Types of Steel Wire Steel wire is one of the most common metal materials in the industry, at the same time, it is the basis for manufacturing a variety of items that can be used independently, and there are many types of these wires, and they need a machine to straighten it before use With straight cutting, removing the oxide scale in the machine at the same time,

the tensile strength of repeated bending can be increased to a certain extent, and in the field of wide application and daily life there are main types of wires, and through our article we will get to know these types and know all the details about them, so just follow the article until The end to get to know all the details.

types of steel wire

types of steel wire

There are several types of steel wires, which are widely spread in many different and important uses,
so through our article we will learn about the best of these types that can be used safely.

Where the wires are classified according to the materials, where the types of steel wires consist of structural steel wire and are of high quality, or stainless steel wire rope that is made of steel wire as raw material and is classified according to its surface condition and these types are:

Phosphate coated steel wire rope

It is a Chinese patent and is the best type of steel wire, also referred to as phosphate annealed wire rope,
which is made of phosphate steel for annealed wire and the weight is 3-60g/sqm.

And the basic steel and steel wire rope, and phosphate can improve the corrosion resistance of the surface of the rope, and phosphatases treat the steel wire, in detail with manganese,
and direct phosphate steel wire is used in the manufacture of steel wire rope.

Due to the phosphate coating, which makes the surface of the steel wire more resistant, and the phosphate is not electrically conductive, but improves the corrosion resistance of the steel wire at one time, and the service life of the phosphate steel wire is 2 to 3 times, and the resistance of the steel wire is greatly improved.

Galvanized steel wire rope

Hot dip galvanizing or electro galvanizing is what works to protect the layer from rust or corrosion
and to protect the anodic layer. It is also a type of steel wire, and the thicker the galvanized layer,
the greater the corrosion resistance.

Hard wire rope reinforced with plastic

And a certain thickness of plastic is coated on the outer surface of the wire rope
or the outer surface of the rope, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane and others.

Smooth steel wire rope

It is a wire obtained after the process of drawing the raw materials in a cold form
and from the types of steel wires, and its production began in 1834 in foreign countries, and that was after heat treatment and surface preparation, and the wire is no longer solid after surface treatment.

But if it is according to the method of tanning

There are also several types of steel wires classified according to tanning, and these types are:

single strand

Known as a single group curb, it is made of wire around the central wire,
and one or more layers of steel wire may be wrapped.

double rope

It is made of rope and around the steel core or fiber core,
and it can also be made of one or more layers of steel wire, and this wire rope is more widely used.

Three ropes

It is used as double handles around the rope core,
and is mainly used for thick steel rope whose diameter is 60mm or more.

And according to the classification of the country

types of steel wire

They are according to the state of contact that occurs between the adjacent wires with the tape,
and they are divided into several types, and these types are:

Seam point wire rope

It is the diameter of the solid wire present in the rope itself,
and the angle between the wires is from each layer, and the length of the situation is different, and therefore the internal or external wires of it cross each other, as it is at the state connection point.

contact wire

It is a length of wire for each layer of steel wires in the rope itself,
and the internal or external steel wires are considered to be in contact with each other through a spiral line, and it is the state of contact between them, and the wire contact wire is considered to have a longer life than the point contact wire rope in the case if they are the same conditions of use.

Compressed steel wire rope

Also known as surface contact steel wire,
it is the process of twisting the wire rope after forging or drawing,
and the steel wire forms a contact surface, with the wire rope pressing or double pressing.

sealing wire rope

It is the outer layer, which is made of steel wires with a special shape, and it is in the form of Z, S, or T. The surface is smooth, with good corrosion resistance, and compared to other types of steel wires, in terms of diameter and tensile strength. It can also be subjected to lateral pressures, and it has Poor elasticity and complex process with high manufacturing cost, often used as a carrier such as a cable hoist or cable on an aerial rope.

Benefits of steel wire

There are many benefits in steel wires, and through our article we learn about the most important benefits in steel wires, and among these benefits:

Industrial wire utility

When it comes to construction or manufacturing, there are a lot of materials that go into the final product and wire is one of the most important materials that are used in all kinds of applications, be it electrical wiring or supporting structures.

So it’s the main reason to find steel wire manufacturers to match when it comes to industrial wire,
and there are so many benefits that make it the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications.

Benefits of industrial steel wire

It is the most common use of steel wire, which has industrial applications,
and this type is used in a variety of industries,
including construction or manufacture of many benefits in which steel wire is used.

The steel wire is durable

It takes a lot of abuse, which means it can be used in places where other types of wire would be suitable, also steel wire does not corrode quickly, which means it can be left exposed to the elements and removed as is, and in some cases it is the perfect choice for site use Poor air quality or heavy traffic.

Steel wire is very versatile

It is the opposite of other types of these wires, and it is usually designed for one specific purpose,
which is that steel wires can be used for a number of purposes,
so they are highly recommended for use in multiple areas within the industry.

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Long lasting steel wire

types of steel wire

In the case of searching for wires that bear wear and tear, then steel wire is the best,
unlike other materials, including aluminum or plastic, which break after exposure to heat or cold for long periods, so steel wires remain for a long time and this is what makes them ideal for applications, including electric motors.

In the end, there are many different types of steel wires that are distinguished from other types,
and these wires have many advantages and benefits that make them the best.

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