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How to choose a modern elevator and its importance

How to choose a modern elevator is a question asked by many, as technological machines have developed rapidly in the modern era, and the same applies to elevators, as elevators have developed in a way that suits the uses of the modern era.

Many people have suffered from the lack of elevators in buildings with multiple floors, which makes them forced to use Stairs are used to reach the upper floors, but now with the spread of elevators, it has become much easier and moving between different floors has become a simple matter.

With scientific progress, elevators have many different types that suit everyone, most notably electric elevators, which are considered the most widespread and widely used. Due to the diversity of choices, many people wonder about the most appropriate option for the home or building in which they live, so through this article we will answer how to choose an elevator. Most suitable for you.

How to choose a modern elevator

How to choose a modern elevator

In order to know how to choose a modern elevator, the selection of technological machines must mimic modern trends. Elevators must also fit the architecture and design of buildings. These modern trends are to keep pace with global and environmentally friendly use.

Contact technology, antimicrobial finishing, improved ventilation and airflow are considered. Inside the elevator cabin is one of the distinctive features of the design of the second generation of advanced elevators, and through the following we will review the most eye-catching designs and modern trends in installing elevators for widespread public and commercial buildings:

Panoramic views

With the spread of glass walls in recent years, the location of the elevator is very important, which helps in knowing how to choose a modern elevator. The elevator is a great place to observe the design of the building and make a wonderful impression on visitors.

Cylindrical elevators with a diameter of only 37 inches are able to provide an angled view. 360 degrees of building space combined with a design that fits anywhere.

Compact elevator cabins and tubes

When knowing how to choose a modern elevator, it is also important to know that modern elevators no longer use bulky electronics, gears and levers as is known, in addition to that machine rooms or as they are known as cabin rooms are also no longer necessary

and the crane and cabin require minimal installation with construction without scaffolding, but now elevator shafts can be installed anywhere. 

Simple design elevators

The term simplicity means that the design of elevators will be based on a certain set of colors and materials, with the absence of excessive decoration in old decorative designs, and this development also aims to focus the viewer’s attention on the really important design elements.

Durability and fire-resistant materials in elevators

There are many elevator design options available that help in knowing how to choose a modern elevator, and most of them are characterized by durability and wonderful wooden finishes combined with stainless steel panels with a modern appearance

in addition to being characterized by the availability of elegant curved handrails to enhance the safety element inside the elevator, and it is also available Finishes of painted or polished aluminum with installations consisting of metal control panels and transparent glass panels give the elevator a modern appearance while adhering to building safety regulations.

More privacy in modern elevators

Hidden elevators, or as they are known as service elevators, which remain out of sight in hotels and hospitals and serve doctors and service staff, are considered essential in the design of modern buildings, and for some office buildings, this is considered the most private way to ensure access to different spaces within the building.

Environmentally friendly technology in modern elevators

Vacuum elevators rely on differences in air pressure to push the elevator cabin up and down. They also use less energy and contain fewer moving parts in contact with each other and thus require less maintenance.

Modern buildings will have many energy-saving features such as solar panels and internal aquifers.
To recycle the air and use natural light and air, it makes sense to design elevators that use the least amount of energy.

The importance of modern elevators

Many people wonder about how to choose a modern elevator, because of the importance of these elevators in our daily lives. The importance of these elevators lies in the following:

  • Reduce the use of stairs and protect them from rapid wear and tear,
    especially if the building is a high-rise residential, commercial, or hospital tower.
  • It provides security and safety for the elderly and people with disabilities. The elevator plays a major role in facilitating their movement, especially if the building is multi-storey.
  • Facilitating the movement of patients between floors in hospitals, in order to avoid crowding on the stairs and also to provide comfort and full care for patients.
  • Facilitating the transportation of heavy goods between floors in a safe
    and easy way and saving time and effort.
  • Attracting tenants and real estate investors. If you are looking for clients to buy and rent apartments in your building, whether residential or commercial, the presence of an elevator is one of the most important factors that attract the client because it increases the value of the property.

Suitable types of elevators

How to choose a modern elevator

The type of building plays an important role in determining the type of elevator in terms of use,
so we will show the most prominent types of elevators that can be suitable for all your needs:

Residential building elevators

They are elevators designated for passengers in residential buildings
and are often the least expensive among other elevators in terms of price,
as they are distinguished by their multiple sizes and designs.

Hospital elevators and large medical centers

This type of elevator differs significantly from residential building elevators, because it is designed to suit the comfort of patients in terms of ventilation and space suitable for the size of a hospital bed.

Elevators for commercial buildings and public services

If the building is commercial or service, this makes a big difference in how to choose a modern elevator. Elevators designated for service and commercial buildings must be at an advanced level of operation that can withstand repeated use throughout the day by workers and visitors. They must also be of appropriate sizes and loading capacity.

Dedicated freight elevators

This type of elevator is characterized by the strength of the elevator cabin to carry heavy goods,
so it differs from all other types of elevators, and is only used in large companies and factories.

Panorama elevators

These elevators are the transparent conical elevators available in malls and hotels,
and they are designed to add more entertainment.

