Smart elevator spare parts are among the important things that must be recognized, especially since smart elevators have become a part of our daily lives, as there are many people in different countries of the world who deal with elevators on a daily and permanent basis.

In view of this, attention must be paid to all aspects of elevators, from spare parts to the causes of malfunctions and how to deal with them.

Elevators are among the modern inventions that are being developed day after day, and they are one of the most important tools or means used by residents of tall or high buildings in order to move between floors with ease.

 the Smart elevator spare parts

Smart elevator spare parts

Smart elevator spare parts are among the important tools that work as a single unit in order to operate the elevator and complete its movement between floors with ease.

Smart elevators exist in many different places, as they are used in:

  • tall buildings or businesses.
  • Commercial malls.
  • Marketing stores.

Where it can be part of the decor of these places, especially shops for marketing and commercial malls.

Advantages of smart elevators

Smart elevators provide many advantages that make them provide a unique and wonderful service, and these features:

  • Complete safety, as the smart elevator industry is based on providing complete safety for elevator users.
  • Quick access to the roles you want.
  • Save time in the process of ascending or descending.
  • It works with a comfortable and smooth movement, which makes it easy and unique to use.
  • The elevator can be controlled through smart phones or advanced devices.
  • Some applications are used to detect any malfunction in the elevator in a short time.
  • Monthly or annual maintenance can be done with ease.
  • Smart elevators provide ground safety.

Technological developments in smart elevators

There are many technological developments contained in the smart elevator spare parts, which provide luxury and pleasure in the use of elevators, and these technologies include the following:

Internet connection technology

All smart elevators that are located in smart buildings are connected to the Internet, which allows companies to identify any malfunction that may occur in the elevator and to work quickly to solve this malfunction, and in view of this, time and money are saved for the owner of the company.

Cloud predictive maintenance technology

This technology performs many works related to smart elevators, including:

  • This technology sends all collected data to the cloud for analysis.
  • A comparison is made between the old data of the elevator and the new data when any abnormal condition is detected inside the elevator, which leads to discovering the fault and working to fix it.
  • Messages about which components need to be replaced are sent to the service engineers’ machines.
  • After sending the messages, the engineers work to fix the problem before any major failure occurs in the elevator.

Entertainment systems in smart elevators

Many entertainment systems are added to the smart elevator spare parts, in order to increase the comfort of passengers, and these systems include:

  • system control technology.
  • An interactive touch panel.
  • Elevator cabin indicator system.
  • Developing emergency call technology.

Cable-free smart elevator technology

The smart elevator spare parts do not have the cables that are used in traditional elevators, as the smart elevators operate with a smart system that is free of cables, as the elevators can move vertically and horizontally with ease, and these elevators are made of reinforced plastic, as they are operated with the help of motors Linear moving the cabin on magnetic rods, and one of the important things that are benefited from these elevators is energy saving, and reducing carbon emissions that result from the use of traditional elevators.

Intuitive elevator technology

This technology was developed in order to add more comfort to passengers, as this technology relies on collecting passengers heading to the same floor or place served by these types of elevators, and this technology saves energy consumption by 27%, which makes it an important advanced technology in Smart elevators.

Other advantages of smart elevator technology

  • The smart elevator collects passengers according to the floor that a certain number of passengers want to reach, thus saving time and the speed of the elevator’s arrival to transporting another number of passengers.
  • Smart elevators can be used very practically in buildings of more than 10 floors.
  • Smart elevators rely on keyboards that operate through touch instead of relying on buttons found in traditional elevators.
  • Elevators perform their work quickly by reaching the floors quickly, and they transport a large number of passengers in a short time.

Types of smart elevators

Smart elevator spare parts

It is important when talking about spare parts for smart elevators
that we know the different types of smart elevators, which are as follows:

  • Automatic elevators.
  • Elevators do not have an engine room.
  • Hydraulic elevators.
  • Human elevators.
  • Cargo elevators.
  • Conveyor elevators.
  • Elevators for people with special needs.
  • Elevators for food transportation.

Why were smart elevators invented?

One of the important things that attracted the attention of many inventors and innovators specialized in the elevator industry is how to create elevators that transport a large number of people in the fastest time using the least amount of energy required for transportation,

so smart elevators were invented whose system works on the speed of passenger transport,
in addition to the existence of applications Which works to detect any abnormal movement
that could cause the elevator to malfunction, and to work quickly to solve it, and due to that,
the time and effort necessary to repair elevator malfunctions were saved.

The different types of elevators

It is important to know the different types of elevators when wanting to know spare parts for smart elevators, as there are some types of elevators, including:

Personnel elevators

They are the elevators that are used more frequently than any other type of elevators,
as they are used in residential facilities to facilitate the process of transporting individuals while providing them with safety and security.

Home elevators

These elevators are built to transport the elderly and people with special needs,
in addition to moving small items inside the house.

Goods elevators

Freight elevators are widely used in companies and factories in order to move heavy objects between floors with ease, which makes the transportation process not requiring a large number of workers to carry it out.

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Smart elevator spare parts prices

Smart elevator spare parts

 Spare parts for smart elevators differ due to some factors, including:

  • Elevator model and brand.
  • The company that manufactured the spare parts.
  • Quality of spare parts used.
  • Raw materials that were used in the manufacture of spare parts.
  • The country of origin of the spare parts.
  • Therefore, when you want to buy spare parts for smart elevators, it is important that you do a good search for companies that specialize in selling original spare parts at an affordable price.

After getting acquainted with the smart elevator spare parts, it is important to know that the smart elevators were manufactured through very advanced technology with the aim of adding various entertainment means, and increasing the protection systems for the elevator, in order to maintain the safety of passengers

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