Environmentally friendly elevators have spread recently. These elevators are designed to reduce the energy consumption needed to operate the elevator, which helps the surrounding environment and preserves its protection. These elevators are considered among the advanced types of modern elevators that were designed specifically to preserve the safety of the environment.

With the technological development that the world is witnessing, a very advanced type of these elevators has been developed and they are called green elevators. It is recommended that the manufacturing of this type of elevators be expanded in order to rely on them in the future, due to their great importance in terms of preserving the environment.

Environmentally friendly elevators

Environmentally friendly elevators

A large number of people want to learn about environmentally friendly elevators, due to the wide popularity that this type of elevator has gained, and for this reason we will learn all the information related to this type of elevator.

Features of environmentally friendly elevators

This type of elevator contains a large number of features that make it better than a large number of other elevators, and these features include the following:

Elevator system without machine room

A new type of elevator was invented in the 1990s that operates without a special room for the operating system, which saves a lot of space in the building. Environmentally friendly elevators are distinguished by this feature

as these elevators operate without a large control room, in addition to saving the energy necessary for operation, as they provide These elevators have up to 80% more energy than other elevators.

Double-deck elevators

Double-floor elevators save energy to a large extent by allocating one cabin for individual floors, and the other stops on even floors of the building. This is one of the suitable options for many medium-rise and high-rise buildings, as these buildings need to operate elevators at high speed, and this feature helps Reducing the number of stops needed to transport passengers.

computerized control systems

Environmentally friendly elevators control their traffic through some calculated systems, in addition to reducing interior lighting in order to save energy. These elevators also work fast enough to meet the needs of crowded buildings.

Sensors located in the cab

The cabins of environmentally friendly elevators contain many sensors, and these devices operate through the software accompanying the elevator. These devices cause the elevator to enter an idle state when it is not in use, which means that the video screens and lights stop working, in addition to… Reduce the speed of the ventilation system.

Destination transmission control programs

It is possible for elevators to stop on unnecessary floors,
which leads to passengers waiting for a long time for the elevator to reach them. Therefore,
there is a program in environmentally friendly elevators to control the transmission of the interface

and this program works to prevent the elevator from stopping on empty floors,
which helps in The elevator reaches high floors as quickly as possible to transport passengers.

Regenerative drive systems

Environmentally friendly elevators are designed with the help of renewable driving systems,
which help the elevator to return the energy that was consumed in order to use it again,
and this process is done through the electrical system of the building

Also, this feature helps to preserve the energy of the elevator during use,
in addition to maintaining The energy that is used during the peak period inside the building,
which saves a lot of money for the owners of companies and real estate.

Basic elevator components

Environmentally friendly elevators

After learning about environmentally friendly elevators and their most important features,
it is important to learn about the basic parts that make up elevators,
as elevators consist of some basic parts that work together as a single unit
in order for the elevator to work as required, and among these parts are the following:

Elevator cabin

The elevator cabin is the inner room of the elevator through which passengers or goods are transported to the different floors. These cabins are made of metal and wooden panels surrounded by a steel frame in order to protect them. Cabins are divided into several types such as regular cabin, diagonal cabin, open from Through the cab.

The size of the elevator cabin varies depending on the size of the elevator and the building,
in addition to its purpose, and its price is determined according to the capabilities it contains,
and the materials from which the cabin is made control its price.

The elevator cabin consists of the floor which is strong enough to withstand the forces that will be added to it, as well as the roof, walls, front panels and the operating panel through which the elevator is controlled.

Elevator ropes

Elevator ropes are among the most important parts of the elevator
that must be taken care of and chosen with high quality, as these ropes help the elevator during the ups and downs process, and these ropes are made of steel in order to bear the weight of the elevator.

It is important to take care of the maintenance of the elevator ropes constantly
in order to maintain their safety, because the continuous use of them leads to damage to the rope bundles, which leads to difficulty in moving the elevator and stops working.

control system 

Electric elevators contain a control room for the elevator that contains the machines through
which all things related to the elevator are controlled, in contrast to environmentally friendly elevators,
as this type of elevator does not contain a room for the mechanical components necessary for the operation of the elevator.

The control system room is considered one of the most important parts that must be constantly maintained and well sealed in order to protect the elevator from being subject to stopping when these devices are exposed to dust accumulation.

security system

All elevators and environmentally friendly elevators contain a special safety system in order to maintain the safety of all passengers while using the elevator in order to move between the floors of the building, and this system is one of the most important systems that must be taken care of.

Speed ​​regulator device

Elevators contain special devices to control the speed of the elevator.
These devices work to determine the speed necessary for the elevator to move,
and if this speed exceeds the appropriate limit, it is reduced through these devices.


Eco-friendly elevators, as well as any type of elevator, contain special rails
in order to determine the path of the elevator.

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Some of the reasons that lead to elevator breakdown

Environmentally friendly elevators

When talking about environmentally friendly elevators, it is important to know some of the reasons
that lead to the elevator stopping working, as there are some technical reasons that lead to the elevator stopping working, and these reasons include the following:

  • The occurrence of any malfunction in the electrical current of the elevator.
  • Any fuse in the elevator has been blown out.
  • The elevator door is damaged.
  • Damage to the plastic trim inside the cab.
  • Dust buildup on the elevator control unit.

In this article, information about environmentally friendly elevators was learned,
in addition to the components of elevators.      

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