Tips when choosing an elevator

When choosing the right elevator for you, you must take into consideration some things
that you should pay attention to when choosing an elevator. These tips are as follows:

Number of floors

It is important to determine the number of floors or floors to be served by the elevator.
Some types of elevators, such as home elevators, are limited in their speed,
and therefore they will not be practical if they are installed to serve more than 4 floors.

There is a suitable place to install the elevator

It is important to look at the elevator’s external space and then consider the appropriate place
that can accommodate the elevator. The appropriate place may be between the stairs or an unused corner of the house, and the appropriate solution may be an external installation or making an opening in the wall of the house for the elevator.

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material lift for construction

The advent assiduity has gone thru an awesome metamorphosis over the instances, with improvements in era gambling an essential feature in enhancing effectiveness and safety on exertion web spots. One such technological marvel that has notably contributed to the improvement panorama is the cloth elevate. Also called creation material lifts, fabric hoists, or production elevators, those devices have come to be vital for seamlessly transporting building substances and personnel for the duration of numerous degrees of an introduction web page.

In this whole article, we will delve into the numerous styles of cloth lifts, collectively with scissor lifts, growth lifts, telehandlers, difficult terrain forklifts, guy lifts, and aerial paintings systems. We’ll find out their functionalities, operations, and the essential feature they play in elevating production methods.

Types of Material Lifts:

  1. Construction Material Lifts: 

Construction fabric lifts are especially designed to move heavy manufacturing materials vertically. These lifts are generally utilized in excessive-upward push homes wherein the motion of materials thru staircases or traditional elevators is impractical. With a sturdy shape and high load-bearing potential, production cloth lifts make sure the efficient and steady transportation of creation substances, which includes concrete, metal, and bricks, to numerous floorings.

  1. Material Hoists

Material hoists are an essential trouble of production tasks, presenting a reliable answer for vertically transporting materials. They are acknowledged for his or her versatility, with models to be had for both indoor and out of doors programs. Material hoists are designed to address heavy loads and are equipped with protection capabilities to shield the substances and employees during transportation.

  1. Building Material Lifts

Building material lifts are specialized lifts that cater especially to the needs of the improvement business enterprise. These lifts are important for transporting huge quantities of building substances effectively. Whether it’s far moving accoutrements from the ground to an advanced ground or vice versa, constructing material lifts streamline the approach and make benefactions to the overall performance of arrival enterprise.

  1. Construction Elevators

Construction elevators are a primary in excessive- upward force production organization. These elevators are designed to move employees and materials vertically, supplying a short and green approach of having access to unique floors of a building beneath creation. Construction elevators make a contribution specifically to the well timed of wholeness of systems through minimizing time-out related to moving workers and substances.

  1. Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are flexible aerial paintings platforms that find out giant use in construction tasks. With a one among a type scissor-like mechanism, the ones lifts may be raised to numerous heights, presenting a sturdy platform for employees and their gear. Scissor lifts are ideal for obligations together with painting, electrical paintings, and installation, allowing employees to access elevated regions efficiently.

  1. Boom Lifts

Boom lifts, additionally referred to as cherry pickers, are characterized through using an extendable arm or growth prepared with a platform for personnel. These lifts are considerably utilized in production for obligations that require vertical and horizontal reach. Boom lifts are worthwhile for duties which includes window installation, outside portray, and protection artwork on increased systems.

  1. Telehandlers

Telehandlers, or telescopic handlers, are versatile machines that integrate the capabilities of a forklift and a crane. Equipped with a telescopic growth, telehandlers can obtain extraordinary heights and characteristic a whole lot of attachments for distinct obligations. In manufacturing, telehandlers are used for lifting and placing materials, making them an vital piece of system on method websites.

Applications and Advantages

Each sort of cloth lift plays a unique role inside the introduction employer, addressing particular demanding situations and enhancing efficiency. Here are some benefits of material lifts:

Efficient Material Transportation

Construction material lifts, material hoists, and constructing fabric lifts excel at transporting heavy production materials vertically. This performance is crucial for excessive-rise manufacturing responsibilities in which guide transportation is probably time-eating and exertions-extensive.

Swift Vertical Access

Construction elevators, scissor lifts, increase lifts, and telehandlers offer brief and on hand vertical access to precise stages of a advent net website. This pace is important for making sure that employees and substances may be moved correctly, lowering downtime and accelerating assignment timelines.

Versatility in Aerial Work

Scissor lifts, increase lifts, and aerial work systems provide versatility in acting aerial work. Whether it’s painting, welding, or putting in furnishings at peak, these lifts offer robust structures for employees to carry out their duties successfully and efficiently.

Flexible Material Handling

Telehandlers and tough terrain forklifts provide flexibility in cloth coping with, with the capability to boost and location materials in numerous positions. Their adaptability makes them worthwhile in production net websites where the landscape can be choppy or tough.

Enhanced Reach and Maneuverability:

Boom lifts and telehandlers are mentioned for his or her extended achieve abilities. This point is in particular salutary for arrival enterprise that bear access to confined or hard- to- attain areas, along with the installation of surface constructing factors.

