Suitable elevator space When choosing an elevator, you must pay attention to some basics
and important specifications that you must know well before making a purchase,
the most important of which is knowing the space inside the building in which you install the elevator.

With knowing the suitable space for the elevator,
which is commensurate with the area of ​​the building and the passengers using the building,
as the space varies for several basic factors and must be well known,
and there are many of these factors that determine the appropriate space for you.

If you are looking to know the details that help you in installing the elevator
and you need to know the factors that help in knowing the area of ​​​​the elevator,
you can follow this article until the end and you will get what you want.

suitable elevator space

suitable elevator space

Elevator types, sizes, and usage differ, and to know how to choose the right elevator for you,
there are some important things that you must know and think about before buying,
which are commensurate with meeting all customer needs at the lowest cost,
and the most important of these things are:

Pre-establishment of the elevator

Which is meant by the presence of the elevator pit, the well, and the cabin room,
and whether the foundation was established in the place designated for the elevator during construction.

In the event that this was done, the process of selecting a suitable elevator space is appropriate,
and the appropriate elevator is the traction elevator.

This type of elevator is the least expensive in the event that the elevator foundation is suitable for you, and it remains for you to choose the load and the design form of the cabin from the inside. The components of the traction elevator can vary, including Italian made, Turkish made and Chinese made.

All of these details do not directly affect the work of the elevator,
but rather have an impact on the cost and life span of the elevator,
and the choice is up to the customer and the use of the building, whether it is commercial or residential, but in the case of no prior establishment, there are some points that must be taken care of, namely:

How many floors are there in the building?

It is important to determine the number of floors to be served by the elevator,
as there are some types of elevators that are limited in speed
and therefore were not practical if they were installed to serve more than 4 floors.

And in the event that it is intended to serve more than 4 floors, the best solution is the foundation for the elevator, and it is through digging a hole that is 1.5 meters deep, with the construction of a tower for the elevator, and the installation of an elevator with a traction machine, whether it has a room or without a room.

In the event that it is intended to serve 4 floors or less, it is better to install a home elevator without any foundation, and this is faster in implementation and lower in cost.

required payload

It is considered one of the most essential in determining a suitable elevator space, which is intended to determine the number of passengers used in general, and the load is calculated as 80 kg per person. In the case of a required elevator load of 6 people, the capacity of the machine must be not less than 480 kg.

As for the case of high loads for elevators without a foundation, which usually have a load of 4 to 5 people, this does not mean after providing elevators with a high load, but it increases the cost and is not the traditional choice for the elevator.

In the event that the elevator load ranges from 150 to 400 kg, it depends on the type of elevator and the space available for it, and this load is the most suitable for you.

Need a lift to accommodate a buggy

In the event that you want to install an elevator in order to provide a service for people with special needs, which is one of the most important factors when choosing a suitable elevator space, you must take into account that the space for the elevator accommodates a wheelchair.

And the minimum area that can accommodate a wheelchair is 800 * 1100 mm, and it is necessary to pay attention to the space of the elevator from the inside when purchasing it, and make sure that it accommodates the wheelchair in case it is a goal or your need for an elevator.

A suitable place to install the elevator

After you take a reading with the required load and know the appropriate internal space, it is important to consider the external space of the elevator, and to look at the appropriate place that accommodates the elevator. The appropriate place is between the stairs or in an unused corner of the building, and the appropriate solution is the external installation.

Elevator design and layout

Where elevators are available in many different shapes and designs, including square or rectangular, and there is a circular or hexagonal shape, and the colors and types of external coatings differ, so it is necessary to compare the design options for elevators while providing the design and decoration of the building and choose the elevator that suits you.

available budget

It is one of the most important points for knowing a suitable elevator space, and it is also one of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing an elevator, as there are many points that must determine your budget in order to make the right choice for you.

Types of elevators

suitable elevator space

There are many elevators, and the design principles of the elevator differ according to the purpose of use and a suitable elevator space. These types are:

  • Residential elevators, which are special to move the many residential units
    in order to facilitate movement between floors.
  • Commercial and residential elevators, which are elevators for commercial facilities,
    especially for transporting workers and visitors inside the facility.
  • Hospital elevators, which are elevators with special specifications that enable patients and visitors to be transported. One of the design principles for hospital elevators is that the load should not be less than 640 kg, and that it should accommodate the dimensions of a patient trolley, which is characterized by slow and smooth standing movement, and it must be good for ventilation.
  • Panoramic elevators, which are especially for commercial buildings or hotels, which are characterized by a distinctive glass vision, which adds an aesthetic appearance to the facility.
  • Goods elevators, which are for transporting goods of different sizes and weights through the different floors, which save effort and time spent on transportation and goods through individuals.

Special elevators for people with special needs

And it consists of a floor and sides only, while facilitating the movement of the disabled between floors.

Interior elevators

It is the type that is built inside the villas for the purpose of facilitating movement for the residents of the villa, especially for the elderly and people with special needs. Of course, the sizes of the internal and external elevators differ, which do not need to dig a machine, so it can be installed after the construction of the buildings.

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Fundamentals of elevator design

suitable elevator space

Elevator sizes differ from one building to another.
Elevator designers determine the special sizes
for the elevator shaft and the appropriate design for the building, based on several bases, namely:

  • platform site.
  • The total height of the building.
  • The number of floors to which the elevator is used.
  • physical distance between floors.
  • purpose of use.
  • The number of visitors to the building, which determines the intensity of use,
    knowing the sizes of the elevator shaft and a suitable elevator space.
  • Places of entry and exit from the building,
    which is preferably for the elevator in front of the main entrance to the building.
  • Required loads, which are the primary factor in determining an elevator’s stiffness.
  • The required elevator speed varies according to the type of elevator and the height of the building.
  • Drive technology which includes electro-hydraulic drive with or without gear.

In the end, a suitable elevator space is one of the most important things to know before purchasing
and installing an elevator, as it determines the price and many other details.

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