Types of elevator spare parts have become indispensable today, as elevators are an indispensable part of life for many people.

Elevators operate through an integrated system of rates and tools that are used to complete the process of ascending and descending the elevator with ease and safety, and the finest types of tools necessary for the elevator must be chosen in order to obtain the best service, in addition to avoiding frequent breakdowns.

It is important for you, if you are the owner of a property or a building that contains an elevator, to carry out periodic maintenance of all elevator spare parts on an ongoing basis, in order to avoid frequent breakdowns.

Types of elevator spare parts

Types of elevator spare parts

The types of elevator spare parts are divided into the electrical components of the elevator, and the safety systems that must be developed and implemented with care and diligence, in addition to the components of the main cabin, the rails on which the elevator operates, and the accessories of the elevator, so it is important not to underestimate any component of the elevator, because it works All of them are united in order to operate the elevator, and if a malfunction occurs in any component of them, this will of course affect the efficiency of the elevator’s work.

Elevator spare parts division

Elevator spare parts include many different and important components
that are needed to operate the elevator properly.

electrical components

The electrical components are among the most important spare parts for elevators,
as they control the process of ascending and descending the elevator,
in addition to controlling the light and sound signals of the elevator,
and the elevator is controlled electrically through the elevator control panel, which includes the cables and motors necessary to operate the elevator, in addition to Elevator control panels and power.

main compartment

The main cabin is the part that includes the elevator door and contains many accessories.
These accessories include the door for protection, the floor of the cabin, in addition to the brakes,
the false ceiling, the lamps used in the lighting process, and the interior walls of the elevator.

Elevator security systems

Among the most important types of elevator spare parts are spare parts for elevator safety systems,
as they contain many important accessories that work together in order to provide complete protection and safety for passengers, and security systems include sensors and switches that control the elevator in terms of turning it on or off in emergency situations .

Elevator rails

Among the basic tools needed in the process of moving the elevator are the rails on which the elevator operates, and these rails contain the cylinders and bolts for fastening, in addition to the basic equipment related to the elevator, and the rails are the track that delivers the elevator for ascent or descent.

Elevator accessories

Among the different types of elevator spare parts, which are considered among the important accessories necessary for the operation of the elevator, are the electrical boxes, and the side control units for the elevator, in addition to the switches and door parts, as well as the motors and cables necessary to supply the elevator with electricity, in addition to many other parts necessary to complete the operation of the elevator. 

Elevator components

Electric elevators include many basic components, which must be chosen very carefully,
and these components include the following:

  • the engine.
  • servo device.
  • Born.
  • cables.
  • electronic devices.
  • Railways.
  • Traction rollers.
  • pipe.
  • Material.

How elevator components work

The rails are initially fixed perpendicularly for the cabin to move on, and the cables containing the electrically operated fasteners run on the rails, in addition to supporting the full weight of the lift.

The servo device works to adjust the rotation of the motor in addition to adjusting the movement of the elevator in order to work better, while other components such as sensors and emergency devices, it is possible that when any malfunction occurs in them, the elevator manufacturer replaces them or checks and repairs them, without the need to replace the elevator.

The function of components for electric elevators

Types of elevator spare parts

Electric elevators include many different components
that operate the elevator and control its ascent and descent.

electric motors

The electric motors control the process of moving the elevator in different directions,
whether up or down, and operate the elevator in a smooth and simple way.


The radio system directs elevator users to the floors, as it introduces passengers to the floor they are in.

cabling system

The process of lifting and moving the elevator depends on the use of a tight system of iron cables,
which in turn move the elevator between the different floors in the building.

control Board

The control panel is one of the most important types of elevator spare parts,
as the control panel includes all the controls related to the operation of the elevator in a smooth manner,
and it also includes the user interface.

the outer door

The elevator maker designs the external doors
so that you can hear entering and exiting the elevator in easy and simple ways.

Security control system

The security control system is one of the most important systems that must be taken into account
when installing the elevator, as the security system is used to avoid possible damages or malfunctions that may occur during the movement of the elevator.

All of these components must be taken care of with continuous maintenance
in order to keep the elevator working in the correct and smooth manner.

Elevator spare parts prices

Elevator spare parts prices vary based on many different factors, namely:

  • Device type and brand.
  • Device model.
  • Spare parts manufacturer.
  • Spare parts quality.
  • Warranty on spare parts.

It is important, when wanting to buy spare parts for elevators, to search for the best companies
that manufacture spare parts from the best materials and at the lowest prices,
in order to obtain good results and avoid continuous breakdowns.

Tips for dealing with different spare parts in elevators

If you own an elevator in the company or building, it is important to follow the periodic maintenance process for your elevators, in order to avoid possible malfunctions that may occur continuously, so it is important to contract with companies specialized in the field of elevator maintenance in order to follow up your elevator continuously to reduce the occurrence of Breakdowns, in addition to preventing the disbursement of many funds when a major failure occurs.

The reasons that lead to elevator malfunctions

When talking about the types of elevator spare parts,
it is important to know the causes that lead to elevator malfunctions, as follows:

  • Some damage or damage to the elevator door.
  • There is a power outage connected to the elevator.
  • Damage to any of the elevator fuses.
  • Pressing the elevator buttons while it is going up or down,
    which causes the elevator to disconnect due to the sudden speed changes it is exposed to.
  • Lack of attention to the elevator control room, which leads to the accumulation of dust on the elevator control panel, which leads to some malfunctions in the elevator.
  • Damage to the internal plastic cladding of the elevator cabin, which leads to an imbalance.

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How to deal with elevator malfunctions

Types of elevator spare parts

There are some tips that must be followed if you deal with the elevator continuously, which are:

  • Do not ride the elevator in emergency situations or in the event of a fire.
  • Do not overload the elevator.
  • See the elevator’s sign board.
  • Children under 14 years old are not allowed to ride the elevator without an escort.

After explaining the types of spare parts for elevators, it is important to continue doing regular maintenance for them, in addition to choosing the best types of spare parts in order to obtain the best results for elevator work.