Adaptability to Rough Terrain

Rough terrain forklifts are mainly engineered to navigate tough out of doors terrains normally located in creation websites. Their eventuality to address uneven shells makes them crucial for business enterprise in much less advanced areas or people with colorful outlook demanding situations.

Challenges and Safety Considerations

While material lifts provide several blessings in advent, it’s pivotal to be anxious of capability challenges and prioritize safety companies. Then are a many critical rudiments to maintain in thoughts

  1. Training and Certification

Operating material lifts calls for specialized education and certification. Ensuring that operators are well-knowledgeable and licensed is important for preventing accidents and selling steady practices on advent net web sites.

  1. Site- Specific Challenges 

Different production websites gift precise annoying situations, analogous as choppy terrain, limited regions, or above barriers. Opting the proper cloth raise for the particular website conditions is vital to make sure maximum appropriate performance and protection.

  1. Weather Conditions

Adverse weather conditions, which encompass high winds or heavy rain, can affect the stable operation of cloth lifts. It is crucial to screen weather forecasts and stoop deliver operations during negative conditions to prevent accidents.

  1. Proper Maintenance

Regular protection is essential to maintain fabric lifts in pinnacle-rated strolling scenario. Routine inspections, lubrication, and well-timed maintenance contribute to the durability of the gadget and decrease the hazard of surprising breakdowns.

  1. Fall Protection Measures

For lifts designed for employees, consisting of scissor lifts and increase lifts, imposing fall protection measures is essential. This can also correspond of using harnesses, rails, or non-public fall arrest systems to help cascade from expanded structures.

Required payload

How to choose a modern elevator

What is meant here is the number of passengers. If what is required is an elevator with a capacity of 6 people, the capacity of the elevator must be no less than 480 kg, which is a high load for home elevators. 

In the end, we have presented the most important points through
which you can determine how to choose the modern elevator that is appropriate for you
and that meets your needs, whether you want an elevator in residential or commercial buildings.

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Elevator repair technician

Your comprehensive guide to the best elevator repair technician and its most important features

He knows that we deal with an elevator repair technician permanently, as we own elevators in all the buildings that we go to, as they help us reach the highest buildings easily, so their periodic maintenance is important to us.

In order to obtain the best maintenance services, we must rely on the best technicians who have experience in the field, and through our article we present to you the best elevator repair technician, the most important skills he possesses, and some other details in detail.

Elevator repair technician

Elevator repair technician

An elevator repair technician installs all types of elevators in addition to maintaining and repairing them well, based on the extensive experience he has over decades. He is also interested in installing escalators, moving walkways, as well as other elevators of various types.

What does an elevator repair technician do?

An elevator repair technician applies the engineering and electrical knowledge that he has studied through a large number of courses to install, maintain and repair elevators, inspect them and all types of related technology. 

The best feature of our technician is that he performs all kinds of different electrical tasks related to elevators in general, including connecting and repairing wires, testing equipment, in addition to reviewing blueprints and machine specifications.

Duties of an elevator repair technician 

This technician offers a large number of other types of tasks that are highly appreciated by customers, and they are always requested by them, including the following:

  • Installation and assembly of new types of machines.
  • Record data from inspections.
  • Electrical units of all kinds in terms of wires and work on renewing them.
  • Perform scheduled maintenance and inspections, to ensure that equipment complies with safety regulations.
  • It diagnoses faults and works to replace broken equipment.
  • Repair of machines of all kinds and components of elevators.
  • Connecting types of car tires as well as assembling elevator cars.
  • It assembles the elevators that customers need, which are generally by the use of hydraulics and traction.
  • Works to understand the types of diagrams in order to properly handle the test equipment.
  • Modifying the braking mechanisms that are available inside the elevators in order to maintain safety standards.
  • Easily adaptable to different types of technology, as well as equipment controls.
  • Assembles equipment, repairs and sometimes replaces heavy materials.

Characteristics of an elevator repair technician

The most important reasons why the customer accepts our available elevator repair technician is that he is characterized by many skills that are not available to other elevator repair technicians in this field, and the most important of these skills are as follows:

Obtaining the best scientific certificates 

It is known that the maintenance of various types of technology requires most of the vocational training programs available in order to deal with all the technological equipment that needs maintenance correctly and well, and thus obtain the highest possible experience in the field in order to be fit to work with all customers.

Completed vocational training

Elevator repair technician

An elevator repair technician was able to complete most of the study of elevator mechanics in order to develop all kinds of skills that he possesses in the field, including such as the national educational program that works on the elevator industry, which he joined as a trainee.

He also received all kinds of different technology instructions and fully trained on them while working, and this was under the supervision of an elevator mechanic with high experience in the field of maintenance. This job training helped him become a professional in various fields of technology maintenance, including:

  • Read the chart
  • Electrical wires and circuits
  • Security protocols
  • electrical theory
  • Elevator equipment and machinery

It is worth noting that this technician holds a license that helps him to provide all types of work related to maintenance officially without exposure to any problem.

