keep calm

It is considered one of the most important pieces of advice that must be followed,
and it is considered an answer to the question of what to do if you are in a stuck elevator,
is not to feel anxious when you are in a stuck elevator,
because civil defense men will be able to repair the fault quickly, and they will be able to get the passengers out within a few minutes. You can take a series of long, deep breaths to calm your nerves,
and you will be able to feel more comfortable until the rescue operation is completed.

Look for lighting

Try to search for a source of lighting, or use the searchlight through your phone,
so that you can see the elevator buttons, and also you will be able to know the number of people who are with you inside the elevator so that you can calm down everyone who feels fear or anxiety,

and press the button to open the bumper and wait Some time until you discover if it works or not, then press the door close button and wait a few minutes as well. If the buttons do not respond, stop pressing them so as not to cause an increase in the malfunction.

Press the call button

In all elevators there is a call button or a special phone for emergencies, you can try it in order to be able to make a call so that you can draw the attention of maintenance supervisors in the place that is stuck in the elevator, and in the event that no one responds to the calls or if the phone is broken, you can knock on the door until Attract the attention of anyone who passes in front of the door so that they ask for help for you.

Contact civil defense

In order to be able to know what to do if you are in a stuck elevator,
you can contact the Civil Defense or contact the emergency police so
that they can help you quickly, because these calls are free.

Waiting for help

After making these attempts, you should wait for help to come and sit at the end of the elevator cabin, and make simple breathing movements that help you calm your nerves, and also calm those with you in the elevator because their tension will reflect on you in a negative way.

Things to avoid when in a stuck elevator

There are some tips that should be avoided when you are in a stuck elevator,
so that you can know what to do if you are in a stuck elevator, and these tips are as follows:

Avoid opening the door forcefully

 If the door is slightly open, you should move away from it and do not try to open it by force,
because this will endanger you, especially in the case where the elevator may move suddenly.

Do not jump down or up in the elevator

You should avoid moving or jumping in a sudden way inside the stuck elevator. In that case,
it is preferable for everyone in the elevator to be fixed until help comes,
because jumping may lead to the elevator falling in a sudden way,
which results in an accident that results in a group of serious injuries. to the occurrence of death.

Do not try to quickly get out of the elevator

stuck elevator

 Do not try to exit quickly when help comes and opens the door, because there is a possibility
that the elevator will move suddenly, and avoid crowding on the door during the exit process, because this may endanger everyone who is in the stuck elevator in the event that the elevator suddenly falls. 

How to minimize being in a stuck elevator

What to do if you are in a stuck elevator One of the important things that can help you to identify the answer to that question is to reduce the chances of being in an elevator that might get stuck,
knowing that it is difficult to predict the occurrence of a malfunction in the elevator,
but there are some tips that reduce your exposure to that Those tips are as follows:

  • Do not use the elevator in emergency situations, such as an earthquake in the place,
    the outbreak of war, or a flood, because the chance of elevators malfunctioning in these cases is very large, as it is a source of danger in those cases and not a means of escape.
  • Avoid cases of crowding that occur in elevators and exceeding the specified weight
    for the elevator load, as this increases the possibility of a malfunction in the elevator.

How to stay safe in a falling elevator

It is one of the things that everyone who is looking for what to do if you are in a stuck elevator should know, so that they can avoid injuries when the elevator falls, although this is one of the rare things that happen when the bumper is damaged

because the elevator is designed in a way that prevents it It can easily fall, and protect it from explosion when the fall occurs, unless the elevator is dilapidated or periodic maintenance is not carried out, in which case you should follow some tips so as not to suffer damage when it falls.

Important tips to follow when the elevator falls

  • Lie on your back on the floor of the elevator.
  • Protect your head as best you can by protecting it with your hands.
  • Do not try to stand with your knees bent, because this puts a lot of pressure on them
    and also puts a lot of pressure on your back when the elevator falls
  • Don’t try to jump off before the elevator reaches the bottom.

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Tips when there are people inside the stuck elevator

stuck elevator

When a sudden breakdown occurs in the elevator and there is a group of people in it,
the maintenance company is contacted and prompt assistance is requested from them immediately,
and until they arrive, you can do the following:

  • When the elevator stops in front of a floor of the building, you can disconnect the main power knife, and use the emergency key to open the door, and it is often present with the building guard.
  • Remove the detainees inside the bumper very quietly so that no one is in danger.
  • Close the bumper again with the emergency switch to avoid accidents caused
    by someone falling into the elevator shaft.
  • Do not restore electricity to the elevator until the maintenance company comes
    and does the necessary work.

When exposed to any problem related to the question of what to do if you are in a stuck elevator,
you can follow the advice that must be followed in that case
and stay away from things that may expose and expose those with you to danger.