Smart elevators Dubai is an advanced elevator that is compatible with the latest international systems. The Swedish company specializes in manufacturing elevators and is distinguished by its quality, after-sales services, experience and speed of response in installing the latest elevators while increasing passengers’ confidence when using them.

The smart elevator is considered highly efficient and must be from guaranteed companies and its installation must have been evaluate by users in a reassuring and satisfactory manner. Smart elevators provide solutions to all the problems and requirements that the customer needs.

It has now become an important matter to have an elevator in buildings,
and installing an elevator at the present time is not a confusing matter because simply searching through the Internet and accessing all the information is possible, and thus you can contact the company to find out everything you are looking for,
and you can learn more about smart elevators through this the article.

Smart elevators Dubai

Smart elevators Dubai

Smart elevators Dubai

There are many developments that have appeared in smart elevators and have made a big difference with the modern era.

The most important of these developments are:

  • Providing entertainment systems in smart elevators.
  • Manufacturers add several entertainment systems to elevators for the comfort of passengers, including interactive touch panels, the elevator cabin indicator,
    system monitoring, or advance technology for emergency calls.
  • Smart cable-free elevator technology,
    so you can move vertically and horizontally.
  • These elevators are usually made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and are operated by linear motors that can move the cabin on magnetic rods.
  • Cable-free elevators are characterized by saving energy while reducing carbon emissions.
  • Also, intuitive elevator technology, this technology was develope to increase the overall passenger experience,|
    which includes intuitive elevator technologies,
    in intelligent grouping and destination base,
    where users heading to the same destination are groupeonly for those elevators that serve that group of floors, and also reduces energy consumption by 27%. %.

Features of smart elevators Dubai

Smart elevators Dubai

Smart elevators Dubai

These elevators have many features that make them the best among other types at the present time, and the most important of these features are:

Without hole

The smart elevator is installed directly on the tiles without a hole or base,
which saves costs and makes it the ideal solution for prefabricate buildings or floors.

Without a well

Smart elevators do not require a well, structure, or any type of foundation,
as they are supplied with a structure that is made of pure aluminum,
tempere glass, and metal coated with thermal powder, ready for installation.

Without room

The fully electric elevator does not need an engine room thanks to the smart screw drive technology, as the last stop of the tiles requires a height of only 220 cm,
which makes the process of installing it anywhere and without any crushing work,
and there is no need for any additional space as it is not a hydraulic elevator,
but rather a completely electric elevator.

Open the elevator doors

The doors can be from three sides.
This is due to the design of the elevator equippe with smart sensors instea of the cabin.

Also For example, the door to the ground floor is opposite to the door to the first floor. If the door to the ground floor opens to the north, the door to the first floor opens to the east.

Panoramic/glass elevator

Panoramic elevators can be completely or partially glass,
and facades or parts of the destinations can be made with great flexibility,
depending on the location of the elevator and the budget.

Electricity in smart elevators Dubai

The Swedish smart elevator operates on all types of electricity,
whether 220 volts or 380 volts, and does not require special electrical equipment.

Evacuating the elevator with ease

Users can be evacuated from the elevator in the event of a power outage or breakdown in the elevator by means of a battery built into the elevator or through a safety switch.

Safety means of elevator doors

Elevator doors can be opene without a riser along a door with an existing safety closing system.

Multiple sizes

The sizes of home and commercial elevators are multiple and sufficient for all requirements, as there are elevators sufficient for one or two people,
other elevators designed to accommodate a wheelchair with wheels with an attachment,
others designed to carry a load of five people and food items,
and commercial elevators with a large load.

Flexibility in space

Many customers install elevators in an open hall on the upper floor or in the middle of the stairs or on the side of it.
Some also make a hole in the ceiling if space is not available.

Call the elevator

It is possible to request that a phone or intercom be placed in the elevator,
or the elevator can be connected centrally to the GSM network.

Elevator locks

Smart elevators in Dubai can be ordered with smart keys or cards to prevent children or unauthorized persons from using the elevator.

Approved elevators

The Swedish smart elevator is certified and conforms to European and Swedish quality standards and the Saudi Standards and Metrology Authority.

Installation speed

The smart elevator is installe in just days.
The elevator is shippe from Sweden ready to be installed according to the previously approve sizes,
and the installation is done without any welding or cutting.

Safety in smart elevators Dubai

Smart elevators Dubai

Smart elevators Dubai

The smart elevator is the safest elevator in the world as it complies with European,
Swedish and international safety requirements,
and all elevators have the following safety elements:

  • Sensors on all sides of the elevators are connected to a central security system for protection.
  • Also Without a manual lever well, it is used to evacuate passengers in the event of a power outage or any malfunction in the elevator.
  • An alarm bell is located inside the cab to call for help or alert and operates on a separate battery.
  • Also Emergency lighting, which turns on automatically and runs on a separate battery.
  • Central locking, to prevent the doors from opening if the cab is not in front of the door.
  • Smoothness: All elevators are equippe with a three-way take-off and landing system to provide users with a gradual and smooth take-off and landing.
  • Speed: The moderate speed of Dubai’s smart elevators is designe to provide the highest levels of reassurance and comfort for users of all different categories.
  • Also Emergency button: The user can easily press the emergency button to stop the elevator or restart it again.

Additional safety elements

  • Evacuation battery, used to evacuate passengers in the event of a power outage or elevator malfunction.
  • Automatic opening of elevator doors, the possibility of requesting elevator doors to be opene with an automatic opening or closing system,
    as well as opening the doors remotely using remote buttons.
  • Fireproof, fireproof elevator doors and structures are available.

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The most important uses of types of elevators

The type of smart elevators in Dubai is determined according to the require use and these types are divide into:

  • Residential elevators are used in buildings to transport people between different floors, and when installe, they require a control room.
  • Also commercial elevators, which are intended for commercial facilities and transport individuals within the facility and are installe inside companies and hotels.
  • There are food elevators, which specialize in transporting food inside restaurants and hotels, and they also save effort and time.
  • Also There are also hospital elevators, and this type is intende for hospitals and is characterize by slow and smooth movement and standing,
    so it has special specifications so that it can transport food and patients inside the hospital.
  • Panorama elevators.
    These elevators are characterize by exquisite design and beauty,
    which is why they are used in major malls and hotels.
  • Also, goods elevators are used in construction sites to transport objects and goods within the construction site.

In the end, smart elevators in Dubai are among the elevators that are currently being use due to the technological developments in them and are characterize by the presence of many types that suit all different spaces and places.

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