The places where the elevator repair technician works

There are a large number of different types of places in which the elevator repair technician works, in order to meet the needs of all customers in various places, including the following:

  • It is easy for the technician to provide the services he provides to customers, whether in offices, as well as other public buildings that have elevators and escalators, and in which moving walkways are available.
  • It may work in dark as well as narrow and high places as well, in which the equipment is easily and professionally installed or repaired.
  • The elevator repair technician follows the elevator mechanics in terms of procedures and protocols that are related to safety so that he can protect the people inside the building and everyone else.

It is worth noting that most elevator technicians provide them with all kinds of services available to them throughout the day, that is, they work in the evening hours as well as on weekends so that they can carry out emergency repairs in addition to ensuring that the machines work safely.

Types of elevators that the elevator technician maintains

There are a large number of types of elevators that are easy for the elevator technician to maintain, as we get to know them by following the following lines, including:

Traction elevators

Traction elevators are one of the types of elevators that use ropes to operate, as they pass over a wheel connected to an electric motor, as this rope is pulled by the engine, and thus it is easy to raise the elevator car to the required levels.

 Hydraulic elevators

Hydraulic elevators are used by means of a piston located at the bottom of the elevator to be pushed to different levels, as this type of elevator has a slower mechanism compared to traction elevators.

Advantages of Sumou Company 

Our company is the best in our field at all. We are working to employ the best elevator repair technician in addition to providing many other advantages that make us the best permanently, including the following:

  • High skill in the field of engineering:

Where we use its engineering skills in the mechanics of different types of elevators,
and from that skill knowledge related to hydraulics or traction,
in order to install all types of equipment that the customer wants and troubleshoot problems.

  • Mechanical skills

Our basic level of mechanical knowledge allows the elevator repair technician
to handle electrical tools and electrical equipment.

  • A work team that has physical strength and stamina

We have a very strong staff and these skills assist our technicians in lifting heavy materials
and performing assembly, as well as getting into the tightest of tight spaces and climbing scale bars when absolutely necessary.

  • Problem Solving

We work to solve all kinds of problems that the customer may encounter in the elevators available to them, whether the customer is building new equipment or diagnosing existing problems.

Where the elevator technician can use his problem-solving skills from identifying problems to identifying solutions.

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  • critical thinking

Elevator repair technician

 The ability of an elevator repair technician to think critically can help him read
and interpret all blueprints, work on taking measurements, and determine methods
that are appropriate to meet the requirements of the job, including the size and height of the shaft.

Hence, we got acquainted with an elevator repair technician and his most important skills
that he is known for, and what distinguishes our company from which all customers benefit.

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Your guide to finding a suitable elevator space

Suitable elevator space When choosing an elevator, you must pay attention to some basics
and important specifications that you must know well before making a purchase,
the most important of which is knowing the space inside the building in which you install the elevator.

With knowing the suitable space for the elevator,
which is commensurate with the area of ​​the building and the passengers using the building,
as the space varies for several basic factors and must be well known,
and there are many of these factors that determine the appropriate space for you.

If you are looking to know the details that help you in installing the elevator
and you need to know the factors that help in knowing the area of ​​​​the elevator,
you can follow this article until the end and you will get what you want.

suitable elevator space

suitable elevator space

Elevator types, sizes, and usage differ, and to know how to choose the right elevator for you,
there are some important things that you must know and think about before buying,
which are commensurate with meeting all customer needs at the lowest cost,
and the most important of these things are:

Pre-establishment of the elevator

Which is meant by the presence of the elevator pit, the well, and the cabin room,
and whether the foundation was established in the place designated for the elevator during construction.

In the event that this was done, the process of selecting a suitable elevator space is appropriate,
and the appropriate elevator is the traction elevator.

This type of elevator is the least expensive in the event that the elevator foundation is suitable for you, and it remains for you to choose the load and the design form of the cabin from the inside. The components of the traction elevator can vary, including Italian made, Turkish made and Chinese made.

All of these details do not directly affect the work of the elevator,
but rather have an impact on the cost and life span of the elevator,
and the choice is up to the customer and the use of the building, whether it is commercial or residential, but in the case of no prior establishment, there are some points that must be taken care of, namely:

How many floors are there in the building?

It is important to determine the number of floors to be served by the elevator,
as there are some types of elevators that are limited in speed
and therefore were not practical if they were installed to serve more than 4 floors.

And in the event that it is intended to serve more than 4 floors, the best solution is the foundation for the elevator, and it is through digging a hole that is 1.5 meters deep, with the construction of a tower for the elevator, and the installation of an elevator with a traction machine, whether it has a room or without a room.

In the event that it is intended to serve 4 floors or less, it is better to install a home elevator without any foundation, and this is faster in implementation and lower in cost.

required payload

It is considered one of the most essential in determining a suitable elevator space, which is intended to determine the number of passengers used in general, and the load is calculated as 80 kg per person. In the case of a required elevator load of 6 people, the capacity of the machine must be not less than 480 kg.

