Elevator facade decorations contain many operating systems, to suit the different needs of residential or service buildings, heavy goods, and other uses, so there are different types of elevator machines and engines, we will get to know them in the following points.

No matter what your needs are, we are a professional manufacturer of commercial elevators with a lot of experience in this field, so if you need a commercial elevator for office buildings or an elevator for supermarkets, we can provide you with the most satisfactory and prompt solution.

Elevator facade decorations

It adopts a gearless permanent magnet synchronous traction machine which has a compact structure and high strength.

Then the efficiency can increase above 98%.

Energy conservation, Stable start, and the types of commercial buildings whose elevator is frequently used

  • Control system
  • An efficient modular microcomputer control system can speed up system operation and movement efficiency. reaction soon
  • Accurate fixed position and more stable incompleteness.
  • Door machine system

The light and quiet door deflector adopts a new type of variable frequency speed control system which can automatically adjust the output torque and make driving more convenient.

Elevator facade decorations have a high sensitivity and Opening and locking integration feature.

The most important specifications of Elevator facade decorations

Elevator facade decorations

Elevator facade decorations

Elevator facade decorations Equipped with large-height elevator car and LED lighting, Hosting Commercial Elevator series commercial elevators adopt liquid crystal human-machine interface and are designed with a modern and exquisite appearance.

The fusion of technology and fashion gives you a pleasant new visual and tactical experience during the short lifting period.

Various decoration options are available or you can customize the soft decoration according to the architectural style, giving your guests an extraordinary feeling.

The new generation of AC vector control technology is used by VVVF elevator variable frequency drive technology to automatically construct the elevator operating curve and ensure a seamless transition to elevator leveling by automatically changing the elevator’s acceleration and deceleration.

This allows our commercial elevators to operate with greater stability while providing enhanced comfort.

Elevator facade decorations systems

A group control system, the elevator system sends elevators to you with the fastest speed and highest efficiency.

When all the elevators in the group control system are waiting for a certain time, the group control system will start intelligent dispatch to improve the operating efficiency of the elevators, reduce the waiting time and improve the good mood.

Peak operating mode: Meet the peak operating requirements of public places such as office buildings

Balanced operating mode: Elevator dispatch with the principle of minimum waiting time and fast elevator responses.

Idle mode: When idle, the lifts are distributed evenly into designated areas to ensure a quick and on-time response.

What is the elevator machine or elevator motor?

The elevator machine is responsible for the operating system, and it consists of the motor, a gearbox, and other types without a gearbox.

Therefore, workers in this field call the term: elevator machine, elevator motor, or the whole motor the same meaning.

Elevator facade decorations contain different types of operating systems, variable speeds, two speeds, without a control room, and the most common and familiar types:

Gearless machines/motors (without a gearbox) and gearbox machines/motors (running with a gearbox)

Here are their key distinctions from one another.

Elevator facade decorations machines and motors

Gearless motors for elevators operate without a gearbox, so they do not need an engine room or as is commonly known (cabin room), and they depend on electric coils for their operating system.

Gearless machines are characterized by a modern technology operating system that does not allow the occurrence of noise or vibrations in the elevator and is considered one of the energy-saving operating systems.

Gearbox elevator machines and motors

The motors that operate in this system are called gear elevator motors, and the gearbox motors for elevators in their operation require the availability of a helical gearbox, the presence of an engine room or the elevator cabin room, and they depend on the tension of the ropes in their operating system.

Gearbox machines are characterized by their ability to withstand operation for long periods.

What are the most popular Elevator facade decorations?

Elevator facade decorations

Elevator facade decorations

The field of elevators is in great development and expansion, so the global factories that produce elevators and the companies that market them have spread greatly from the past, which led to a boom in manufacturing technology and the emergence of many makes and models of elevators engines, here are the most prominent elevator machines known in the elevator markets:

Spanish Alberto SASSI instrument:

It is one of the machines that are available with two-speed, variable-speed, and variable-speed motors without a machine room, and can bear different loading capacities from 500 kg to more than 1000 kg.

Italian GEM machine:

An Italian GEM machines are available in models: 8 HP, 9 HP, 16 HP, 18 HP, 20 HP.

Italian SECTOR machine:

Italian SECTOR machines are available at two speeds and without a machine room, in models: 8.2 HP, 12 HP, 10 HP, 10.5 HP, 12.9 HP, and others, including models that bear up to more than 1000 kg.

The best types of Elevator facade decorations

  1. CMCP-001

Ceiling: Lattice stainless steel, LED light, acrylic board

Car wall: hairline stainless steel and stainless steel

  1. CMCP-002

Ceiling, hairline stainless steel,

Acrylic transparent board

Car wall: hairline stainless steel,

Engraved stainless steel mirror

Handrail: stainless steel flat armrest

Floor: PVC (standard) marble (optional) Floor: PVC (standard) marble (optional)

  1. CMCP-003

Ceiling: Mirror stainless steel, acrylic, down light.

Hairline stainless steel and mirror-etched stainless steel for the car wall

Handrail: Hairline stainless steel flat handrail

Floor: PVC (standard) marble (optional)

  1. CMCP-004

Ceiling: Lattice stainless steel, acrylic lighting, LED lights.

Car wall: stainless steel hairline stainless steel mirror engraved

Floor: PVC (standard) marble (optional) 

  1. CMCP-005

Ceiling: Sprayed steel sheet with clear acrylic sheet

Car wall: hairline stainless steel,

Mirror-etched stainless steel

Floor: PVC (standard) marble (optional)

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