Elevator when the power is out one of the distinguished inventions through which one can move between different building floors with ease, so it is important to know what happens in the elevator when the power goes out, as many elevators work by relying on electrical energy, which provides it with the necessary energy for Move from bottom to top and vice versa in different buildings.

A large number of different elevators have been designed to suit all operations, such as passenger transportation and goods transportation. Smart elevators have also been designed that operate by relying on the Internet. However, through this article we will learn about the elevator during a power outage and how to deal with it in this case. .

Elevator when the power is out

Elevator when the power is out

Elevator when the power is out

The problem of power outage in the elevator is considered one of the biggest problems that can be encountered, as electricity is the primary engine for the elevator, and when it is not available, the elevator cannot move. Therefore, the elevator must be recognized when the power is out, and through the technological development that the world is witnessing, factors have been developed. Elevator safety.

Companies specializing in the elevator industry compete to provide a product that contains many new and distinctive technological means through which they can provide comfort to all customers. But what happens when the electricity is cut off from the elevator, especially since there are many elevators that depend on electrical energy to operate?

What happens to the elevator when the power goes out?

All elevators rely mainly on electrical current in order to operate properly. The elevator requires electrical energy in order to operate the lifting machine through which the elevator can be lifted to the different floors. The hydraulic elevator also relies on electrical current in order to operate the pump unit responsible for the work. The elevator, and when the elevator experiences a power outage initially, the elevator will shut down immediately.

This stop may be between floors, due to the electromagnetic brakes found in elevators. In the normal state of the elevator, the electric coil works to keep the brakes open. As soon as the electrical current is lost, the brakes do their work and stop the elevator. Then all the lights in the elevator cabin go out. , In addition to the panel lights, but the emergency lights will light up.

Advanced elevators in case of power outage

Advanced elevators are characterized by a battery reduction system,
as this system works when the Elevator when the power is out. This system works by making one trip by relying on the energy in the battery to the nearest floor or in most cases to the ground floor,
and in this case it will The doors open properly and the elevator will close securely.

This system allows passengers to quickly exit the elevator,
but the elevator will remain out of service until the electrical fault is repaired and electrical power is restored. The battery reduction solution is considered one of the effective and distinctive solutions that can be relied upon in order to maintain the safety of passengers in the event of a power outage.
It is also characterized by the low cost of hydraulic elevators.

Modern buildings when there is a power outage

Modern buildings are designed at a high level of modern and advanced technology. The elevators in these buildings are also designed with high precision and rely on many safety measures that ensure the preservation of the lives and safety of passengers. These buildings use an electricity generator in order to provide the energy necessary for the elevator to operate. Emergency cases.

This feature is considered one of the most common features in hospitals and hotels, in addition to high-rise or vital buildings, and the elevator, in the event of a power outage, depends in its operation on the generator located in the building, as the generator allows limited use in emergency situations, and only one elevator is used in the building in Each time, the controller can also be programmed to rotate.

How to act when the power goes out while riding the elevator

Elevator when the power is out

Elevator when the power is out

There are some tips that must be followed when exposed to this problem,
in order to maintain your safety, and these tips include the following:

  • It is important to stay calm and do not panic,
    as you can safely wait for specialists from the emergency service to come.
  • The elevator will not fall to the bottom of the shaft,
    as the brakes can hold the elevator in place safely.
  • In the case of an elevator, during a power outage, oxygen will not run out,
    because all elevators have adequate ventilation.
  • You should use the emergency phone in order to contact someone who can help you.
  • Use the alarm bell in the elevator.
  • Do not try to exit the elevator in any way. Do not try to open the doors or escape from the elevator shaft at the top, so as not to expose your life to great danger.
  • One of the most important things that we must repeat is to stay calm,
    because panicking will not help anything.

Some instructions to follow while riding the elevator

After learning about the elevator when the power goes out,
it is important to know some important instructions that must be followed while riding the elevator,
as these instructions include the following:

  • There must be a chaperone with children under 14 years old
    in order to maintain their safety when exposed to any problem.
  • It is important to read the elevator instruction sheet
    in order to know the number of people allowed per trip.
  • Heavy weights should not be loaded onto the elevator in order to avoid the problem of the elevator being exposed to malfunction as a result of excessive load.
  • It is important not to use the elevator in emergency situations or in the event of a fire in the building in order to preserve your life.

Does the elevator draw electricity?

The elevator is considered one of the electrical appliances in the building,
just like the electrical appliances in the house.
The elevator’s consumption of electricity is much less than the energy consumed by other electrical appliances such as a heater, so the elevator is expected to stop working when the power goes out.

Does the elevator fall due to a power outage?

A large number of people want to answer this question,
and the answer is that the elevator cannot fall during a power outage, as it contains magnetic brakes
that work directly during an electrical power outage in order to stop the elevator.

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Is there oxygen in the elevator?

Elevator when the power is out

Elevator when the power is out

Of course yes, the elevator has enough oxygen to breathe during a power outage,
as the elevator contains separate ventilation holes in the interior cabin, so when the elevator is exposed to a power outage there is no need to worry about having enough oxygen to breathe.

In this article, we learned about Elevator when the power is out and how to deal with it in this case.
One of the important things that must be kept in mind is to remain calm and not panic when the elevator experiences a power outage problem while you are inside.

We also learned about the working mechanism of elevators found in modern buildings,
which It relies on an electric generator to provide the energy necessary for the elevator to operate.   

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