As for the case of high loads for elevators without a foundation, which usually have a load of 4 to 5 people, this does not mean after providing elevators with a high load, but it increases the cost and is not the traditional choice for the elevator.

In the event that the elevator load ranges from 150 to 400 kg, it depends on the type of elevator and the space available for it, and this load is the most suitable for you.

Need a lift to accommodate a buggy

In the event that you want to install an elevator in order to provide a service for people with special needs, which is one of the most important factors when choosing a suitable elevator space, you must take into account that the space for the elevator accommodates a wheelchair.

And the minimum area that can accommodate a wheelchair is 800 * 1100 mm, and it is necessary to pay attention to the space of the elevator from the inside when purchasing it, and make sure that it accommodates the wheelchair in case it is a goal or your need for an elevator.

A suitable place to install the elevator

After you take a reading with the required load and know the appropriate internal space, it is important to consider the external space of the elevator, and to look at the appropriate place that accommodates the elevator. The appropriate place is between the stairs or in an unused corner of the building, and the appropriate solution is the external installation.

Elevator design and layout

Where elevators are available in many different shapes and designs, including square or rectangular, and there is a circular or hexagonal shape, and the colors and types of external coatings differ, so it is necessary to compare the design options for elevators while providing the design and decoration of the building and choose the elevator that suits you.

available budget

It is one of the most important points for knowing a suitable elevator space, and it is also one of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing an elevator, as there are many points that must determine your budget in order to make the right choice for you.

Types of elevators

suitable elevator space

There are many elevators, and the design principles of the elevator differ according to the purpose of use and a suitable elevator space. These types are:

  • Residential elevators, which are special to move the many residential units
    in order to facilitate movement between floors.
  • Commercial and residential elevators, which are elevators for commercial facilities,
    especially for transporting workers and visitors inside the facility.
  • Hospital elevators, which are elevators with special specifications that enable patients and visitors to be transported. One of the design principles for hospital elevators is that the load should not be less than 640 kg, and that it should accommodate the dimensions of a patient trolley, which is characterized by slow and smooth standing movement, and it must be good for ventilation.
  • Panoramic elevators, which are especially for commercial buildings or hotels, which are characterized by a distinctive glass vision, which adds an aesthetic appearance to the facility.
  • Goods elevators, which are for transporting goods of different sizes and weights through the different floors, which save effort and time spent on transportation and goods through individuals.

Special elevators for people with special needs

And it consists of a floor and sides only, while facilitating the movement of the disabled between floors.

Interior elevators

It is the type that is built inside the villas for the purpose of facilitating movement for the residents of the villa, especially for the elderly and people with special needs. Of course, the sizes of the internal and external elevators differ, which do not need to dig a machine, so it can be installed after the construction of the buildings.

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Fundamentals of elevator design

suitable elevator space

Elevator sizes differ from one building to another.
Elevator designers determine the special sizes
for the elevator shaft and the appropriate design for the building, based on several bases, namely:

  • platform site.
  • The total height of the building.
  • The number of floors to which the elevator is used.
  • physical distance between floors.
  • purpose of use.
  • The number of visitors to the building, which determines the intensity of use,
    knowing the sizes of the elevator shaft and a suitable elevator space.
  • Places of entry and exit from the building,
    which is preferably for the elevator in front of the main entrance to the building.
  • Required loads, which are the primary factor in determining an elevator’s stiffness.
  • The required elevator speed varies according to the type of elevator and the height of the building.
  • Drive technology which includes electro-hydraulic drive with or without gear.

In the end, a suitable elevator space is one of the most important things to know before purchasing
and installing an elevator, as it determines the price and many other details.

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The role of elevators in the design

The role of elevators in the design of tall buildings

Tall buildings are one of the most common things that you can find today, and of course it is necessary to install an elevator for them, and this is what made many search for the role of elevators in the design of tall buildings, as it is one of the best tools that you can find in those buildings, as it It saves a lot of time and effort.

Of course, the main function of the elevator is to transport people and goods from top to bottom and vice versa, as it facilitates the process of ascending and descending, which you can only get through this elevator, and there are many countries where the elevator is a legal matter that you must put in place in tall buildings. 

The role of elevators in the design of tall buildings

The role of elevators in the design

The role of elevators in the design

The elevator is one of the most important tools that you can find in homes,
especially tall buildings that you cannot climb all those floors without an elevator,
as there are many buildings such as towers and skyscrapers that it is impossible to climb to the high floors of them without the elevator.

Of course, these buildings are one of the most important buildings that you can find at the present time,
which can include the largest possible number of residents,
and it also includes the largest possible number of shops and malls that you cannot do without in those buildings,
and then comes the role of elevators in designing tall buildings.

As it works to deliver people and different goods from one floor to another with ease and ease,
which you cannot move easily on different floors,
and of course there are many types of elevators that you can find as each type of them has a use that you can use with them.

What are the types of elevators? 

Of course, there are many types of elevators that you can find, and each of them has its own use that you cannot get through the other type,
as each type has advantages and disadvantages that you cannot fade away,
and the most important of these types are the following:

Hydraulic elevators

There are a lot of elevators that you can get, and of course the role of elevators in the design of tall buildings is a very important role that you cannot do without,
and among the most important types that you can find are hydraulic elevators that are widely used in many buildings.

