If you have an the elevator parts names list in the building in which you reside, you must have knowledge and knowledge of the list of elevator parts names, which helps you to know the name of the part that has a malfunction when you want to obtain spare parts for it, because the elevator is used in our daily life greatly. It happens a lot of crashes.

Where these malfunctions occur for many reasons, and the most important of these reasons is the wrong use, which requires continuous maintenance work, and this makes you need to buy different spare parts, which requires you to have sufficient knowledge of the names of the parts in the elevator.

the elevator parts names list

the elevator parts names list

the elevator parts names list

You really need to get a list of the names of the elevator parts, which helps you to know the damaged parts without the need for much research and asking technicians and others, in addition to the fact that the parts that make up the elevator cannot separate any of them from the other, as each of these parts has its own function, which affects directly on the elevator.

What are the components of the elevator?

In addition to getting acquainted with the list of the names of the elevator parts,
we must get acquainted with its components, as the elevator contains many components
that work with each other in a complete system to perform the elevator’s work properly,
and the most important of these components are the following:


The list of names of elevator parts includes many parts, and the cabin or elevator car is like the car that transports passengers or goods from one station to another, and usually that cabin is a steel frame surrounding another cage made of wooden or metal panels, and there are some types of it.

Types of cabins

We can classify the cabins according to the number of entrances into the following types:

  • Standard cab.
  • or the opening system through the cab.
  • Country cabin.

Cab dimensions

Cab width: The horizontal dimensions are measured between the inner surface of the cab wall parallel to the front entrance at a height of one meter from the cab floor.

Cabin height: The height expresses the internal distance between the booth threshold and the ceiling, which is the space in which the lights and suspended ceilings are made based on these dimensions.

Cabin depth: The horizontal dimensions between the interior surfaces of the cab are measured at a horizontal angle, and are at a height of one meter from the cab floor.

steering machine

It is a machine that works as a motor that is converted by means of gears,
as it can switch from fast to slow rotation, and it can also work in the event of an electrical failure,
it works to reduce the speed of the elevator by means of the brake.

Primary speed converter

 The speed converter is one of the names of the elevator parts, as the types of elevators are many
and different, and none of them can not consist of a converter that controls the speed commensurate with the function it performs. The important parts in the formation of elevators of all kinds.

payload device

The load device is one of the things that provide the greatest amount of protection for individuals,
and it is one of the safety elements that works when the load exceeds the permissible limit,
as it works to stop the electric current, so it is a very important and indispensable part,
whatever the type of elevator that is being installed. Install this device.

traction ropes

the elevator parts names list

the elevator parts names list

One of the most important parts of the elevator that helps to facilitate movement and an indispensable part in the components of all “types of elevators”, which works to pass the drive for the counterweight, and is usually made according to the number of floors.

Elevator machine

The machine is one of the most important things that the elevator depends on in its work,
as it is like the heart that pumps blood for the body. Elevator worked fine.

monitoring device

It is a device that controls the entire elevator, either manually or electronically, and it works to monitor the movement of the elevator and to know whether it is operating normally or not, in addition to that it works when a danger or emergency occurs.

speed regulator

Most elevators contain a separate system that regulates the speed, as the elevator contains 2 contactors, each with a different speed, some of them work quickly and some of them slow, as the fast contactor works when the elevator is going up or down, while the slow one works when it is The elevator stops.

command unit

The drive unit is one of the most important parts in the configuration of the elevator as it is connected
to all the parts that operate with electricity. To turn off the electric current so that it can be controlled.

control room

If you have an elevator, you will know, of course, the importance of the control room,
as that room is where all communications with the elevator are, whether contact with electricity or people in case an emergency occurs, where the elevator has a telephone or intercom that is directly connected to that control room so that the person can Who’s inside from asking for help.

Elevator control panel components

In addition to getting acquainted with the list of names of elevator, we learn about the components of the elevator control panel. The elevator control panel contains some indicators whose location varies according to the type of elevator, in addition to some visual numbers. There are also several types of elevator control panels, namely:

  • A traditional control panel that uses electromagnetic energy relays and timers.
  • Control systems through the use of a central electronic card that is used on a microprocessor.
  • Control panel using general programming control devices.

Elevator control panel price

In light of talking about the list of elevator parts names, we learn about the price of the elevator control panel. There are many factors on which the price of the elevator control panel depends, with many types of elevators and different operating systems. Here are the most important factors on which the price depends:

  • The form and nature of the elevator control panel manufacturer.
  • Features and capabilities available in the control panel and its operating system.
  • Requirements that the customer wants to be available in the control panel.

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The importance of installing elevators in a business

the elevator parts names list

the elevator parts names list

The installation of elevators in commercial projects helps to make a significant difference in the level of business success. Among the most prominent benefits of installing an elevator are the following:

  • Ease of movement: This is the main purpose of the elevator, as it acts as a means of communication in the workplace between visitors and employees.
  •  It saves time and thus provides a safe and comfortable work environment.
  • Provides you with the ability to adapt as needed.
  • The elevator machine is a very complex technology that is difficult to understand,
    as it has many operating systems.
  • Installing an elevator in the workplace helps to enhance the safety and ease of your work.

the elevator parts names list contains many important and indispensable parts in the construction of any elevator, with the need to take into account safety and security standards.