Basic considerations when buying a home elevator Elevators have become one of the most used things in the recent period due to the high buildings and the multi-storeys, which need an elevator that provides them with the process of ascending and saves time and effort.

Many people are looking for important specifications and basics when buying an elevator
so that it fits with the building in which you install the elevator, as each building and use of the elevator needs certain specifications so that users are not exposed to any danger when using it.

Therefore, through this article, you can know all these specifications and details
that you are looking for before purchasing an elevator and installing it inside the building.
Therefore, follow the article until the end, and you will get everything you are looking for.

Basic considerations when purchasing a home elevator

basic considerations

There are many basic considerations that must be taken into account when purchasing a home elevator,
and the most important of these considerations are:

Lifting volume and carrying capacity

There are many elevators with a standard size of 3 and 4 feet, although they can be a larger size considering that the elevator can carry special equipment, including a wheelchair.

However, with low-traffic buildings, a greater weight capacity would be required,
which is sufficient to transport heavy loads from one floor to another.

potential security risks

Consideration of potential security risks and adequate security measures required to reduce the possibility of any accidents include important safety choices which are the primary considerations when purchasing a home elevator, which should not overshadow the installation of alarm systems, with internal command phones or backups when the power goes out with braking systems relaxation series.

Elevator drive system

The drive system is more common for home elevators, pulley winding and hydraulic gear list breaking,
elevator requires modern winding roller for small rooms, if there is any whistle of the balance chain,
which room elevator does not need.

Elevator price

It is considered one of the basic considerations when buying a home elevator,
as elevator prices range from high prices to the most economical elevators.
It is important to analyze the total cost of the elevator from purchase, installation and maintenance.

Warranty upon purchase

It is necessary to choose the guarantee and it is important
to buy the elevator from a manufacturer that offers good guarantees when purchasing through it.

elevator model

There are many different methods on the market from different manufacturers,
and you should consider a model that best matches your architectural design.

Home elevator safety standards

basic considerations

There are some safety and security standards for the home elevator,
and the most important of these standards are:

Basic criteria

  • There are some basic standards and rules that are among the basic considerations when buying a home elevator and aim to ensure that all home elevators adhere to certain safety rules.
  • Among them, elevator codes impose a safe limit for weight, speed, height distance, and safety features that those who manufacture home elevators must take into consideration during design.

modern standards

  • As engineering experts become more aware of potential risks while devising new ways to make elevators safer, standards can be updated that require new safety features
    and design elements.
  • The last update of the National Elevator Safety Code was in 2016.
  • The aim of this talk is to make the elevator safer for young children
    and the elderly by reducing the distance between the elevator door and the elevator cabin doors.

Safety features of home elevators

There are some features that enhance the safety of modern elevators,
which are among the basic considerations when buying a home elevator, which aim to avoid any potential problems that may occur during the operation of the elevator, including power outages,
and safety features help prevent the risks that occur, and the most important of these features:


  • One of the features that all home elevators must have is to maintain the safety of the doorman. These doors are connected to the elevator cabin.
  • Also, To enter the elevator home, you can open the elevator door,
    then open the gate and access the elevator cabin.
  • Commercial elevators have the same setup, but instead of a door and gate, there are two sets of doors, one specialized for opening by lever and the other opening directly into the cab.

The importance of portals

  • They are not there just for overall looks, as they prevent the elevator from moving when the elevator door is open and there is a person a short distance from the elevator cabin.
  • The elevator will not operate unless the gate is free of any burden and it is ensured that it is closed, which maintains the safety of the elevator passengers.
  • While gates are primarily there for safety, they add charm to your home elevator.

Lighting and indicators

  • It is important that home elevators have sufficient lighting so that you can see at any time.
  • This lighting can help prevent trips, slips, or falls that can lead to injury.
  • Home elevators have bright low-temperature LED lights that turn on when the door is opened or the elevator is running.

backup power

  • A power outage can be dangerous without proper safety features.
  • Since home elevators operate through the use of electricity, a sudden loss of power when riding an elevator that means falling inside the elevator cabin is a situation that no one wants to experience.

Home elevator prices

Home elevators differ according to the type and size that affect the cost of installation,
which is usually installed by the producing companies or the companies that sell them.
Among the most important factors affecting elevator prices, the most important of these factors are:

Elevator type

The type of elevator to be installed is one of the most important basic considerations
when buying a home elevator, which has a major role in determining the price,
including elevators with cables, which are elevators with a lower cost compare to other elevators.

It should be noted that it needs to maintain the cables after 5 years of installing the elevator,
due to the extension of the cable or damage, and there are also hydraulic elevators,
which are more expensive than cable elevators, and they need to change the cables every 5 years.

The number of floors to which the elevator must be installed

The more floors the elevator has to operate, the higher the price of the elevator to be installed.

Elevator size 

The greater the size of the elevator to be installed, the higher the price of the elevator.

country of manufacture

The country in which the elevator was made plays a role in determining the price of the elevator,
which is one of the main considerations when buying a home elevator.

Post installation service

The presence of this service plays a major role in determining the price of the elevator,
as it represents the convenience of the customer after the installation of the elevator, as it works to increase the price of the elevator.

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place of installation

basic considerations

The place of installation of the elevator is an important factor in knowing the price,
as the prices of the home elevator differ, of course, from the prices of the commercial elevator.

In the end, the basic considerations when buying a home elevator are among the most important considerations that must be taken into account when purchasing a home elevator and knowing all the details that you need and the special specifications of the elevator.

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