Elevator ropes and their accessories are considered the most searched on all international search engines, as they are considered one of the most important components of elevators that must be given great attention to them. The pull ropes or elevator traction are ropes made of braided steel.

Which is used to suspend the cart of the elevator and also the counterweight in the specified way,
which we will address in this article.

Work is also being done to use these ropes with all kinds of different fish with winches,
winches, and all travel accessories, as well as elevators.
Therefore, through this article, we will talk about elevator ropes and their accessories.

Elevator ropes and accessories

elevator ropes

The elevator ropes and their accessories are those that consist of steel strands,
many of which are braided in order to give only one strand,
and work is also done to collect a large number of strands that wrap around a staple only,
and then work is done to dip it into an oil that is made of In order to finally be the strong steel rope.

It is the number of strands and the thickness of the strands that ultimately affects the final thickness of the tricks, which affects how much the rope can handle and also how much weight you can handle.

What is the thickness of elevator ropes and accessories?

 The thickness of the rope for the elevator ropes and accessories is the one that starts from about 6 mm,
in elevators for medical supplies, food elevators, commercial, office or even home elevators,
and each has one condition, which is that they are light in weight.

Work is being done to use a thickness of 8 mm in all light passenger elevators,
with an increase in the number of ropes in the suspension.

Accommodating elevators in terms of the number of passengers is between 4 to 8 people,
and that is on condition that the number of ropes is commensurate with the amount of the load,
and ropes that are larger than the thickness that we talked about are used in elevators
that have a heavy load and are the ones that are larger from the previous load.

How to do rope lifts

elevator ropes

Work is being done to tie the single rope inside the upper piece in order to carry the cart,
through the use of special rope tensioners, which are connected to the appropriate holes for a fish slice that can bear the weight as well as the tensile forces.

Then the ropes ascend into the engine room, by passing through the engine hoop, and then descend into the well until it reaches the weight, and then work is done to tie it inside the weight, in the upper piece as well, with a tensioner that is attached to a slice that is of very suitable thickness with the auger also.

How to work out the length of ropes

The calculation of the length of the elevator ropes and their requirements is done by placing the cart on the last floor where the weight is located on the ground floor or vice versa, and then the rope is tied in one of them and then passes over the engine shaft and then work is done to tie it in the second part .

There are also many factors associated with the excessive length of the rope,
which is the lack of discipline in standing on the last floor,
which can be seen by stopping the vehicle at the level of the floor, in the event that the buildings are high, and the weight of the ropes is considered as the additional weight of the elevator.

What are the consequences of shortening the length of the ropes than necessary?

The shortness of the ropes can lead to failure to adjust the standing on the ground floor, as they are standing by the level of the floor with the possibility of the weight hitting the ceiling of the well.

All this occurs when the vehicle slips below the level of the ground floor,
and the vehicle that is higher in the last floor can also slide, and it may also hit the ceiling of the well.

It is also taken into account when installing the ropes the amount of slip that is allowed,
which is about 10 cm only, and also the height of the dampers.

And in the event that it was cut or shortened, it cannot be completely connected,
for the sake of safety and security, and also in terms of how the elevator motor hoop works,
while working to pull the ropes from the other side.

How to operate a rope drive hoop pull

The nature of the motor hoop is that it pulls the rope from the side of the load or the car,
which is based on the direction of movement of the elevator, and it often passes along the rope on the hoop. If the rope is connected through the locks, it can lead to this rope leaving its own stream.

Also, work is done to pull the rope through the rope’s interlocking system inside the hoop,
so the question here is whether it is possible for it to slip.

The answer here is that despite the absence of a rated balance between each of the carriage and the counterweight, there is absolutely no sliding of the counterweight at the bottom, and that is in the idle position of the elevator or working to increase the weight over the weight of the carriage, while it is empty of passengers or in A case where less than half of the rated passengers are present.

This is because the matter is related to how the elevator engine works, which is the brake system attached to the engine, and also the nature of the engine’s design, as the engine hoop is the one that works to move the ropes through the method of interlocking and not by sliding like pulleys.

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How many ropes are used in the elevators

elevator ropes

The number of elevator ropes and accessories is about 3 in passenger elevators,
which are intended for 4 people, and they are more with an increase in the load,
which can exceed 8 or 6 people.

It is also possible to work on using only one rope, but in order to achieve safety reasons
and so that no stress occurs on that rope, which leads to its interruption, and this means that in the event that there is only one rope, it is able to do the rescue of the elevator in the event of its fall.

But he will not be able to give you the necessary efficiency in operation, because this is what is related to the system for interlocking the ropes with all the hoops that are present in the engine,
and the greater the number of them, the greater the space for the interlock, so he works to operate it.

Also, the use of a number of ropes is what distributes the weight
and also doubles the tension on the rope, which can reach about 4 times.

At the end of this article, we have talked about elevator ropes and their accessories,
and all the important points related to them.

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