There are many tourist elevators in Dubai in tourist places, which give them an attractive and distinctive view. The city of Dubai is one of the distinctive tourist cities, and it has some distinctive tourist attractions, including Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and other tourist attractions that have elevators with a distinctive shape.

It also has a multi-elevator, which is the first elevator without ropes and has a luxurious and elegant appearance. There are many other types of elevators in homes, hospitals, hotels, and other places known as skyscrapers that need elevators.

Therefore, in this article, we will present everything you want to know about tourist elevators and other types of elevators. Follow the article until the end and you will get what you are looking for.

Tourist elevators in Dubai

Tourist elevators

Tourist elevators

They are the most used elevators in Dubai, especially by tourists who go to tourism in Dubai and visit all the tourist places there, and the most visited places are Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa.

They consist of several high floors, and glass elevators must be used to see the outside view when ascending, and there are many other types of elevators in Dubai.

Types of elevators and their use

There are many different types of tourist elevators in Dubai, and each elevator has a specific use. We will learn about these types through the following points:

Passenger elevator

It is a type of tourist elevator in Dubai found in buildings, hotels, offices, and other public places, to transport people between different floors.

Also It is considered the most common type of elevator around the world. also known as residential elevators or department elevators.

It consists of two cabins, one for passengers and the other for cargo. It can carry a number of people up to 25 people. Passengers are usually transported in the elevator at a speed ranging from 0.5 to 1 meter per second.

Lifts for outdoor sightseeing

They are considered one of the tourist elevators in Dubai, and they work to carry tourists to the top of the building to see the city. They usually open at the top of the building to allow tourists the opportunity to view the surrounding areas.

These elevators are similar in structure to standard elevators, but they have been modified to accommodate many people while providing a more comfortable ride when going up and down. These elevators have gained great popularity for sightseeing, and many cities have become interested in attracting tourists.

This sightseeing lift can be found in many major tourist attractions across the Emirates.

Car lifts

It is a type of elevator and is used to transport cars in malls and various places,
as the device works by moving cars vertically and horizontally.
The car elevator is a separate structure or an integral part of the building,
as the most common elevator transports cars between floors,
especially in tourist places where there are these Elevators for customer convenience.

Car elevators are also used in factories, warehouses, and other facilities to transport vehicles between different floors.
These elevators operate electrically or hydraulically and are less expensive, but require a lot of maintenance and have specific speed capabilities.

Electric elevators can operate faster and at higher heights than a hydraulic elevator if it has enough power available from the building’s electrical system.

Ship elevators

It is one of the tourist elevators in Dubai, especially on cruise ships.
It can transport people or goods from one deck to the other decks.

This elevator usually consists of a large horizontal steel tray that is placed on the side of the ship and can be raised or lowered through the use of ropes and pulleys.

It is also connected to an electric motor that can be operated remotely from inside the ship.

What are elevator control systems?

Tourist elevators

Tourist elevators

There is more than one system to control a number of tourist elevators in Dubai,
which vary according to the type of elevator and the appropriate method with it.
These methods are:

Air conditioned elevator

It is an AC elevator and is one of the types of elevators that can be used in high-rise buildings. The difference between this elevator and a traditional elevator is that instead of using a DC motor, an AC motor is used.

The AC motor also has a larger torque and diameter than a traditional elevator motor, and the main benefit of using this type of elevator is that it can run continuously for long periods, making it more ideal for use in large high-rise buildings, as it carries a large number of people at one time.

DC elevator

It is a type of elevator that uses current directly to operate its motors.
The direct current elevator is commonly used in places where there is an electricity network, such as underground mines or metro stations.

Direct current elevators are also use in old buildings. Try changing from alternating current to direct current. If The building already has AC power,
so a DC conversion would cost much less than replacing the entire system with new wiring and other components.

Hydraulic elevators

It is considered a type of elevator that uses hydraulic energy to lift the car. It also uses a piston to raise and lower the car. This type of elevator is used in tourist elevators in Dubai because it is more energy efficient than other types.

It allows more downtime than other types of elevators, and these elevators are often used in residential buildings and other places because they are cheaper to install than other types of elevators.

Also, the hydraulic elevator can be installed in places with limited spaces and places where there is sufficient space for electrical resources.

Tourist elevator speeds in Dubai

Tourist elevators

Tourist elevators

Elevator speeds vary from one elevator to another depending on the type of elevator used and the location in which it is located. These speeds are as follows:

  • Low-speed elevator, with a maximum speed of less than 1.00 m/s,
    and the International Building Code requires all passenger elevators to be low-speed elevators.
  • Also a medium-speed elevator, with a speed of 10 seconds between floors,
    and it can be used in residential buildings, hotels, offices or hospitals.
  • Among its characteristics is that the running time is short,
    the maximum number of people transported per hour is 1,200 people,
    and the maximum speed is 150 meters per minute.
  • There is a high-speed elevator, used in high-rise buildings with more than 15 floors. The elevator ride takes more than 30 seconds and its speed is 3.1 m/s.

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High-speed elevator

It is an electric elevator designe to transport passengers at a speed of more than 5.00 m/s. It can be use in residential buildings, areas, offices,
and shopping centers.

There are many types of it, as the speed of the traction machine reaches 5 meters per second and is mainly used in residential buildings. The screw machine elevator reaches 4 meters.

per second and is mainly used for offices, while the hydraulic machine reaches 3 meters per second and is mainly used in commercial buildings.

In the end, there are many types of tourist elevators in Dubai, which consist of an attractive and distinctive shape through which to view the city’s sights.

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