What is Elevator Traveling Cable Price, Since the beginning of manufacturing, elevators are considered one of the most important things that people use, and with them, it is possible to do without them.

Because it is a tool that moves people from one floor to another and is not a ladder, especially since there are people who cannot climb stairs and the elderly, and everyone who intends to establish any institution, whether it is a building, clinic, company, or otherwise, always wants to know the price of elevators.

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

Each elevator has different specifications according to the height of the floor and the area of the elevator, which are summarized as follows:

  1. A used elevator for two people and seven floors, at a cost of 150,000 pounds.
  2. The price of an elevator with an area of one meter by one meter and a distance of 6 floors is 130,000 Egyptian pounds.
  3. A 6-story elevator with an area of one and a half meters, with a price of 190,000 pounds.
  4. Also, the price of the Schindler elevator, with enough space for two people, a distance of 7 floors, and equipped with three exits, is 180,000 pounds.
  5. A used Italian elevator consisting of 6 floors, at a cost of 50,000 Egyptian pounds.

Types of elevators

In the context of our presentation of Elevator Traveling Cable Price, electric elevators differ based on a variety of factors such as the location of the machine, its type, the nature and purpose of using the elevator, and other factors.

Elevators are classified according to their use

Passenger elevators are used to transport passengers from one floor to another, usually in residential and commercial complexes, in addition to

  • Loading and transport elevators are used to lift goods from one floor to another. They are often used in factories and large stores because of their special specifications that help the elevator bear the weight placed inside it.
  • Service elevators are used in complexes, supermarkets, and shopping centers to serve shops and offices to move light materials from one floor to another.
  • This elevator is similar in shape to the passenger elevator, except that it is intended for these service purposes.
  • A restaurant elevator is an elevator used to transport ready-to-eat foods from one floor to another in restaurants and hotels, and its size and dimensions differ from ordinary elevators.

Types of elevators are classified according to speed

Continuing to talk about Elevator Traveling Cable Price, the types of elevators differ according to the speed. There are slow, medium, and fast elevators, and they can be identified in the following ways:

  • Low-Speed Elevators: These elevators have speeds ranging from 15m/s to 0.5m/s
  • and these speeds vary greatly depending on the purpose of the elevator (freight elevators for card.
  • Medium speed elevator: Refers to the elevator whose speed ranges from 1m/s to 2m/s.
  • This speed varies according to the height of the elevator column and the number of positions used in it, as it can be used in the column with a height of 2 m / s, the range is from 15 meters to 40 meters.
  • Also high-speed elevators: elevators with speeds ranging from 2m/s to 16m/s.
  • Its speed varies according to the height of the elevator shaft and the number of parking spaces
    and can be used for columns of 40 meters or higher.

Different types of elevators in terms of mechanism

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

As we talked about Elevator Traveling Cable Price,
in the past most of the elevators had to be controlled from the central machine room.

Today some elevators do not require a machine room because they have built-in safety mechanisms. Here are some types:

Hydraulic elevators

The hydraulic jack is supported by a piston at the bottom of the elevator that pushes the elevator up,
as the electric motor forces oil or other hydraulic fluid into the piston.

This type of elevator also features beams that extend below the pit floor and has retracting pistons as the elevator descends, and some configurations include telescoping pistons that can be folded and require surface perforations.

Hydraulic holeless elevators have pistons on both sides of the cab, in this design, telescopic cylinders are installed at the bottom of the hole.

No downhole beams or crossbeams are required because the staggered cylinders allow up to 50 feet of spacing.

Hydraulic rope lifts use a combination of ropes and pistons to move the lift with a maximum travel distance of approximately 60 feet.

Traction elevator

This elevator consists of ropes that pass through wheels connected to an electric motor at the top of the shaft, as the main function of the ropes is to raise and lower the elevator car.

It can be used in medium and high-rise facilities, and it can run faster than hydraulic elevators.
Traction elevators are divided into two basic types:

Traction elevator with speed change device

Consisting of a motor with a gearbox, the main function of the gear is to drive the wheels that move the rope, the elevator can travel at speeds of up to 500 feet per minute and travel distances of up to 250 feet.

Gearless traction elevator

These elevators have no gears to adjust their speed, which explains why they can move at speeds of up to 2,000 feet per minute.

Gearless elevators are more energy efficient than traction elevators,
and they can also travel up to 2,000 feet.

Advantages of electric elevators

In the context of talking about Elevator Traveling Cable Price,
we will learn about the most important features of electric elevators as follows:

  • Elevators provide an easy and convenient way to transport people between different floors of a building.
  • The elevator is controlled through a simple control panel, and the user can select the desired floor with just one touch.
  • Escalators replace stairs and steps to move people between floors quickly and efficiently;
    This saves the time and effort needed to navigate.
  • Elevators rely on their strong and durable design to carry heavy loads.
    This makes it suitable for transporting heavy goods and people in bulk.
  • Electric elevators use advanced technology to ensure the high speed and energy efficiency of the elevator.
  • Elevators have high security levels such as door locks, motion sensors, emergency systems, etc. to ensure the safety of passengers.
  • Elevators allow people with special needs and the elderly to easily access the different floors.
  • Hydraulic elevators are among the safest elevators. If the cables are broken, the elevator will not fall or go down very quickly.

Factors affecting the price of electric elevators

As we discussed Elevator Traveling Cable Price, there are several factors
that affect the determination of Elevator Traveling Cable Price, including:

  • The strength of the elevator and its ability to carry things or people.
  • Height and number of floors, as tall buildings, require elevators with specific technologies
    and specifications.
  • Elevators with luxury designs and special equipment are more expensive than elevators with basic designs.
  • Elevators that use new technologies such as artificial intelligence
    and touch controls may be more expensive.
  • Where to install the elevator, because Elevator Traveling Cable Price is different from the price of the external elevator.
  • Pay attention to future maintenance and service costs while determining the type and price of the escalator. This service may include scheduled maintenance prices in addition to repair and technical support prices.

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What is the difference between an electric elevator and a hydraulic elevator?

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

As we talked about Elevator Traveling Cable Price, the difference between them is clear in the method of operation, as electric elevators rely on the power of powerful electric motors to move them, while hydraulic elevators depend on the power of compressed fluid (hydraulic fluid).

In conclusion, we have dealt with Elevator Traveling Cable Price, in addition to presenting the types of electric elevators, and we have also discussed the advantages of elevators.

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