How to manage elevator maintenance and repair Elevators represent an important part of daily life, and their importance and attention to repair and periodic maintenance cannot be ignored, due to the malfunctions that elevators are exposed to at any time, which results in prolonging the time required to reach the different floors of buildings.

Therefore, maintenance officials, technicians, and engineers must know how to do the repair and maintenance of the assistant in the correct way and with precise steps, in order to provide the best judgment of quality and performance, and from this article we will learn how to repair and maintain the assistant step by step and provide assistance to you in learning how to maintain the elevator yourself, Just follow the article till the end to know everything you are looking for.

How to manage elevator maintenance and repair

manage elevator maintenance

Elevator maintenance is necessary and important to ensure the safety and security of individuals and to secure the smooth operation of the elevator, as maintenance works on updating, cleaning and repairing the moving and vital parts continuously.

In order to ensure the speed and smooth movement of the elevator,
and regular inspection of elevators by professionals specialized in this field is necessary.

This is because there are risks associated with the operation of the elevator,
and malfunctions in elevators can occur as a result of emergency events,
including power surges or any problems with the electrical current.

Which causes a lot of problems that can lead to losses of people or facilities.

Factors affecting the elevator

Maintenance is a necessary and important matter for the insurance, comfort and safety of users, with the development of the life span of the elevator, despite the use of the elevator to move people or goods for floors, there are many external and internal factors that can affect the elevator, including climate fluctuations or problems in the elevator itself.

 Therefore, after knowing how to manage elevator maintenance and repair,
you must identify the factors that affect the elevator, and these factors are:


It is considered one of the most important reasons that affect the elevator,
as moisture can lead to corrosion of metal parts, which cause rust.


And if sudden floods occur, it leads to damage to the electrical equipment,
along with parts of the hydraulic rings.

Natural factors

Including strong winds or thunderstorms, or can be through elevator cables
and electrical parts.

Wrong use

This affects the elevator parts, resulting in long-term smashing and damage to the parts.

the age

The elevator corrodes with the passage of time, through which its components can be damaged in the long term, so it is necessary to know how to manage the maintenance and repair of the elevator and take care of the maintenance work for it continuously and regularly in order to improve the life of the elevator and maintain the safety of users.

Types of elevators

In the field of engineering industries, in which elevators are of paramount importance, as they contribute to facilitating the movement of people and products between different floors of buildings,
and through the diversity that the market is witnessing at the present time, the elevator can be classified into four main types and the most common.

They are electric elevators, hydraulic elevators, mechanical elevators,
and elevators that operate through VVVF engines, and each of these types has its own applications, for example, electric elevators are used in high buildings, while hydraulic elevators are characterized by their ability to work in narrow spaces that require heavy lifting.

Mechanical elevators that operate through steam and pressure and are used in historical buildings or museums. As for elevators that operate with VVVF motors, they are quiet in operation,
and the maximum speed reaches 20 m / s.

And after knowing the types of elevators and their application, you can get an effective and suitable one to meet the needs of the various workers. Each of these types has a method for maintenance or repair,
so you must know how to manage elevator maintenance and repair.

Preventive maintenance of elevators

The preventive maintenance of elevators is one of the most important methods that must be followed by maintenance experts, in order to preserve the safety of elevators with the continuous development and efficiency of the elevator, which ensures continuous checks to ensure the safety of all external and internal parts of the elevator.

In addition, it must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis,
and by doing preventive maintenance well, it is possible to enhance
the life span of the elevator while reducing the problems that the elevator may be exposed to.

As for negligence in maintenance, it can lead to an increase in breakdowns
while significantly reducing the efficiency of the elevator. For this reason, it is necessary to contract with companies specialized in maintaining elevators and know how to maintain the elevator and address the problems in it, in addition to carrying out preventive maintenance work on an ongoing basis.

Elevator maintenance course

manage elevator maintenance

This course is a set of procedures and tests that are followed periodically to ensure the safety of the elevator and its continuous and effective operation. It also includes checking the condition of the main components of the elevator, including the engine, control panel, or any other parts that may need maintenance and repair.

It also includes choosing the entire elevator, including riding it completely,
to ensure that it works properly. The course also includes cleaning and lubricating the elevator,
along with cleaning the doors from any dust or dirt that may accumulate.

The maintenance course is available in companies specialized in maintaining elevators
with knowledge of how to manage elevator maintenance and repair.
The price of the course varies according to the type, size and amount of maintenance required.

Institutions and companies that have elevators in buildings need to invest in the elevator maintenance cycle continuously in order to avoid any sudden breakdowns that could affect the safety of users and cause work stoppages.

Elevator maintenance

The maintenance of other elevators requires 5 basic steps in order to maintain the elevators and avoid any malfunctions in them, which are provided by some companies specialized in maintaining elevators and knowing how to manage elevator maintenance and repair. These steps are:

Inspection of elevators periodically

Through this step and carrying out its work periodically and continuously,
it is possible to identify the presence of any damage or defect within the electrical
or mechanical systems,
or any malfunction that needs urgent repair.

Surface cleaning

The internal and external surfaces of elevators must be cleaned continuously,
in order to keep the elevator surface clean, with a decrease in the possibility of harm to users.

Maintenance of component parts of elevators

This step includes inspection of all electrical wires, motors, and motors with lubrication of joints.
This requires checking the presence of internal parts of elevators and maintenance on an ongoing basis.

Follow the instructions provided

Sometimes elevators display the user’s manual so that the user can familiarize themselves
with the correct ways to use elevators, with an explanation of bearing all incoming loads,
which do not lead to damage to the elevator or any of its component parts.

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Reliance on a specialized team

manage elevator maintenance

It is necessary to rely on a trained and qualified team to carry out maintenance
and repair operations in order to avoid any errors that could occur and lead to a sudden stop of the elevator, and when these steps are implemented on a regular basis, you can avoid most of the malfunctions that occur, and the elevator works safely and effectively for many years.

In the end, if you are looking for how to manage elevator maintenance and repair,
here is this area that helps you in that and knowing all the details that you are looking for

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