Which is characterized by the fact that it is used in buildings that do not have many rides, as it needs buildings that have about 180 rides per hour,
and of course this type is very important and you cannot find it in many other types.

Electric lifts

The role of elevators in the design

The role of elevators in the design

Of course, the role of elevators in the design of tall buildings is a very important role that you cannot do without,
except that electric elevators are one of the most important elevators that you can find in many buildings,
which are characterized by being able to operate a lot and quickly,
which makes them very suitable for hospitals. , Shopping Center.

It is distinguished in this type of elevators that it is operated by a machine to transmit the movement of the cabin, which works to transmit movement through ropes,
and its engine is placed in the upper part of it,
and it is necessary in these elevators that a control room be designed, so that it can By elevator with ease.

Small elevators

As we know that there are many types of elevators that you can find,
but this type is one of the most important types that you can find,
which is very suitable for old and small buildings, or that are not characterized by high floors,
and therefore you can use this type that you can operate Quite simply through local electricity.

As it works through 220 volt electricity, like any device in the house,
and of course you have to make a hole for this elevator,
and provide a head,
but of course it is less than what is done in electric elevators.

Panoramic elevators 

This type is one of the most important types of elevators that you can find in many buildings, as they are used in many buildings,
and the role of elevators in the design of tall buildings, especially this type,
is one of the most important types that you can find,
which is characterized by many advantages.

Which you cannot find in any other elevator, and the most important of these features is that it is installed in the outer part of the building and the glass in it is transparent, so you can see the shops and people who move through it,
and it adds an aesthetic appearance to the building that you cannot find without this elevator.

Cargo elevators

Yes, you can find many types of elevators in many buildings,
as the role of elevators in the design of tall buildings is very important,
and among the most important of these types are cargo elevators,
which are characterized by being able to move at high speeds, and they can lift heavy weights with ease.

Food elevators 

This type is one of the most important types of elevators,
which plays a very important role, especially in high-storey buildings,
which you can find in many hotels as it can facilitate many workers, and it also works to transport food to different floors with ease, ease, and speed also.

Interior elevators 

After we talked about some of the types of elevators, you should know that all of these types fall under two basic types,
which are internal and external. Lots of time and effort.

 The role of elevators in the design of tall buildings is very important,
and of course each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Features of internal elevators

The role of elevators in the design

The role of elevators in the design

There are many advantages that you can find in these elevators,
the most important of which are as follows:

  • One of the most important features that you can find in these elevators is that there are many models from which you can choose what you want and which is suitable for your building.
  • The prices of these elevators are average, so it is easy to get them.
  • It is available in many sizes from which you can choose the one that suits your building.
  • Of course, the most important thing that distinguishes it is that it does not change the exterior decoration of the building.

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Disadvantages of the internal elevator

Yes, there are some defects that you can find in these elevators,
and the most important of these defects are the following:

  • One of the biggest drawbacks that you can find with this type of elevator is that it takes up a lot of space from the inside of the building.
  • Also, the biggest drawback is that it takes a lot of time to install.

Of course, the role of elevators in the design of tall buildings is one of the most important roles that you can find, which saves a lot of time and effort.

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mobility equipment

Your guide to mobility equipment and elevator safety tips

Mobility equipment and elevator safety tips are known to be one of the main issues in many elevators because without mobility equipment, the elevator does not work, given that nowadays many large, high-rise residential towers have become that can only be climbed to their floors through the use of the elevator This is in order not to be exhausted and miserable in climbing stairs.

There are many elevators whose brand differs from each other,
and each transportation equipment and safety means are different from each other in terms of quality. In terms of durability, to avoid the worst malfunctions, and we will talk in detail through our article about the most important tips for safety in the elevator and transportation equipment.

Mobility equipment and elevator safety tips 

mobility equipment

Some people ask about mobility equipment and elevator safety tips, and despite the many safety methods in elevators, some accidents may occur most of the time, and this results from the wrong use of the elevator. Or as a result of the lack of periodic maintenance of elevators, because it is known that maintenance must be done periodically for elevators, and this is in order to avoid any malfunctions in the elevator.

Some special safety tips for elevators

There are many tips that we offer you to avoid many risks in elevators,
and these tips are as follows:

  • Advice should be given to children when using the elevator on their own to avoid many damages, and they should also be prevented from playing with the elevator,
    in order not to suspend the elevator or even fall into the elevator shaft.
  • In addition to the need to increase awareness of the dangers of elevators.
  • Also, the number of loads that are available for the elevator must be taken into account.
  •  And in the event that the elevator stops, you must remain calm
    and not hit the doors hard or press the buttons inappropriately. 
  • You can call the concierge, the elevator maintenance service,
    or anyone in the house to let them know that you are stuck in the elevator. 
  •  You must follow up the periodic maintenance on a regular basis for all electric elevators
    by specialized companies and record maintenance appointments.
  • You must make sure that there are plenty of suitable means of ventilation in the electric motors room, taking into account that no objects are stored in the elevator room. 
  • Also, you must make sure that all means of ventilation are provided inside the elevator cabin,
  • in addition to a means of warning, which is the bell that is used inside the elevator cabin,
    in cases of necessity.
  • In addition to the presence of a board for the instructions inside the elevator,
    which shows the number of people who can ride the elevator cabin,
    and this is part of the safety of the elevator.

