Many people ask themselves: Do elevators need surveillance cameras? In general, the answer is yes, as the idea of ​​installing elevators came to save time and effort and to ensure people’s comfort. However, this must be accompanied by a complete safety element in elevators

because your feeling of safety is the basis of your presence in any Place, with the advancement of technology came the idea of ​​creating surveillance cameras to achieve this security.

Do elevators need surveillance cameras?

Do elevators need surveillance cameras

Do elevators need surveillance cameras

Your feeling of safety and reassurance is the basis of your presence in any place, even if it is an elevator in your home building. Several problems may occur in which you may need to have surveillance cameras in order to understand the situation.

Malfunctions may occur inside the elevator that you need to know the cause of, or it may be exposed to many crimes. Which may be prevented by the presence of surveillance cameras. The presence of surveillance cameras in any place is something that will make you feel comfortable and help protect you from any dangers.

Therefore, we will show you the method, importance, and all the important details that will answer your question: Do elevators need surveillance cameras?

The benefit of having surveillance cameras 

Surveillance cameras are considered small camera devices that are installed in public places, such as streets, shops, factories, factories, companies, and institutions of all kinds, with the aim of maintaining the safety and security of individuals and the safety of their other property, without the need to pursue and monitor them.

The presence of cameras in public places is not intended to violate anyone’s privacy,
but rather their installation is to protect people by preventing criminal activity,
and to provide physical evidence when any type of crime occurs in video recording,
or to also help ensure the safety of devices in factories, institutions, and others. Of things.

The importance of installing surveillance cameras in the elevator

Due to the recent presence of elevators in most buildings, the need for surveillance cameras has increased in recent years, as they are considered a guaranteed way to deter or arrest crime perpetrators. Therefore, we will present the importance of installing cameras in elevators to answer the question: Do elevators need surveillance cameras?:

Feeling safe and not embarrassed

Riding an elevator face to face with a stranger most of the time may make people feel uncomfortable, afraid, and anxious, due to the fact that the elevator cabin is small in space and compact

and commercial and residential elevators in high-rise towers may need to install security surveillance cameras, in order to support and raise the level of safety. and security, and helping passengers feel more comfortable and reassured.

Identify the causes of elevator accidents and malfunctions

Do elevators need surveillance cameras

Although the probability of an elevator accident occurring is very small, surveillance cameras can be useful in such situations, because it is difficult to see inside the elevator cabin during any malfunctions, so emergency services may benefit from watching the live surveillance camera feed.

They will then be able to provide assistance to those responsible for maintenance in an effective
and useful manner, especially if the malfunction occurs during the elevator’s operation.

The camera also records the time when the elevator malfunction occurred,
and this greatly helps maintenance companies to find out what is the cause of the malfunction.

Deterring elevator crimes

It is considered one of the most important reasons for installing surveillance cameras in elevators.
The camera forces most criminals to be ordinary people in society. The presence of a camera inside the elevator will make the perpetrators of the crime think twice before committing anything that might be photographed and become evidence of their crime.

Of course, there is no thief or perpetrator.
A crime wants to be recorded on camera while committing the crime because their entire shapes and characteristics are visible on the camera, as the events of the crime are recorded in audio and video.

Therefore, if someone tries to take advantage of the small space of the elevator and tries to steal or assault the rest of the people in the elevator, the surveillance camera will prevent these incidents from occurring and deter criminals who are outlaws. This is considered one of the important reasons that answers the question: Do elevators need surveillance cameras? .

How to install surveillance cameras in elevators

To know whether elevators need surveillance cameras or not, you must know how to install a surveillance camera system in the elevator, and these steps include:

  1. Surveillance cameras are installed in the corner of the elevator, especially in the upper area. There are a type of cameras in the shape of a triangle that are intended to be installed in elevators, where they photograph and record everything that is in the elevator cabin, then we install the camera with screws with ease.
  2.  Place the transmitter under or above the cab inside a metal box,
    and connect the camera to it via an RG 59 cable, like connecting regular analog cameras.
  3. Connect the transmitter to the Internet via a CAT 5, 6, or 7 Internet cable.
  4. Install and connect the receiver at the top or bottom of the elevator shaft.
  5. Connect the Coaxile Cable from the receiver to the DVR and then to the display screen.

Surveillance camera prices

All people want to have protection and security, and to secure the place they are in. Therefore, there are many individuals who may be interested in knowing what the prices of surveillance cameras are in order to be aware of all the answers to the question: Does the elevator need surveillance cameras?, as the prices of cameras actually vary according to several factors. Among them are the following:

  • Type or model of surveillance cameras.
  • Surveillance camera lens resolution.
  • Size of surveillance cameras.
  • The features and programs that the surveillance camera contains.
  • Storage capacity provided by surveillance cameras.
  • And regular maintenance of the camera.

The best types of surveillance cameras that are easy to install

To answer the question: Do elevators need surveillance cameras? You must know the types of cameras that can be installed easily. Many types and shapes of surveillance cameras have appeared, with each type containing advantages and characteristics different from the rest of the cameras.

Therefore, we will present the most important and best types of surveillance cameras
that are easy to install. Including the following:

Ring Stick Up Surveillance Camera

The Ring Stick Up Camera is characterized by its high accuracy of surveillance,
and it does not require wires.

C-mount camera

 It is distinguished by its superior ability to record video footage and record accurately over long distances.

Canary Flex surveillance camera

It is a widely popular type of camera because it has several features, including shooting video clips in HD resolution, night vision, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a built-in microphone and speaker.

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Blink XT2 surveillance camera

Do elevators need surveillance cameras

This camera shoots at 1080p, is also equipped with infrared night vision, can withstand various weather factors, contains a dual sound feature, and battery charging.

Surveillance cameras are considered indispensable nowadays, as they provide security, reassurance
and fearlessness for passengers. They also help prevent and deter many crimes that may occur within the small confines of the elevator

so you must install a surveillance camera in elevators in order to ensure greater safety.
For elevator riders, I believe that these are the most important answers to the question:
Do elevators need surveillance cameras? 

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