Mr.Muhammad Zaki - SMOU
  • 1405, Saheel Tower 1 Al Nahda 1 Dubai, UAE
General Director

General Director

At SMOU Company, we believe that (quality/integrity/commitment) is the foundation
that determines the success of any product, and that’s why we priories it in everything
we do. We place safety and security as our top priority in all our activities and work
hard to provide the best technologies and practices to ensure passenger safety in
We are always seeking innovation and updates to provide better and more efficient
elevator solutions for our clients. We believe that performance excellence can only be
achieved through teamwork and fruiƞul cooperation, which our elevator team strives
to achieve in every process we undertake.
We at SMOU Company are proud of our history filled with achievements and successes,
and we value our service to the community and contribution to the development of
infrastructure in many projects that serve citizens.
We strive to build permanent and sustainable relationships with our clients, and we
are always ready to provide support and assistance anytime, anywhere. We at SMOU
Company are working hard to improve the lives of citizens and make it more
comfortable and convenient, by providing innovative and effective elevator solutions.