Types of elevators 

There are many types of elevators that are characterized by the presence of mobility equipment
and elevator safety tips, in addition to that the uses of elevators are different from each other in terms of the type of elevator itself, as the types of elevators are the ones that we will get to know through the following:

Passenger elevator

Passenger elevators are among the elevators that have mobility equipment
and elevator safety tips that are located on the instructions on an explanatory board inside the elevator. By transferring many people between the floors of residential buildings.

 This type of elevator is the most used and very common in the world,
and it is known as residential elevators, and it consists of two cabins divided into the passenger cabin and the cargo cabin mostly, in addition to that passenger elevators move at speeds that can range from 0.5 to 1 meters per second, with stops at every 20 meters.

Goods elevator 

Goods elevators are among the elevators that are characterized by mobility equipment
and safety tips that are found on the instructions on an explanatory board inside the elevator,
which is the elevators that transport all heavy loads, goods and a lot of things that can be transported, 

Where the work on designing a freight elevator can accommodate many large loads,
which are furniture or building materials, and it is worth noting that this type of elevator is mostly present in many warehouses as well as industrial facilities.

hospital elevator 

mobility equipment

Hospital elevators are among the elevators that have the best mobility equipment and elevator safety tips that are found on the instructions on an explanatory board inside the elevator, as this type of elevator is a vertical transmission device

Or a bed elevator or an elevator for transporting hospital waste,
because the elevator for passengers in hospitals should never be used to transport hospital waste,
given that it is known that drug waste, as well as some syringes and patient waste,
can transmit infection to the average person, and this leads to severe damage.

Features of safety systems for elevator safety in buildings 

Safety systems for elevator safety are among the most important things that exist inside high-rise buildings, and this matter provides a lot of safety, as it works to reduce operating costs, in addition to many important features that are represented in elevator ways in many buildings, and there are Many other features related to safety in elevators are through the following points:

Improve security 

Improved safety is one of the best features of elevators along with mobility equipment and elevator safety tips which are found on the instructions on an explanatory panel inside the elevator.

Passenger protection 

And the protection of passengers is among the best elevator safety systems that play an important
and essential role in residential buildings for the safety of passengers in elevators, and it includes a number of video surveillance systems that play a role in monitoring around the clock.

This is in order to prevent anything criminal that can happen in elevators,
because it is known that when people know that they are under surveillance,
the possibility of accidents decreases.

Lower operating costs 

It is worth noting that elevator safety systems play their role in reducing operating costs,
in a clearer sense that this type of elevator safety limits the expenditure of high amounts due to the presence of security in the property and a property guard, but only the property guard can suffice.

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Immediate response to the error 

mobility equipment

The security systems for elevators are the ones
that respond immediately in the event of a power outage while you are inside the elevator.
This matter constitutes a great fear for the people who are in the elevators,
but there is no need for concern besides the presence of mobility equipment
and elevator safety tips that are found on the instructions on the explanatory board inside the elevator.

At the conclusion of this article, we have talked about many details related to mobility equipment
and elevator safety tips, and we have also talked about detailed information about the types of elevators and the features of elevator systems.

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Elevator Traveling Cable Price

What is Elevator Traveling Cable Price

What is Elevator Traveling Cable Price, Since the beginning of manufacturing, elevators are considered one of the most important things that people use, and with them, it is possible to do without them.

Because it is a tool that moves people from one floor to another and is not a ladder, especially since there are people who cannot climb stairs and the elderly, and everyone who intends to establish any institution, whether it is a building, clinic, company, or otherwise, always wants to know the price of elevators.

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

Each elevator has different specifications according to the height of the floor and the area of the elevator, which are summarized as follows:

  1. A used elevator for two people and seven floors, at a cost of 150,000 pounds.
  2. The price of an elevator with an area of one meter by one meter and a distance of 6 floors is 130,000 Egyptian pounds.
  3. A 6-story elevator with an area of one and a half meters, with a price of 190,000 pounds.
  4. Also, the price of the Schindler elevator, with enough space for two people, a distance of 7 floors, and equipped with three exits, is 180,000 pounds.
  5. A used Italian elevator consisting of 6 floors, at a cost of 50,000 Egyptian pounds.

Types of elevators

In the context of our presentation of Elevator Traveling Cable Price, electric elevators differ based on a variety of factors such as the location of the machine, its type, the nature and purpose of using the elevator, and other factors.

