-Through many centuries, humanity was seeking for development in any place they live in with all through many
centuries, humanity was seeking for development with all kinds and different possible ways to invent new techniques and machines to facilitate lifestyle. Humanity is known for its passion towards discovering
milestones of life and facing all types of difficulties humanity could get through it by their magnificent innovations, for example, like lifts which Facilitated many difficult operations
like transferring bulky goods and other staff in skyscrapers considering all safety and security factors.
Nowadays, there are many changes has been occurred in the fields like industry, computers as well as software. They have contributed significant progress in all different sectors. By pushing a button, you call a metal box that transports you from one floor to another safely.

In fact, an elevator is mandatory for a building which is more than four to five floors high or even in some cases a house.

– The working principle of an elevator or lift is like the pulley system, a pulley system is used to draw the water from the well, this pulley system can be designed with a bucket, a rope with a wheel. A bucket is connected to a rope that passes throughout a wheel. This can make it very easy to draw the water from the well. Similarly, present elevators use the same concept. But the main difference between these two is pulley systems are operated manually whereas an elevator uses sophisticated mechanisms for handling the elevator’s load.

• How is the elevator operating?

– Basically, the elevator is a metal box in different shapes which is connected to a very tough metal rope. The tough
metal rope passes through a sheave on the elevator in the engine room. Here a sheave is like a wheel in pulley system for clutching the metal rope strongly. This system can be operated by a motor. When the switch is turned
ON, the motor can be activated when the elevator goes up and down or stops. In SMOU we take care of every single gear and detail regarding the elevator and its components which is made in ITALY with a high quality that satisfy
every customer needs.

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