Some people wonder how to Elevator control because it is known that elevators have become nowadays the soul of any place you are in, and the reason for this is the spread of many buildings. Also,
high-rise towers that can only be accessed with an elevator of a distinctive brand,

and it has the best systems for elevators, and there is a main system for controlling the elevator,
which we will talk about through our article, which contains some details about it.

Elevator control

Elevator control

The elevator control circuit is one of the most dangerous circuits, as any error, even if simple, can lead to danger to people’s lives. You should stay away from the control circuit, especially if you are a person who has no experience in the field of elevator maintenance, and if a malfunction occurs in the elevator, all you have to do is Communicate with people for elevator maintenance.

The operation of the special elevator control circuit has many characteristics for good performance in order to work on regulating the speed on a large scale, so it has been used in elevators for a long time through the motor generator set, as it controls the elevator speed up to 4 m / s.

 However, the structure of the unit itself is of a large size, as well as energy consumption, and maintenance work constitutes a great burden on the personnel that provide maintenance services, and the cost is also high, so it is mostly used in buildings that need high speed and comfort requirements.


The electric elevator is one of the most important elements that exist in modern homes at the present time, and the electric elevator is designed in order to carry many people, according to each elevator, because there are instructions on most elevators that show how many people the elevator can accommodate, so it must be adhered to in order to avoid Any risks to the lives of elevator users or breakdowns that result from overloading the elevator.

Types of elevator drives

Elevator control is distinguished by the fact that it has various motors,
which we will talk about through the following lines:

Hydraulic drive

The hydraulic motor is considered one of the best engines
that are used in controlling the elevator because the high-pressure oil is run in the cylinder that is driven by a motor, and work is done to move the movable plug in order to drive the elevator cabin in the appropriate manner for the buildings in which the elevator is located and is mostly used in buildings that are less than 20 metres.

 gear drive reducer drive

Low current and DC motors are used to drive the elevator cabin through gears called deceleration gears, as well as pulling cables that belong to tractors,
so they are mostly used in medium-sized and low-speed elevators.

How does the elevator work? 

It is known that the elevator is a room attached to many ropes that some engines operate
in order to raise and lower it in the corridor designated for it, in addition to being on the sides
as well as dark or even transparent glass walls through which the outside can be seen.

 It is worth noting that in many huge buildings that carry elevators,
there are many alarm devices, as well as remote control centers, in addition to the presence of small computers, through which work is done to record their movements and what is in them, and there are many of them, as phones work to help in Communication between everyone inside the elevator

 Also, the control centers are the ones that monitor the elevators,
in addition to that they work to ensure the quality and the absence of any faults,
while working on their presence and not being late in important buildings.

Instructions for using the elevator

Elevator control

There are some instructions that you must take into consideration,
and they are among the things that must be done when using the elevator.
They are as follows:

  • It is not possible to pressure all the systems of the elevator, in order not to cause any malfunction in the elevator, you have to instruct your children not to do so.
  • And in the event that a sudden malfunction occurs in the elevator while going up or down,
    an attempt must be made to contact any person outside,
    whether it is the building guard or a member of your family.
  • Avoid children going up or down in the elevator alone so that they do not jump inside the elevator because this is common among many children and this leads to serious damage and accidents

Advantages of having elevators in buildings

After we got to know the elevator control, we talk about the importance of having the elevator in buildings that have many advantages, which are represented by the following points:

  • You can rely on it to move between high-rise floors quickly
    without the need to use the ladder, which constitutes fatigue for individuals.
  • Among the advantages of elevators in buildings is that it is modern
    and suitable for all individuals to go up and down from high floors.
  • Including the elevator helps to save time and effort very much.
  • One of the importance of having elevators in the buildings is that it is within the comfort of the guests coming to you so that they do not feel trouble when they come to you every time.
  • Elevators provide security and safety in moving between floors.

Tips for maintaining elevators 

After getting to know how to control the elevator, there are some tips
that you must follow in order to maintain the elevator in the buildings in which you are located,
and these features are as follows:

  • You must do not load heavy weights inside the elevator so that no malfunctions occur.
  • When you or your children enter the elevator, all you have to do is not stick to the elevator door,
    in order to maintain personal safety.
  • You must not click on the buttons of the elevator control panel.
  • If the elevator door is opened, you must keep away from the door.

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Safety in the elevator

Elevator control

There are some means of safety in elevators, as well as elevator control,
and they are through the following points:

  •  There is a regulator for the elevator speed, which works to stop the operation of the elevator,
    in the event of an increase in the speed in the elevator cabin from the traditional speed,
    and also programmed for the elevator, which is called the emergency brake.
  • In addition to the cabin that can move in the case of closing all the doors of the elevator only. 
  • Elevators are characterized by the presence of many safety systems that make you and your family members use the elevator without worrying about any malfunction.
  • Among the safety measures in the elevator is an electrical device
    to prevent the door from opening when the elevator is operating. 

At the end of our article, we have talked in detail about how to control the elevator,
as well as the best safety measures that are present in the elevator, along with some tips
and instructions that must be followed to avoid any damage, and we also got to know some of the advantages of the presence of elevators in buildings. 

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