We must know about is the smart elevator technology, The world is witnessing a great technological development in recent times, and among the technological developments.

Smart elevators are one of the modern technological inventions through which many advantages of elevators have been reached. In order to transport passengers or goods between floors of buildings.

Elevators are designed through modern technological systems that help these elevators analyze traffic, in addition to making various decisions by calculating time, direction and capacity, in addition to calculating the elevator speed.

Elevators are considered one of the good inventions that facilitated the movement between the floors of buildings, and in this article we will learn about a new type of elevator, which is the smart elevator.

Smart elevator technology

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Smart elevators contain many modern technological means that help provide the best transportation service between the floors of tall buildings,
so it is important to get acquainted with the smart elevator technology that was developed in these elevators by the inventors in order to increase the means of protection for elevators, in addition to facilitating Practical, smart elevators include a large number of technologies as follows:

Internet connection technology

Smart buildings have a number of smart elevators that are connected to the Internet in order to provide all information about the elevator during its work to the company that specializes in elevator maintenance.

Unnaturalness in the elevator The rapid approach is made in order to treat this problem as soon as possible,
which saves the time and money needed to treat major problems.

Maintenance technology through cloud forecasting

All information about the elevator is transmitted through the predictive cloud maintenance technology that the smart elevators contain,
and this technology works on:

  • Sending all collected elevator data to the cloud and analyzing it for elevator status recognition.
  • Also When the elevator is exposed to any abnormal movement during operation, the main data of the elevator is compared with the data that is sent continuously in order to identify the existence of the problem.
  • The old data is constantly compared with the new data in order to determine whether there is a problem or strange movement inside the elevator or not.
  • Also Maintenance engineers receive messages about the parts that must be replaced inside the elevator in order for the elevator to work properly.
  • Engineers can treat the problem as soon as possible before exposure to major problems that cause severe damage,
    thus avoiding any problem related to the elevator in a very short time.

Providing a large number of entertainment systems

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Smart elevator technology provides a large number of entertainment means,
as smart elevators contain a large number of elevator entertainment systems for the convenience of passengers,
as the designers were keen to add these features in order to provide many means of comfort and simulate the technological development that the world has reached,
and from These features include:

  • The elevator has an interactive touch control panel, which is easily used to move between floors.
  • Also There is a monitoring system for the elevator in order to constantly monitor the status of passengers during the elevator trip.
  • The elevator cabin contains modern and advanced technology that helps in making emergency calls easily when exposed to an emergency situation.
  • Also There is an elevator cabin indicator to know the condition of the cabin.

Cable-free smart elevator technology

One of the smart elevators technology is the development of the work of smart elevators in order to operate without the need for cables,
where smart elevators can move vertically and horizontally
without the need for any kind of cables,
and smart elevators are manufactured by relying on carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

and are Running through linear motors that can move the elevator cabin on magnetic rails,
this technology provides an energy saving advantage that cable-operated elevators cannot reach.

Intuitive Elevator Technology

Smart elevators have the advantage of collecting passengers heading to the same destination in order to save energy,
as the elevators work through the smart assembly technology and the existing destination that helps in determining the different destinations for passengers and collecting the passengers of one unit with each other,
and this technology works to save energy by up to 27 %.

Automated storage technology

Smart elevator technology provides a smart engine storage system that works to provide some spaces for cars,
and this technology works to provide protection for the surrounding environment
by stopping the car engine when storing it until it starts again when it is needed.

Advantages of smart elevators

Smart elevators contain a large number of features that provide comfort for passengers, in addition to conserving energy,
and these features include:

  • Smart elevators stop at a lower number of floors than regular elevators, by collecting passengers according to the destination,
    and through this feature, the elevator returns as quickly as possible in order to transport other passengers.
  • Smart elevators are the perfect choice for high-rise buildings,
    as well as buildings over 10 floors.
  • Also The control panel in the smart elevators works by touch,
    so it does not rely on any kind of buttons.
  • Smart elevators are quiet during work and do not make any kind of noise,
    as they perform their work in complete silence,
    in addition to the high efficiency in the process of transporting passengers.

What distinguishes smart elevators from ordinary elevators

Smart elevators are characterized by a large number of smart elevator technology that helps them carry out the transportation task at the highest level of safety and entertainment.

They are sent to the company to break down constantly for speedy handling,
unlike normal elevators that work by relying on a large number of parts
that need to be taken care of constantly in order to maintain the efficiency and safety of the elevator.

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Tips for handling elevators

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When talking about smart elevator technology,
it is important to get acquainted with some tips through which you can maintain your safety and the safety of others while using elevators,
and among the tips that must be followed before using the elevator are the following:

  • You should not use the elevator while the building is exposed to a fire or any emergency, in order to avoid being trapped in the elevator.
  • Children under the age of 14 cannot use the elevator without an accompanying person, in order to maintain their safety.
  • It is important to look closely at the instructions on the elevator’s dashboard in order to identify the load of the elevator,
    in addition to the instructions for riding.

Smart elevator technology is one of the very important things that have added more fun to the field of elevator maintenance and design. 

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