There is a great relationship between summer heat and elevator malfunctions, as high heat may affect major elevator malfunctions. These seasonal fluctuations in temperature may cause many disturbances in elevator power

and because elevators represent an important part of our daily lives, their importance cannot be ignored. in our lives. You must always be careful of these effects on the elevator, and those responsible must carry out regular maintenance of the elevator.

Summer heat and elevator malfunctions

Summer heat and elevator malfunctions

Summer heat problems and elevator malfunctions can cause catastrophic and major damage to your elevator equipment and devices, as these seasonal fluctuations and increased heat in the summer often lead to major problems and malfunctions in elevators, which may lead to the lives of individuals.

 This is because most elevator rooms are located on the upper floor of the building, so the machine rooms are high rooms on the roof of the building, and the ceiling and walls of the machine room are all external structures

and these external structures protect the external wall, and its temperature greatly affects the temperature Interior, therefore, when the temperature increases in summer, it leads to a rise in the indoor temperature of the machinery room and the elevator.

Because of this, all those responsible for building maintenance, engineers and technicians must carry out continuous periodic inspection and maintenance of elevator machines and devices, in order to reduce summer heat problems and elevator malfunctions.

How can summer heat affect an elevator?

Summer heat problems and elevator malfunctions are common, especially in the summer,
as high temperature is easy to cause a major malfunction in the microcomputer control panel program.

The electronic device on the microcomputer control panel, or PLC,
is controlled by comparing voltage and current, and responds So for external orders.

 Due to the temperature characteristics of the materials in the electronic device, the logical judgment of the electronic device may be wrong, when the temperature is higher than the permissible temperature limit, as a result the microcomputer control board is unstable, and the elevator is prone to failure, and is affected negative.

 Damage to electronic components

High temperature results in damage to electronic components, which may significantly increase the failure rate of the inverter due to the increase in temperature, and the service life is significantly reduced as a result of the increase in temperature. The ambient temperature may rise by about 10 degrees Celsius, thus reducing The service life of the inverter is halved.

When the ambient temperature is very high, it is easy to make the heat dissipation time of the braking resistor too long, and if the elevator does work frequently, the heat of the braking resistor will accumulate for many times, which will eventually cause the brake to overheat and be damaged, and may also lead to To cause fires and other summer heat accidents and elevator malfunctions.

How to control the equipment room temperature?

Summer heat and elevator malfunctions

The elevator machine room is used for insulation treatment in the maintenance structure,
so as to reduce the influence of the external temperature on the indoor equipment in the machine room during the high temperature in summer.

 At the same time, the insulation of the maintenance structure should not be neglected
and the thickness of the maintenance structure should be reduced because it is considered the equipment room. When performing the natural ventilation condition, ventilation equipment is installed to meet the temperature requirements of the equipment room, and air conditioners are installed.

When installing ventilation equipment such as exhaust fans, it must be compatible with the ventilation holes in the equipment room such as curtains, so that the air is placed,
thus improving the temperature of the equipment and machinery room, use unit and maintenance unit.

There must also be full-time employees to enhance Management in order to prevent any problems
that may result from summer heat and elevator malfunctions.

The best energy saving applications that reduce summer heat problems

There are many applications that help reduce the problems of summer heat
and elevator malfunctions, which can cause great danger to elevator riders. Therefore,
to combat energy problems resulting from high temperatures, you must have the following applications:

  •  Powervator application, this application helps increase the safety and security of passengers, by reducing the possibility of passengers being trapped when a power outage occurs.
  • Lowering device, this battery-operated application is designed for several different types of elevators. It also helps the elevators descend safely, and opens the cabin doors and closes the elevator with the doors open, which helps passengers safely exit the elevator.

Advantages of the Powervator application

  • Automatic activation: The Powervator unit turns on automatically when the power is cut off, providing multiple voltages to operate the elevator valve and door smoothly.
  • On/off switches assist and prompt the tester located on the circuit board,
    in routine diagnostic tests and also allow for safe elevator maintenance.
  • Gel cell batteries, which are maintenance-free, are low-charged to extend their life in the event of a power outage, and sealed batteries eliminate the possibility of hazardous fumes accumulating in the elevator shaft or mechanical room.

All of these applications significantly reduce the risks of summer heat and elevator malfunctions.

Providing electronic control valves in the elevator

These valves play a major role in reducing summer heat and elevator malfunctions that can cause many problems. These valves keep the elevator running smoothly when external temperature fluctuations occur, and improve the elevator’s performance in general by using new electronic control valves.

They also provide… The greatest amount of comfort for individuals while riding,
regardless of the elevator load or temperature. The valves include several features, including:

  • Helps reduce energy and maintenance costs.
  • Short travel time.
  • There is a wide variety of design applications and low maintenance costs.
  • Provides short setup time.
  • It is adaptable and easy to implement in new installations and retrofits,
    and is adaptable to installation in existing systems.

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Instructions and tips for maintaining the elevator temperature

Summer heat and elevator malfunctions

A certain temperature must be maintained for the elevator in the summer,
especially, so that many problems with summer heat and elevator malfunctions do not occur.

No one likes working in the hot summer and high temperatures, and this also applies to devices
and elevators. There are several tips for maintaining the temperature. Elevators, including:

  • Ensure that the elevator engine room is kept between 45°
    and 90° F, with a relative humidity not exceeding 85%.
  • Maintaining proper ventilation inside the elevator shaft,
    and securing all doors and gates that are exposed to the open air.
  • Always ensure that the alarm and call-up devices related to emergency situations are working well,
    because if they malfunction, it may cause delay in the occupants of the elevator if bad temperature conditions lead to the elevator being disabled.

High temperatures may greatly affect the equipment rooms of the elevator,
and may cause unnecessary malfunctions. Therefore, we have presented to you many applications and solutions that will help you in the process of reducing summer heat problems and elevator malfunctions.

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