Many are looking for a way of building the elevator room, and one of the basics to know that you need to know your uses for the elevator, do you want a large or small opening, and the depth of the elevator all depends on the elevator shaft since there are those who build a shaft with depth

and shallow width and want a large elevator hall, so how Is this possible?
Correct measurements must be taken with regard to the design of the well itself,
so through this article we will provide you with everything related to electric elevators.

How to build an elevator room

building the elevator room

Through this article, we will present to you the method of building an elevator room, where there is a difference between elevator doors, ordinary doors, and automatic doors, and we will present them to you, as automatic doors are divided into two types:

  • Telescopic door: It is the door that opens from the middle and there is a left or right side of it.
  • In addition to the central door: it is the door that opens in the middle.
  • Semi-automatic door: It is the door that opens manually, including 80 and 70 left and right.

Create doors

The room sizes must be reviewed when constructing the doors,
as each type of these doors differs according to the sizes.

Well depth

When making the elevator well, it must be on a simple level.

Last floor height

The length of the elevator with the chassis reaches 330 cm,
so it must be in an increase from 40 to 60 cm in order to avoid collision between the roof of the house and the cabin, and the last floor is measured at least 4 meters.

What are the advantages of hydraulic elevators?

Each type of elevator has advantages and disadvantages.
Learn with us the most important advantages of hydraulic elevators, which are as follows:

  • Hydraulic lifts are suitable for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Also, Hydraulic elevators are safe and secure.
  • Hydraulic elevators carry more people and heavy goods than other types of elevators.
  • Hydraulic elevators are less expensive than other elevators,
    and are suitable for limited and medium budgets.
  • Also, Hydraulic elevators are suitable for low-rise buildings.

Disadvantages of hydraulic elevators

In order to help you choose the most suitable for your needs,
here are the most important disadvantages of using hydraulic elevators:

  • Frequent and continuous operation of the hydraulic jack can cause the oil temperature inside the tank to rise, which can cause technical problems.
  • You must make sure to get modern elevators because there are some types of hydraulic elevators that have a loud, annoying sound for many people, which is one of the disadvantages of hydraulic elevators.
  • One of the main disadvantages of hydraulic elevators is that they consume more energy than other elevators.
  • The older models of hydraulic elevators caused severe damage to the environment due to the operation of oil leaking to the ground, but with technological progress, factories added insulation that prevents oil leakage in order to preserve the environmental system.
  • Hydraulic elevators, despite their many advantages, we have mentioned to you some of their disadvantages, which many people may not accept, in addition to the method of building the elevator room.

The places most in need of electric elevators

We will now talk about another point, which is the places that need the most electric elevators:


Hospitals or medical centers are known as the place where patients go for treatment, so all amenities must be represented in this building to ease the patient in terms of examination and transportation within the hospital for medical and radiological examinations and surgical interventions.

The hospital needs an elevator as an absolute necessity for the following reasons:

  • Transferring the patient’s bed between floors.
  • Easy transportation of heavy medical equipment.
  • In addition to the ease of transportation for wheelchair users to examination clinics.
  • Save effort for doctors and nursing staff In addition,
    we have mentioned to you how to build an elevator room.

The type of elevator used

building the elevator room

  • Traction elevators are mainly used by most hospitals because they are one of the easiest operating systems to maintain although they are slower than hydraulic elevators.
  • And the elevator specifications must be characterized by durability, high quality, and a large area in order to support the transportation of patient beds and many visitors.
  • The hospital must have a group of elevators suitable for the hospital space and floors
  • It must be distributed during the construction process in a technical and professional manner.
  • The hospital has a type of elevator called the service elevator,
    which is used to transport materials and food to patients’ rooms.

Malls and shopping centers

Shopping centers are defined as places for entertainment, rest, entertainment,
and picnics with family or friends. Elevators must be available in shopping centers to facilitate the transportation of purchases and heavy shopping bags, and on the other hand to provide luxury for young and old.

The type of elevator used

Panoramic glass elevators are mainly used by shopping centers and malls and are a common type in entertainment venues to allow passengers to see the outside view while moving between floors.


Factories are the places where different materials are manufactured that vary between foodstuffs, metals, machinery, etc. If the factory contains more than one floor or a ground floor,
it must have an elevator to transport goods to save time and effort on the workers.

The type of elevator used

Factories often use two types of elevators: goods elevators and service elevators:

  1. Cargo lifts or cage lifts are rugged and strong enough to professionally move heavy goods between floors.
  2. Service elevators are characterized by the transportation of light goods with one or more installations according to the type and size of the elevator,
    in addition to that we have mentioned the method of building the elevator room.

How to choose between internal elevators and external elevators?

We will now present to you how you can choose between the external elevator and the internal elevator:

  • Consider the building area, if you want to save more space in your home or building,
    an outdoor elevator will suit you better.
  • Determine the default load If your property contains a large number of people, an indoor elevator is most suitable for you, as there are models that support the largest load capacity.
  • There are those who prefer to preserve the beauty of the exterior design of the building, especially if it is a distinctive artistic design. In this case, the best option is the internal elevator, because it does not affect the external appearance of the building. Thus, we have also mentioned the method of building the elevator room.

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Escalators or escalators

building the elevator room

Escalators became widely available recently
and helped reduce people’s suffering in an acceptable way and people used them to go up and down but they were not as comfortable as elevators because elevators save space.

And because the escalators need a large area of ​​the building, unlike the elevator, which only needs a small space, therefore, elevators are installed in real estate, commercial and service buildings, and elevators really help people with special needs, people of determination, and the elderly.

Escalators work by arranging the stairs on a continuous inclined belt that is fixed on rollers,
and the steps include that the individual moves on the fixed ground, and if the elevator is silent and does not work, the individual can usually climb,
in addition to that we talked about the method of building the elevator room.

At the end of the article, we have talked about the method of building the elevator room,
in addition to that we have talked about the places most in need of electric elevators, the disadvantages and advantages of elevators, and we mentioned to you the escalators and the electric ones.

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