Elevators are classified according to their use

Passenger elevators are used to transport passengers from one floor to another, usually in residential and commercial complexes, in addition to

  • Loading and transport elevators are used to lift goods from one floor to another. They are often used in factories and large stores because of their special specifications that help the elevator bear the weight placed inside it.
  • Service elevators are used in complexes, supermarkets, and shopping centers to serve shops and offices to move light materials from one floor to another.
  • This elevator is similar in shape to the passenger elevator, except that it is intended for these service purposes.
  • A restaurant elevator is an elevator used to transport ready-to-eat foods from one floor to another in restaurants and hotels, and its size and dimensions differ from ordinary elevators.

Types of elevators are classified according to speed

Continuing to talk about Elevator Traveling Cable Price, the types of elevators differ according to the speed. There are slow, medium, and fast elevators, and they can be identified in the following ways:

  • Low-Speed Elevators: These elevators have speeds ranging from 15m/s to 0.5m/s
  • and these speeds vary greatly depending on the purpose of the elevator (freight elevators for card.
  • Medium speed elevator: Refers to the elevator whose speed ranges from 1m/s to 2m/s.
  • This speed varies according to the height of the elevator column and the number of positions used in it, as it can be used in the column with a height of 2 m / s, the range is from 15 meters to 40 meters.
  • Also high-speed elevators: elevators with speeds ranging from 2m/s to 16m/s.
  • Its speed varies according to the height of the elevator shaft and the number of parking spaces
    and can be used for columns of 40 meters or higher.

Different types of elevators in terms of mechanism

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

As we talked about Elevator Traveling Cable Price,
in the past most of the elevators had to be controlled from the central machine room.

Today some elevators do not require a machine room because they have built-in safety mechanisms. Here are some types:

Hydraulic elevators

The hydraulic jack is supported by a piston at the bottom of the elevator that pushes the elevator up,
as the electric motor forces oil or other hydraulic fluid into the piston.

This type of elevator also features beams that extend below the pit floor and has retracting pistons as the elevator descends, and some configurations include telescoping pistons that can be folded and require surface perforations.

Hydraulic holeless elevators have pistons on both sides of the cab, in this design, telescopic cylinders are installed at the bottom of the hole.

No downhole beams or crossbeams are required because the staggered cylinders allow up to 50 feet of spacing.

Hydraulic rope lifts use a combination of ropes and pistons to move the lift with a maximum travel distance of approximately 60 feet.

Traction elevator

This elevator consists of ropes that pass through wheels connected to an electric motor at the top of the shaft, as the main function of the ropes is to raise and lower the elevator car.

It can be used in medium and high-rise facilities, and it can run faster than hydraulic elevators.
Traction elevators are divided into two basic types:

Traction elevator with speed change device

Consisting of a motor with a gearbox, the main function of the gear is to drive the wheels that move the rope, the elevator can travel at speeds of up to 500 feet per minute and travel distances of up to 250 feet.

Gearless traction elevator

These elevators have no gears to adjust their speed, which explains why they can move at speeds of up to 2,000 feet per minute.

Gearless elevators are more energy efficient than traction elevators,
and they can also travel up to 2,000 feet.

Advantages of electric elevators

In the context of talking about Elevator Traveling Cable Price,
we will learn about the most important features of electric elevators as follows:

  • Elevators provide an easy and convenient way to transport people between different floors of a building.
  • The elevator is controlled through a simple control panel, and the user can select the desired floor with just one touch.
  • Escalators replace stairs and steps to move people between floors quickly and efficiently;
    This saves the time and effort needed to navigate.
  • Elevators rely on their strong and durable design to carry heavy loads.
    This makes it suitable for transporting heavy goods and people in bulk.
  • Electric elevators use advanced technology to ensure the high speed and energy efficiency of the elevator.
  • Elevators have high security levels such as door locks, motion sensors, emergency systems, etc. to ensure the safety of passengers.
  • Elevators allow people with special needs and the elderly to easily access the different floors.
  • Hydraulic elevators are among the safest elevators. If the cables are broken, the elevator will not fall or go down very quickly.

Factors affecting the price of electric elevators

As we discussed Elevator Traveling Cable Price, there are several factors
that affect the determination of Elevator Traveling Cable Price, including:

  • The strength of the elevator and its ability to carry things or people.
  • Height and number of floors, as tall buildings, require elevators with specific technologies
    and specifications.
  • Elevators with luxury designs and special equipment are more expensive than elevators with basic designs.
  • Elevators that use new technologies such as artificial intelligence
    and touch controls may be more expensive.
  • Where to install the elevator, because Elevator Traveling Cable Price is different from the price of the external elevator.
  • Pay attention to future maintenance and service costs while determining the type and price of the escalator. This service may include scheduled maintenance prices in addition to repair and technical support prices.

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What is the difference between an electric elevator and a hydraulic elevator?

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

Elevator Traveling Cable Price

As we talked about Elevator Traveling Cable Price, the difference between them is clear in the method of operation, as electric elevators rely on the power of powerful electric motors to move them, while hydraulic elevators depend on the power of compressed fluid (hydraulic fluid).

In conclusion, we have dealt with Elevator Traveling Cable Price, in addition to presenting the types of electric elevators, and we have also discussed the advantages of elevators.

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